Neighborhood Resource Team projects & influences

Movies in the Park
The Southside and Allied Drive NRTs identified the benefits of Movie Nights in area parks

NRTs bring input to City processes directly from the stakeholders in the neighborhoods.
Those suggestions and ideas lead to actions that may become new City policies and practices. Here are some of the positive changes that NRTs helped bring to Madison!

When youth wanted to play basketball in safety (and after sunset), the Brentwood/Norhtport NRT reponded.
Warner Park

The Brentwood/Northport Corridor NRT brought input that playing basketball after sunset wasn't possible - both practically and in terms of safety. That information helped make lighting the WPCRC courts a priority.

Changing traffic and streets.

The Darbo/Worthington NRT long recognized that the streets created a safety hazard for residents once the near-by DOC building let out hundreds of commuters at the end of the day. Changes are happening - click the picture to read what Madison's Engineering Department is doing for the neighborhood.

Darbo/Worthington street construction map


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