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This planning-level project is a paved  multi-use (bicycle / pedestrian) path that will extend the Ice Age Junction Trial northwest  from Flagstone Drive just west of CTH M north to Mid-Town Road.   This is part of a larger concept to create a major north-south bike path extending from Verona to north of Mineral Point Road, roughly paralleling CTH M. The segment of this larger project from McKee Road to Raymond Road was completed in 2012.  The segment from Raymond to Flagstone, is planned for construction in 2013, and is listed separately under design projects. Note that this is intended to be a paved, multi-use path, not to be confused with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail (IAT) walking path which also shares this general corridor.  This planned segment to Mid-Town Road will begin on the west side of Flagstone Park and will cross CTH M in an underpass to be shared by the Ice Age Junction Path and the IAT. West of CTH M the path will continue as a paved path within the CTH M right of way. Path will cross Mid-Town Road in an underpass.

The total length of the project is approximately 2300 feet.

Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2016, pending design and funding for the reconstruction of CTH M.

No cost estimate is available at this time.

Status as of 03/04/2013
Geometry for the path has been approved by Common Council as part of the planned reconstruction of CTH M.

Status as of 02/27/2012
A consultant is currently working on the design as part of the planned reconstruction of CTH M. Detailed survey of the route has been completed.

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