The City of Madison Department of Civil Rights is proposing updates to the Affirmative Action Plan Good Faith Efforts as well as demographic targets for contractors. We are seeking public comment and feedback on these items by January 21, 2022. Submit comments by attending a virtual session or emailing them to

Affirmative Action Plan

Currently, contractors must provide documentation of three Good Faith Efforts if they do not hit certain demographic targets. Moving forward, the title “Good Faith Efforts” will be revised to “Workforce Affirmative Action Best Practices”, and the menu will be expanded from five to nine options.
The Department’s current five Good Faith Efforts are:

  1. Copies of TWO (2) new targeted AA outreach correspondences (e.g., letters, emails, feature advertisements, documentation of in-person meetings), specifically requesting referral of minority and/or female applicants who are underutilized in your workforce, and directed to related diversity organizations. Also, include any organizations’ responses, if received.
  2. Copies of documentation demonstrating your participation in, or registration for, a diversity- focused job fair with a plan for active outreach to under-utilized AA group members.
  3. Copies of documentation showing your active participation in diversity-focused apprenticeship or internship programs. (This includes training, advanced skills and apprentice education programs with the intent of increasing racial or gender equity utilization in your workforce.)
  4. Copies of documentation or description of increased inclusion of under-utilized AA group members into your hiring process (e.g., resume reviewers, interview panelists, employment or labor management group members, etc.); AND/OR
  5. Workforce Analysis and Goals table documenting net increase(s) in the overall employment percentage of your under-utilized AA group(s), demonstrating AA hiring progress from the prior year or your last submission.

The proposed revised Workforce Affirmative action Best Practices are:

  1. Workforce Analysis and Goals Table documenting net increase(s) in the overall employment percentage of your underutilized/target AA group(s) and demonstrating AA hiring progress in each underutilized/target group from the prior 12-month period.
  2. Current documentation of use of an Equitable Hiring Tool (with documentation of implementation of recommendations as part of the Equity Hiring Tool application itself).
  3. Current documentation of proof of an onboarding program for all new employees that includes:
    A training plan (including this Affirmative Action Plan)
    An onboarding partner for the new employee
    Regular check ins with the new employee on the employee's progress in learning the role
    Employee needs including training, transportation, and anything else they identify
    Information on Workplace culture
    Employee feedback for the manager/supervisor
  4. Current documentation of the existence of and roster for Employee Resource Group(s) focused on underutilized/target group(s). (Employee Resource Groups are affinity-based groups led by underutilized/target group members to improve the workplace culture and support the organization in its equity, diversity and/or inclusion efforts. Some examples include Women’s Initiative’s Committee and the Multicultural Affairs Committee.)
  5. Current documentation of a strategic plan with measurable goals relating to equity, diversity and/or inclusion relating to hiring and retention of underutilized/target group members in your organization.
  6. Current documentation that the company has hired from the RaISE program.
  7. Current documentation that the company sponsors an in-house trainee program and has recent, upcoming, or current trainee employees (especially from the RaISE program) that may not meet all of the minimum qualifications for a particular job. The trainee should be in this in-house program to receive the needed skills in 6-12 months to meet the minimum qualifications of the job.
  8. Current documentation that the employer’s policies or practices provide for at least one of the following for employees:
    1. Transportation
    2. Childcare
    3. Tools needed for the job
    4. Reasonable accommodations for employees with personal or other professional obligations
    5. Other equity-based needs for employees
  9. Current documentation of one or two other strategies identified with the Department of Civil Rights customized to your business.

AA Plan Targets*

In addition, the demographic targets for each industry are being updated as summarized below:

Current Proposed
Public Works
Racial Ethnic Group Members 6% 8%
Women 7% 15%
Vendors and Suppliers
Racial Ethnic Group Members 7% 11%
Women 41.52% 51%
Community Based Organizations
Racial Ethnic Group Members 7% 11%
Women 41.52% 51%

*Using US Census 2015-2019 PUMS File Industry Hours Worked for Dane County

Construction Project Targets*

The data for construction project worker demographics are also proposed to be updated as summarized below:

Current Proposed
Racial Ethnic Group Members 6% 13%
Women 7% 3%


*Using US Census 2015-2019 ACS, PUMS File Construction Occupations Hours worked for Dane County