The City of Madison ensures meaningful access to City services shall not be denied or restricted to any individual because of limited proficiency in English or any disability which may limit the ability to communicate in English. The City is committed to provide equal opportunities in all programs, services, and activities to Limited-English proficient (LEP) individuals. This commitment stems from overall City goal of being a welcoming and inclusive city for all members of the community.

To provide this access, the City shall provide written translation and oral interpretation, free of cost, to LEP individuals to ensure meaningful, accurate, and equal access to programs, benefits, and activities. We monitor demographic changes and population trends on an annual basis to ensure awareness of the changing demographics and language needs in our service area. We discourage the use of family members or friends as an interpreter because this may violate the persons’ privacy and disclose sensitive and confidential information. It is our policy to inform all customers with Limited-English proficiency of their right to free language assistance and interpreter services at no cost.

The City of Madison language access program provides tools to access services to people with low or non-English speaking and reading skills. As part of the Department of Civil Rights, this program supports city agencies and the community with language services.

For more information or to file a complaint, email or (608) 266-4910.