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Green Cleaning in Madison starts with the Monona Terrace.  Several years ago the managers responsible for that structure decided to attain LEED-EB (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Existing Building) certification.  There are many ways to get “points” for LEED-EB certification, including recycling, more efficient lighting schemes, HVAC modifications, and a number of other environmentally sound upgrades.  Indoor air quality improvements and green custodial practices are another way to get points and Monona Terrace implemented a Green Cleaning program that the City was able to use as a model and expand the Green Cleaning program throughout the City.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green Cleaning is simply a sustainable approach to custodial practices.  This approach, however, can have great impact on the indoor air quality of any building’s environment.  It can also reduce the health risks to both the custodians themselves and the building’s occupants and visitors.

What is LEED?