Flip Flappers (anime)

Date & Time: 
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm
Hawthorne Library
2707 E. Washington Ave
Madison, WI

Cocona is a smart, but aimless and unmotivated middle school girl whose greatest concern is being unable to decide what her goals are in life ... then her world is turned upside down by the arrival of an overenthusiastic and overfamiliar redhead named Papika, who takes her on an adventure in a kaleidoscopic parallel universe called Pure Illusion, where they find magical shards that enable them to transform into superpowered magical girls. However, they aren't alone: not only are these worlds occupied by beings (both benign and malignant), but they aren't the only ones seeking these shards, and Cocona and Papika are caught up in a race against time, all the while trying to sort out their lives and their newfound feelings for each other. The Hawthorne Anime Club was created to give people a place to gather, watch, and talk about Japanese animation. Each meeting will include screenings of everything from classic titles to new releases. The club is aimed primarily at teens and adults. Films are shown in Japanese with English subtitles. Refreshments served at each meeting. Call ahead to reserve your spot! People under age 16 who are interested in attending are required to have a parent present or to have a signed parental permission slip.

Event Cost: Free
Handicapped Accessible: Yes
Pre-Registration?: No
American Sign Language (ASL) Provided?: Yes
Event Website: Hawthorne Library events

Last Updated : 10/05/2019