The Town of Madison was absorbed by the City of Madison and City of Fitchburg on October 31, 2022. A number of service changes occurred for residents and properties within the former Town of Madison.

This website helps you find information about public services changes and new programs that are currently in place for the former Town of Madison. 

Where can you vote?

Use this MAP to find your polling location by using the search tool at the top right corner. Type your home address, click on the parcel to get the ward and polling place information. 
You can also use to find your polling place, verify your registration, request an absentee ballot and/or track your absentee ballot. 

Check the 2022 Meetings to find more information about service changes

October 20, 2022 Virtual FINAL Public Information Meeting:


June 9, 2022 Public Information Meeting took place at Penn park shelter.

  • See the notes of the meeting HERE
  • Check the handouts that were provided during this meeting on the TIMELINE section. 


March 16, 2022 virtual public information meeting:

Community Navigators

The City hired navigators to connect with the community to make sure everyone was getting the same information across all platforms and languages at the same time. We would like to thank the following community navigators who worked until final attachment:

  • Wendy Barton
  • Mathias Lemos Castillo (Bilingual in Spanish and English)
  • Jeremy McClain
  • Map

    Find out if you will be affected, and what is moving to the City.

  • Service Changes

    Learn about how services will be affected for new City residents.

  • Timeline

    View a timeline of changes and history of the attachment.

  • Background

    Learn about why the attachment is happening, and what it means.

  • Hotline

    Call 608-267-1188 to leave a voicemail message with your question, return callback number and preferred language for an answer callback. Available in English, Spanish, Tibetan, and Mandarin.

Public Information Meetings