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Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney

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Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney

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1209 Dayflower Dr

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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Alder Harrington-McKinney’s Updates

Updates- Week of August 6, 2019

July 22, 2019 4:55 PM

Mental Health and Emergency Response

Mayor Sayta: 

Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 1:03pm

In June, I convened a meeting of community leaders and experts on the topics of youth, mental health, race, and emergency response after a video was released of a Madison police officer's handling of a mental health call for an African-American 17-year-old in mental health crisis. 

First, I want to acknowledge the pain experienced by members of our community who viewed the video of the incident in early June and who feel that this young man was denied the protections that law is supposed to provide. I am painfully aware of the harm caused when our City police accountability processes seem to protect the rights of our officers but lack the transparency and accountability to provide our community a sense of justice.

While I need to allow the investigative process to run its course, as everyone in a free democracy is entitled to due process, some of the actions in this case offend our values and sense of justice. The fact that the law, in certain circumstances, allows certain actions to occur, does not make it right. Nor does it make it just. The fundamental duty of police is to serve humanity. Police are required to only use force that is reasonable and necessary, and it is my belief that we must do better.

The officer's actions may or may not have violated the law; and may or may not have violated MPD policy; however, police actions in this incident are not and will never be acceptable as best practice in the City of Madison.

Our City can and will do a better job responding to mental health crises. 

In the aftermath of every incident, every major operation should include a discussion about how we can improve and prepare for the next occurrence. This should include police incidents.

I am committed to creating intentional and sustainable systems of police accountability. Since the Police and Fire Commission is the only entity that can discipline or fire a police officer, I commit to excellent appointments to that body. I expect a full accounting of the MPD implementation of the OIR recommendations and the implementation of research-based best practices. I look forward to the recommendations of the Ad Hoc MPD Procedure Review Committee and intend to use their recommendations as a springboard to implement accountability systems that serve the interests of our community and the rights of our officers. 

As Mayor, I am deeply committed to creating meaningful civilian oversight that serves to audit police practices and helps ensure our police department serves its role as peace officers--serving the interests of justice and equity. With this in mind, and with Police and Fire Commission oversight of MPD, know that I am being very intentional in making appointments to the body that most effectively represent the diversity of perspectives, needs, and concerns of our community.

With regards to our 6/17 meeting with community leaders, we covered a lot of ground in the brief time we had together. After combing through the contributions of the group, which appropriately cited major, deep-rooted institutionalized issues and cultural structures, we found that many identified concerns and proposed solutions fell under the oversight of multiple levels of government, from the MMSD School Board to the County to the State. We intentionally narrowed our next steps to fall within the City's formal purview to ensure prompt and tangible outcomes. However, beyond our next steps outlined below, we intend to leverage our relationships with these other entities for more comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable change.

With regards to our next steps, we sought to identify efforts that (a) employ both long- and short-term change, some to provide immediate solutions to redress our current concerns, while others address much needed cultural change over time; (b) inform a holistic and multifaceted training for emergency response; (c) focus on trauma-informed care and institutional racism; (d) facilitate mutually-respectful community engagement; and (e) increase transparency.

We propose the following next steps as a starting place for ongoing efforts that the City will take to address these concerns.

Black mental health practitioner involvement in Madison Police Department training. A preliminary internal meeting has already been held to advance this effort.
Explore the reduction of MPD involvement in response to mental health crises via different models, including the "mental health ambulance" model. Preliminary meetings have been had with the Fire Department to further explore the feasibility of their involvement, and research into options and models is continuing.
Partner with local education institutions to grow a Black practitioner pool for future community employment.
Appointment of Jacquelyn Boggess, Executive Director of the Center for Family Policy and Practice, to the Police and Fire Commission, which provides direct oversight to Madison's Police and Fire Departments.

Another internal suggestion includes the creation of a cross-departmental project team that would map out a communications and action plan for what to do when another community emergency arises. This model has been successful with other community challenges and enables community and emergency responders to know each other's roles and responsibilities, as well as helps identify possible areas for greater collaboration. Should we choose to explore this further, we would wish to engage community in shaping its configuration to ensure it is meaningful and most responsive.

We welcome the thoughts and feedback of all Madisonians on these initial steps and on the future of this conversation. 

This content is free for use with credit to the City of Madison - Mayor's Office and a link back to the original post.

Understanding The Common Council Proceedings for 8/6/2019

The Common Council will covene at 6:30 pm tonight. Some items will be bundled and approved on the consent agenda. Such items will not be discussed in the floor but approved to make room for other items where Alders feel additional discussion is warranted.

