Madison Equal Opportunities Division Attorney Referral List

This list is purely informational. The following attorneys have expressed an interest in representing Complainants and/or Respondents in discrimination matters under Section 39.03 of the Madison General Ordinances, the Equal Opportunities Ordinance.

These attorneys affirm they have been the attorney of record in at least one Madison Equal Opportunities Division case or in at least two discrimination cases elsewhere. These attorneys have agreed to provide a free half-hour consultation to persons who contact them regarding discrimination matters (Section 39.03). You must state you were referred by the City of Madison, Equal Opportunities Division to get the free consultation.

It is solely up to you to pay your attorney.

The Equal Opportunities Division is not involved with, nor liable for, payment or collection of fees. This is not an exclusive list. You may retain any attorneys on this list; you may retain any other attorney (not listed) of your choice; you may have any other person (non-attorney) assist you. You may also represent yourself.

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