Assistive Listening Technology can help in various situations. Often, a hearing aid or an implant is not enough. There  are technologies designed to help people hear better. They enhance telephone communication, TV reception, or listening in public venues.

To request this service, please fill out the Request Language Services Form or contact the Department of Civil Rights at (608) 266-4910.


If you need to provide simultaneous translation to another language for an individual or a group, you will need the following equipment:

  1. PPA T-35 Transmitter with antennae
  2. Tabletop microphone with cable, stand, and power cord
  3. PPA T-16 Transmitter for each language translator (up to two)
  4. Small “bud” microphones for each PPA T-16 Transmitter
  5. One 9-volt battery for each PPA T-16 Transmitter
  6. Receivers for each audience member needing translation
  7. Head phones for each Receiver
  8. Two AA batteries for each Receiver

Translator(s) Needed

Translation may be provided for up to two additional languages. Note, it is your responsibility to arrange for the translator. For more information please contact or the Department of Civil Rights at (608) 266-4910.