The consent agenda will be moved with the recommended action except 1) items which have registrants wishing to speak, 2) items which require an extraordinary (rollcall) and are not included in the consent agenda by unanimous consent 3) items which alderpersons have separated out for discussion/debate purposes. The Mayor will inquire if Alders have items they wish to add to the exclusion list. Such noted items will be pulled off the consent agenda. Residents also have opportunity to register to speak during the public comment or on specific items listed on the agenda. 

What is a consent agenda?

Typical consent agenda items are routine, procedural decisions, and decisions that are likely to be noncontroversial. Examples include:

Routine matters such as appointments to committees;

Routine resolutions approving plans, improvements, etc.

Reports provided for information only;

Correspondence requiring no action.

Why is a consent agendas used?

The consent agenda is used by the Council to save meeting time and to help ensure that Council meetings focus on substantive topics that are worth discussion. Through the "bundling" process, the entire set of routine agenda items can be voted on in one action versus taking the time to vote on each individual item.

What is the exclusion list?

These are agenda items that alders have requested be taken off the consent agenda.  The main reason an alder asks for an agenda item to be excluded is that they want to discuss/debate the item at the Council meeting.

Please note that public hearing items are never included on the exclusion list.  They are specifically scheduled and taken up by the Common Council at 6:45 p.m.

Items of Note:

1. Mayoral Appointments 

2. Council President Appointments 

3. City Forester Assessable Tree List

4. Signal Assessment Commerce Drive and Watts Road

5. Recommendations- Madison Police Department Policy and Procedure Review Ad Hoc Committee

6. Edgewood Schools Request to rescind Campus Master Plan

7. Private Drainage Issues: Hawk's Landing Golf Club


Construction Update - County Highway M - Prairie Hill to Cross Country

Project Schedule:

Overall Completion Date: November 1, 2019.

Anticipated Upcoming Roadway Closures:

Flagstone Drive: Flagstone Drive is anticipated to be closed from CTH M to Talc Trail on Monday, August 5, 2019 at 7am for grading operations. Flagstone Drive is anticipated to reopen to traffic by 7am, Tuesday, August 6, 2019. 
Bering Drive: Drive is anticipated to be closed from CTH M to Gateway Pass on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 7am for underground utility installation and grading operations. Drive is anticipated to reopen to traffic by 7am, Friday, August 9, 2019
Stage: Stage 3- work consists of roadway and structure construction on Raymond Road, CTH M, CTH PD, Mid Town Road, and additional side roads throughout the project limits. Multiple work operations will be taking place on both sides of CTH M, CTH PD, and Mid Town Road. 

Work this week (week of 8/5/19):

Crews will continue survey and layout operations.
Crews will continue construction on the C-13-2085 culvert at Mid Town Road as well as retaining wall R-13-297.
Crews will continue placement of modular block wall R-13-307 south of Ineichen Drive. 
Crews will continue staining retaining wall structures, bridge structures, and culvert structures throughout the project. 
Crews will continue Stage 3 grading and aggregate placement operations throughout the project. 
Crew will continue concrete curb and gutter in the Stage 3 sections between CTH PD and Prairie Hill Road.
Crews will also continue colored concrete placement between the median curb and gutter sections at the CTH PD intersection and Mid Town Road intersection. 
Crews will continue sidewalk installation throughout the project. 
Crew will resume HMA paving operations on CTH PD and on CTH M, north of CTH PD.
Crews will continue Stage 3 storm sewer installation south of CTH PD. 
Crews anticipate setting the C-13-2083 precast culvert structure on the west leg of Mid Town Road. 
Crews will continue conduit installations, and lighting / traffic signal base placement.
Crews will continue erosion control and restoration items as necessary.
Crews will maintain traffic control devices as necessary.
Work scheduled for the next week (week of 8/12/19):
Crews will continue survey and layout operations. 
Crews will continue grading and aggregate placement operations throughout the project.
Crews will continue work on culvert structure C-13-2085 and retaining wall structures R-13-297.
Crew will continue work on the R-13-307 modular block retaining wall.
Crews will continue concrete curb and gutter placement as well as sidewalk and colored concrete placement throughout the Stage 3 sections. 
Crews will continue storm sewer installations in the Stage 3 sections south of CTH PD.
Crews will continue staining retaining wall structures and culvert structures.
Crews will continue conduit installations, and lighting / traffic signal base placement.
Crews will continue erosion control and restoration items as necessary.
Crews will maintain traffic control devices as necessary.
Traffic Impacts - 

Meriter Way, Wellness Way, and Raymond Road remain closed to thru traffic until further notice.
One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained on CTH M, CTH PD, and Mid Town Road on the existing travel lanes during peak travel times.
Single lane roadway flagging operations will be taking place periodically throughout Stage 3 between the hours of 9am and 3pm and overnight between 7pm and 6am.
Please be alert when traveling the CTH M corridor.

