Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 8:09am

The Madison Department of Civil Rights Affirmative Action Division, in concert with City Managers, sponsors paid internships to attract members of Affirmative Action target groups who are engaged in college-level studies compatible with a Public Administration career track. The Affirmative Action Student Professional in Residence Internships (AASPIRE) program also allows consideration to be given to individuals who have experienced a period of long-term unemployment or underemployment.

AASPIRE Internships take place in the summer and last for a temporary eight to ten week duration. Each intern will be assigned to work on a limited-term, management-level project. Assignments will foster the application of professional levels of skill, as well as the intern's understanding of their work unit and the City of Madison organizational structure. Where possible, the intern will observe administrative task force and policy development meetings (which might include staff committees or citizen oversight commissions). Interns will be guided and mentored by City management staff.

AASPIRE Internships will be limited in number and offered throughout various City agencies. Each placement will be made very carefully based on a match between an intern's course work or career history and interests, and the operations of a City agency.

Recruitment for AASPIRE Internship positions runs from Friday, February 9 through Sunday, February 25, 2018. Applications are available through NEOGOV. To set up an applicant account, visit AASPIRE Interns are classified as hourly City employees, and are eligible to apply for positions limited to City employees for up to 1 year after completing their internship or graduation, whichever is later.

Please visit the City of Madison website for additional information on the AASPIRE program: