The City of Madison Language Access Program provides access to City services for individuals with a primary language other than English. We are committed to improving the accessibility of all our programs, services, and activities. Members of the public have a right to request accommodations, translation or interpreter services; and a right to participate in City services, programs, and activities.

Services Provided

In-Person Interpretation
Zoom Interpretation
Over-the-Phone Interpretation
Video Relay Interpretation

Request Services

The City’s Language Access Plan serves to inform the City of Madison’s staff, leaders, elected officials, and sub-contracted vendors on policies, procedures, and practices to for meaningful access to City services.

Types of Services

Translation: alternative formats and braille, documents, surveys, website content, press-releases, Computer-Aided Real-time Translation (CART), and more.

In-Person Interpretation: consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, including signed languages. Prerecorded messages/videos, and more.

Zoom Interpretation:

Over-the-Phone Interpretation:

  • The City has a contract with Language Line Solutions. Language Line is an over-the-phone interpretation services that can accommodate over 200 languages and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Language Line may be utilized when a customer phones a City employee via call conferencing or in person by placing a call on speaker. Each customer service counter should display a language identification chart and a please hold chart informing customers that the service is available along with the materials to help identify an appropriate language. Front line City staff should be familiar with the Language Line service and have access to appropriate client id and information below.
  • To Access an Interpreter
Dial: 1-866-874-3972
Provide your Client ID Number: 509626
Press 1 for Spanish
Press 2 for all other languages (at the prompt, state the name of the language you need)
Press 0 if you don’t know the language you need
Enter 2 digit agency code (XX), followed by the # sign.
Video Relay Interpretation
  • Incorporates a computer or two-way video screen. It can be used to provide an individual with simultaneous signing or spoken interpre­tation of a conversation or meeting. This is good for when someone comes to the front desk, when you have a small meeting between one or two people, or when an in-person interpreter is not available it might be appropriate to use a video interpreter in the meeting.

Request Services

Email with your request. For best service, allow 12 business days for processing. Although this can vary due to workload as well as the length and complexity of the request. If you have an expedited request, please let us know as soon as possible. Department of Civil Rights Language Access staff will respond within two business days.

We recommend releasing surveys and other public engagement tools in alternate languages on the same date as English versions. To increase the translation quality and readability to broad audiences, please use plain language in public facing documents. For readability feedback, email

Interpretation Requests

  • Event title
  • Date and duration of event/meeting. It is important to build in time to brief beforehand and debrief afterwards with your interpreters. Consider booking 15 minutes before and after.
  • Language(s) needed
  • Expected number of people
  • Exact address where event/meeting will occur or name of virtual platform and the link to attend
  • If virtual, whether you are requesting simultaneous or consecutive interpretation (see Zoom IT policy)
  • Name and phone number of event contact person
  • A short description of the meeting
  • Please include documents that are relevant to your meeting for the interpreter to prepare (meeting agenda, relevant documents that will be referenced, etc.)

Translation Requests

  • Name of document
  • Language(s) needed
  • Attach source document for translation (not PDF) in its final form
  • Deadline

Please refer to our Language Access Plan webpage if you would like to learn more about our program and services. Should you have any questions or need support, please email or call (608) 266-4910.

Thank you for your continued dedication to ensure meaningful language access!


Language Access Staff

Department of Civil Rights