Bike Madison Updates -  Reminder - Share the Path
Madison's paths are used by a wide array of users including bicycle commuters, recreational bicyclists, dog walkers, families, first time visitors, rollerbladers, rollerskiers and more. Safety is everyone's responsibility. Please remember:

Treat all users with respect & courtesy regardless of their mode, speed or skill level.
Stay on the right side of the path except to pass. When traveling side-by-side, stay on the right half of the path and single up when the path is crowded so others can pass safely. When passing, slow down, give an audible warning, and make sure the oncoming lane is clear before passing. Control your speed and ride slowly especially when the path is crowded. If you want to ride fast wait until you have reached an appropriate location. Dane County has many great roads you can use for faster riding. You can find options on the Dane County Bicycle Map. Always look behind before changing positions on the path, whether moving left to pass, right to stop or turning around.Do not block the path. If you need to stop, please move to the side or off the path. Make sure you can hear what is happening around you.
Be patient.


E Johnson St
The project is anticipated to move to Phase 1.5 on Thurs, Aug 8. This phase will close the south sidewalk from Fordem to the Yahara River. The path from Fordem to 1st remains closed. These closures are expected to last through August 19.The project page should have a Phase 1.5 map by Monday.

Park St Project
The first phase of the project from W Washington to Lakeside St is expected to be completed Aug 8. Phase 2 from Lakeside St to Olin Ave will continue until approximately August 17. Bicyclists should continue to detour onto the West Shore/South Shore Bike Boulevard.  Project Information 

Capital City Path - Williamson and Wilson
The Machinery Row Path and Capital City Path are both open but there are more bicycle related improvements still coming. Work is now taking place on signing, marking, signal installation and tree planting. The diagonal crossing of Blount St will have the bicycle signal installed in late August and once the asphalt has cured green marking will be added inside the crosswalk lines. Bicycle wayfinding signage will also be added to the area to replace the previous Bike Route signage. Project Information 

Greentree-Chapel Hills Park Path
As a part of the McKenna Blvd Flood Mitigation Project the path through the Greentree-Chapel Hills Parkis closed. This path provides a route from Elver Park to Schroeder Rd and Chapel Hill Rd. A marked detour will be in place and will use neighborhood streets except for a small section on Hammersley Rd. Project Information

South Point Road
Construction is now expected to begin on Aug  12 or 19 on South Point Rd between Harvest Moon Ln and Tawny Acorn Dr. The road will remain open to through traffic but during the day the contractor may reduce traffic to one lane and flag traffic through the work zone.  Project Information.

Milwaukee Street
Milwaukee Street from approximately Portland Parkway to Thompson Dr is currently being resurfaced although the road remains open. Bicyclists should use the neighborhood streets to avoid the work zone. If you don't know the area use the Low Stress Bike Route Finder to find a route.

Additional City Projects
Information on additional city projects can be found on the City of Madison Engineering webpage.

UW Projects
UW Campus Construction Street Impact/Closure Map


A number of events this weekend will impact the bicycle facility network. Please use caution in these areas or choose another route.

CrossFit Games on Aug 1-4 - CrossFit Games return to Madison and once again will be based out of the Alliant Energy Center. The event will close the road in Olin Park to motor vehicle traffic on Aug 3-4 but bicycle access will be maintained. However, throughout the event pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the Capital City Path and Wingra Creek Path will be much higher than normal. At times attendees may be distracted by the beautiful views from our paths and will forget to use good path etiquette let's show them how friendly Madison residents can be by being courteous in our interactions. 
Live on King St on Fri, Aug 2. King St will close in the mid-afternoon. Bicyclists may want to detour on Mifflin St, use the Monona Terrace bike elevator or MLK Jr Blvd.
All City Swim Meet is Aug 2-4 at the West Side Swim Club, 5533 Odana Rd. Expect more pedestrians and cyclists on the West Towne Path and additional people in the area of Whitney Way and Odana Rd.
Sugar Maple Music Festival on Aug 2-3.  This music festival happens at Lake Farm County Park from 5-10pm  so expect more people on the Capital City Trail and Lower Yahara River Trail in the park area. Please slow down and pass carefully.
Jazz at Five on Wed, Aug 7 - This event is from 4-8pm at the top of State Street and closes that area to traffic. Please walk your bike through the area.
Madison Night Market on Thurs, Aug 8 from 6-11pm on the 400-600 block of Gilman St and spots on State Street.

