Monday, February 17, 2020 - 8:19am

The City of Madison Clerk’s Office would like voters to know ten things for this Tuesday’s election:

  1. Make sure your ballot lists the correct school district. There are eight different school districts in the City of Madison. Of those eight districts, only the Madison Metropolitan School District has a school board primary. We intend to give you the correct ballot. If we mistakenly hand you a ballot for the wrong school district, please tell a poll worker before inserting your ballot into the tabulator. If you are unsure of your school district, look up your address at
  2. Some polling places have changed since last year. To verify your polling location, visit
  3. The address on your Voter ID does not matter. When checking Voter ID, poll workers are only verifying your identity. They are not checking the address on your ID.
  4. Don’t let a lack of Voter ID keep you from going to the polls. Voters without acceptable ID may vote provisionally. Provisional ballots are counted by the Board of Canvassers as long as provisional voters get a copy of their ID to the Clerk’s Office by 4 pm Friday, Feb. 21. The Dane County Voter ID Coalition can help you obtain a free Wisconsin ID. Their hotline is (608) 285-2141.
  5. There is no requirement that your Voter ID meet federal REAL ID requirements. If you renewed your Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin ID and did not have all the certified documents required for a REAL ID, the DMV would have informed you that your new ID is “non-compliant” with the REAL ID Act of 2005. Even “non-compliant” Wisconsin ID cards are acceptable for proving your identity at the polls.
  6. Certain types of Voter ID can be expired. If you are using a Wisconsin driver license, a Wisconsin ID, a U.S. passport, or a military ID to prove your identity at the polls, the ID can have an expiration date of 11/07/2018 or later.
  7. Someone convicted of a felony may vote once they’ve served their sentence and are Off Paper. Wisconsin restores civil rights, including voting rights, to felons who complete the terms of their sentence, including probation, parole, and/or extended supervision. They will just need to re-register to vote at the polls with proof of address.
  8. You can register to vote at the polls. If you are registering to vote or updating your voter registration, you will need to show the poll workers proof of address. Your proof of address may be shown in an electronic format, e.g., your online utility bill, bank statement, City of Madison assessment, or My UW account.
  9. We need to receive your absentee ballot by Election Day in order to count it. Election officials at your polling place will insert your absentee ballot into the tabulator to be counted. If you haven’t mailed your ballot back to the Clerk’s Office yet, you might want to ask a friend or neighbor to take your absentee envelope to your polling place on Tuesday. You can track the status of your absentee ballot by looking up your name at
  10. Do not hesitate to contact the Clerk’s Office. If you have a question or encounter a problem at your polling place, please let us know right away by calling (608) 266-4601.


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