Street Resurfacing in 2020 Public Information Meeting No. 2

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 9:00am to 11:00am
1600 Emil Street
1600 Emil Street
Madison, WI 53713

The public is invited to two public information meetings, both with the same information. The public is encouraged to attend one of the two if impacted by the resurfacing work scheduled for 2020. The second meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m., Dec. 11, Engineering Service Building, 1600 Emil Street, Madison. 

The first meeting was held Dec. 10.  

The City of Madison is proposing to resurface approximately 7 miles of pavement in 2020.  

City Engineering will be making a short presentation regarding the Resurfacing Projects and will be answering questions.  Both meetings will be identical in format. Please feel free to attend either meeting.

The resurfacing program includes multiple phases:

Replacement of deteriorated curb & gutter, drive apron and sidewalk (Note:  Not all properties have curb & gutter replaced.  Please visit web link below to see report titled ‘Resurfacing Special Assessments’ to see if the curb and gutter will be replaced in front of your property)

  • Milling or pulverizing the existing pavement
  • Placement of a new asphalt surface
  • Some streets may have upgrades to the storm sewer.

Work is coordinated to minimize the time between each phase and minimize inconvenience to property owners.

Owners must remove any plantings or special landscaping features from the terrace area where curb and gutter or drive aprons are being replaced, prior to the start of construction.  If left in place, these items may be removed by the contractor and not replaced.

Disturbed terrace areas will be restored with topsoil, seed and matting.  Property owners and tenants can help by watering the newly seeded areas.  Water lightly every day until the grass has been mowed once or twice.  This will also help prevent weeds from establishing.

It may also be necessary to trim tree limbs and/or roots to accommodate the construction and minimize stress on the trees.

Additional information on Resurfacing, including estimated assessments for curb & gutter and driveway apron repairs, are posted on-line at the following link.

Note:  Only properties that will have curb & gutter removed and will have an assessment for curb and gutter and/or driveway apron repairs are listed on web page report titled ‘Resurfacing Special Assessments’

Resurfacing will start in April and run through September.  At this time the construction schedule for the resurfacing work on your street in 2020 has not been established.  Schedules will be available once the contractors are known.  Streets will remain open to traffic during construction.  Residential driveway access will be maintained as often as possible.  However, in some instances driveway access will need to be removed to facilitate construction of the curb & gutter, drive apron and sidewalk. The contractor will provide notice to the property 48 hours prior to eliminating access.  Access will be maintained to commercial properties at all times.

The following roads are scheduled to be impacted: 

  • Lien Road, from Theirer Road to 651 feet west of Lien Road Roundabout 
  • South Brooks Street, from Regent Street to Chandler Street  
  • Independence Lane, from East Towne Boulevard to East Washington Avenue
  • High Crossing Boulevard, from Ramp of I-90 (northbound) to Nelson Road
  • South Stoughton Road Service Road, from Portland Parkway to Robertson Road 
  • Hathaway Drive, from Schroeder Road to Strathmore Lane 
  • Strathmore Lane, from East End to Hathaway Drive
  • Greenwich Drive, from Strathmore Lane to Hathaway Drive 
  • Devon Court, from East End to Hathaway Drive
  • Davenport Drive, from 430 feet east of Hathaway Drive to Hathaway Drive 
  • Glennbrook Circle, from East End to Hathaway Drive
  • Ellen Avenue, from East Buckeye Road to Vondron Road
  • Aaron Court, from Ellen Avenue to East End
  • Sams Court, from Ellen Avenue to East End
  • Camilla Road, from Vondron Road to Ellen Avenue
  • Pebblebrook Drive, from Hollybrook Court to Vondron Road
  • Hollybrook Court, from Pebblebrook Drive to Cul De Sac
Event Cost: Free
Handicapped Accessible: Yes
Sponsoring Organization(s): City of Madison Engineering Division
Pre-Registration?: No
American Sign Language (ASL) Provided?: No

Last Updated : 11/25/2019
Agency: Engineering
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