A Madison Lakefront For All
The City of Madison Parks Division is developing a preliminary report for Law Park that will serve as a reference and guide for future master plan development. The current project includes a robust community engagement effort and a technical analysis of the existing park  The community engagement will focus on gathering input from a diverse range of Madison residents to identify desired park improvements, outline goals for the future master plan process, and generate ideas to connect the waterfront park to the greater downtown area.  A survey is currently available. In addition there are a number of Community Workshops and an Open House coming later this year. 

Thurs, Aug 15 from 6-7:30pm, Workshop at the Atrium on Park St, 2300 S Park St
Wed, Aug 21 from 6-7:30pm, Workshop at the Warner Park Community Recreation Center, 1625 Northport Dr
Wed, Sept 18 from 6-7:30pm, Workshop at the Madison Central Public Library, 201 W Mifflin St
Tues, Oct 1 from 6-7:30pm, Open House at Badger Rock Neighborhood Center, 501 East Badger Rd

Week of July30-August 1, 2019

Luna's Groceries Grand Opening Celebration - 

The City of Madison was an integral part of making Luna's Groceries a reality through the $157,735 in Healthy Retail Access Program funding approved by the Madison Food Policy Council on March 7, 2018 and Common Council on March 20, 2018. I attended the opening celebration of Luna's Groceries Saturday. Well attended, store location: (2010 Red Arrow Trail). For more info, check out Luna's Groceries Facebook event page and this great write-up by Madison365. Luna's FB Event: article:

George Reistad, Food Policy Director, City of Madison  |  Office of the Mayor


Speedway Sand & Gravel, Inc. 8500 Greenway Blvd #202Middleton, WI 53562:!To Whom It May ConcernOn JULY 2, 2019 the Common Council awarded to you the contract for the following construction:MCKENNA BOULEVARD FLOOD MITIGATION CONTRACT 9411.?This is official notification to begin work within seven (7) calendar days from the date of this notice. Work shall proceed so that the contract is fully completed. 


Police found six garage door openers, car keys, two wallets and burglary tools in the stolen Mercedes. Please lock your car doors and close your garage doors. 


City of Madison code prohibits the use of natural gas or charcoal grills on decks or balconies or within ten feet of combustible construction unless the balcony or deck is protected by automatic sprinklers. City of Madison firefighters were dispatched to an apartment fire at the Mid Town Commons Apartments this week. The automatic sprinkler system limited damage to the grill, no residents were displaced from their apartment. 

Plastic Straw Resolution

Even though straws account for 0.025% of the plastic that goes into the ocean, according to National Geographic, bans on single-use plastic straws have been called for across the nation because straws are not necessary for drinking. Alder Abbas, District said the goal of his ordinance isn't to ban plastic straws entirely or force people to use paper straws, but to make consumers stop and think before using a plastic straw that they might not need. Alder Abbas plans to introduce the Resolution at the Council's August meeting. The Resolution will be referred to the Disability Rights Commission for further consideration.

Property Assessment: District 11 Meeting – Thursday, August 1

Michelle Drea (City Assessor) and Scott West (Assessment Operations Manager) An informational and interactive presentation regarding property assessment and related issues. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Where: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 326 South Segoe Road, Madison

When: August 1, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Property Assessment In Madison: Understanding the Taxation Puzzle and Finding Your Voice

Topics include:

·       Assessor Office Duties

·       Property Assessor 101

·       Law Changes and Challenges

·       Impact to Taxes: Shifts to the Tax Burden

Overdose alert issued by health officials, police; 6 in Dane County in 9 days. Health officials and law enforcement are issuing an overdose alert in Dane County, after six opioid overdose patients showed up in Dane County emergency rooms in nine days. "Please be aware of this, and alert anyone who may be at an increased risk of overdose," said Madison Police Capt. Cory Nelson. Signs to watch for in an opioid overdose include pale, sweaty or clammy skin, lips or fingertips turning blue, slow or irregular breathing, gasping, gurgling or snoring and difficulty or not being able to wake up. "Please call 911 in the event of a suspected overdose, keep an eye on friends and family, and carry Narcan or Naloxone and know how to use it," Nelson said.The public health alert was issued Wednesday afternoon by Public Health Madison and Dane County, Madison Police and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.


