First you need to determine what type of complaint you have. There are four types of complaints that can be filed here – those involving discrimination in Housing, Employment, Public Accommodations, and City Facilities.


Housing is a residence or place where people live. We take cases that involve selling or renting as well as those concerning mobile homes.


We accept complaints from all job applicants as well as fulltime, part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees. Also we accept cases that involve employment agencies and labor unions. We do not accept cases involving an independent contractor relationship.

Public Accommodations

Public accommodations include places and services that are open to the public, and it also includes places where goods and services are either free or available for a cost. For example, places of public accommodations include clinics, malls, movie theaters, barbershops, motels, restaurants, and taverns.

City Facilities

We take cases involving property that is owned by the City of Madison or services that it provides. We do not accept these complaints if the Wisconsin Equal Rights Division (ERD) can take the case. To learn if you can file a complaint with the EOD call (608) 266-4910.

If your complaint falls under one of the four types of complaints that the EOC can handle, you may continue on to the next step.