The City of Madison, working with ATC, MGE, their consultants and the Department of Natural Resources, continues to make substantial progress following the fire that occurred on Friday, July 19, at the MGE facility in Madison. There are two lines of work here: an investigation of why the fire started, and containment/environmental remediation efforts. Both lines of work are led by the utilities.

Mary Bottari, Chief of Staff

Office of the Mayor


Congratulations and thank you for demonstrating the City & County's commitment to the wellbeing of the residents of our City.  Great people, great leadership, job well done.

Central Library Staff, 

You do a terrific job everyday but today I want to share a special thank you for meeting the challenges of an extraordinary day.   It would have been difficult enough with the heat advisory but with the addition of most of downtown being without power, you made Central Library really shine as a resource for the community.   Everyone pitching in to keep our regular services humming,  to staff assisting with the Beacon's urgent request for help, and to the staff for turning the Bubbler space into a place for the distribution of food and water.  Everyone contributed in some way to make this a success despite the conditions. It was AMAZING!!!  

Greg Mickells
Library Director


As this long day winds down, I have time to debrief, and I want to thank the many City staff and others who worked on today's fire and resulting power outage. Madison Fire responded to calls for two very dangerous fires. They has to wait for MG&E to power down the facility before using water and foam to attack the fire in a very short amount of time. They were assisted by Madison Police and Traffic Engineering to make sure the fire areas were cordoned off and people were safe. There were no injuries as a result of either fire and for that I am thankful.

The resulting power outages brought a new set of issues on which City staff, working with Dane County, MG&E, ATC, the Department of Natural Resources, Governor Evers and many other partners collaborated. The fact that the incident and power outage occurred on the warmest day of the year only made the process more difficult, but that is why we plan for emergencies.

Dane County officials worked to make sure that homeless and other vulnerable individuals were safe. MG&E staff worked to get power back on and keep residents informed. City police and Traffic Engineering worked to make sure traffic was able to proceed as smoothly as possible through the downtown area. Madison Metro kept buses running on time. We were able to set up a cooling site for the day and overnight, and the Red Cross was able to staff it. The Central Library was open throughout the day and hosted over 60 individuals from The Beacon Shelter. A local business was able to provide sandwiches and volunteers helped serve those and water. Madison Water Utility's Water Wagon was on State Street distributing cold water to anyone who needed it. A local grocery store was distributing water on East Washington Avenue and another provided water to the overnight shelter.

I am sure there are many more stories of kindness and concern as we worked together to help each other. Another day where Madisonians stepped up. Thank you!


Photo credit: City of Madison Mayor's Office

Food & water
Photo credit: City of Madison Mayor's Office

Emergency team
Photo credit: City of Madison Mayor's Office

Top of State Street Issues Can't Be Ignored
Credit: City of Madison - Mayor's Office, posted on Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 4:48pm

Like most other cities in this nation, we here in Madison are facing complex problems at the intersection of poverty, mental health, addiction and use of public space. One place in our city where this is most visible is the area of the Capitol Square by State Street and near the Central Library.

Right now, we are hearing a great many complaints from residents and business owners, about disruptive activity at the top of State Street – much of it by people who are not homeless. This escalating pattern of behavior poses legitimate concerns for the safety of workers, visitors and business patrons, as well as a range of other public order, health and wellness concerns.

The concerning behavior includes:

  • Weapon violence, including shots fired and threats to use weapons during heated confrontations

  • Multiple batteries and one sexual assault, including one woman who was punched in the face and another who was grabbed by her hair and thrown to the ground

  • Drug overdoses and open use of drugs, including the smoking of crack cocaine in broad daylight

  • Open-air drug dealing

  • Thefts and robberies – including a nearby mugging of a 97 year old resident

  • Individuals incapacitated by alcohol, drugs or a combination of both

  • Individuals urinating or defecating in public view – including immediately in front of a restaurant window

  • Frequent fist fights and fights over food or supply "giveaways"

  • Aggressive panhandling, threats to employees and other confrontational behaviors.

    The impacts of these problems has been significant.

    The actions of a few are preventing many people from using this area. Businesses are reporting the loss of customers and revenue; employees being afraid to walk home or use public transit due to activities in and around bus stops; visitors, women and senior citizens tell

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