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Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney

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Alder Barbara Harrington-McKinney

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Alder Harrington-McKinney’s Updates

Hawks Landing and McKenna Boulevard/Gammon Lane flood mitigation projects and final sandbag collection opportunity

September 6, 2019 2:22 PM


Construction Update

Construction scheduled to begin September 16.

Project Background

Hawks Landing is a residential development located on the far west side of Madison at the northwest quadrant of South Pleasant View Road (CTH 'M') and Midtown Road. Construction of the development began in 2001. The development includes approximately 300 homes and an 18-hole golf course, the Hawks Landing Golf Club.

Hawks Landing has six (6) stormwater control ponds, all located within the golf course. Three of these ponds (LBMC North, LBMC SW, and LBMC East Ponds) are located on the west side of the course and drain to Lower Badger Mill Creek (LBMC), and three (UBMC North, UBMC SE, and UBMC SW Ponds) are located on the east side and drain to Upper Badger Mill Creek (UBMC).

Project Description

The west side of the development, as shown in Map 1 pdf , experiences drainage problems during large storm events. Lots 169, 170, and 250 experience flooding during events, with the highest water levels and highest flows occurring on Lot 170. In September 2016, the City contracted with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to conduct a drainage study for the western portion of Hawks Landing, the area roughly bounded by Eaglewood Drive on the north, Breezy Trail on the east, Mid Town Road on the south, and Shady Point Drive on the west. Map 2 pdf  identifies shows the delineated watersheds and the general flow directions for the study area. Note that, for the purposes of this project, the ponds shown in Map 2 have been assigned alphabetic identifiers:

  • LBMC SW Pond (Map 1) = Pond C (Map 2)
  • LBMC North Pond (Map 1) = Pond D (Map 2)
  • LBMC East Pond (Map 1) = Pond E (Map 2)

Flooding downstream from Pond C is due in part to observed plugging of the pond outlet structure; however, significant additional contributors to flooding are discharges from upstream ponds (Ponds D&E on Map 2) which appear to be much greater than originally planned. In Fall 2018, Hawks Landing Golf course constructed an additional dry detention basin to the east of Pond C to reduce peak inflow into Pond C. Additionally, the City of Madison has contracted with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to design a hydraulically-improved outlet from Pond C. The current elliptical outlet pipe shall be upsized to a 4'x8' concrete box culvert, which will drain Pond C to a newly-constructed drainage ditch south of Shady Point Dr. This new design should alleviate flooding during large events out of Pond C and in the intersection of Hidden Hill Dr and Shady Point Dr. The City intends to post plans for this project for bid in early June. Once they are available, a link will be provided on this website.

In addition to Hidden Hill Dr and Shady Point Dr, flooding occurs in the north part of the neighborhood as well, north of intersection of Hill Creek Dr and Grassy Hollow Dr. This flooding is due in large part to runoff from the undeveloped farm field north of the Hawks Landing neighborhood; the runoff from the field, which is substantial, also contributes to the flooding problems at Pond C and the intersection of Hidden Hill and Shady Point. The City has contracted with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to investigate solutions to this flooding problem. Currently, the City is investigating the purchase of some of the farmland and construction of a swale to drain water from the intersection of Red Tail Dr and Hill Creek Dr.

Public Informational Meeting

The City hosted a Public Informational Meeting on May 28, 2019 at Blackhawk Church (Brader Way) to discuss fixes at Hidden Hill Dr/Shady Point Dr and north of Hill Creek. The meeting Powerpoint is here: Hawks Landing Flood Mitigation PIM - May 28, 2019 pdf .

Public Works Improvement Project

The City of Madison will begin construction on the Hawks Landing Flood Mitigation South (2019) in early September 2019. This project will include the removal of an existing 43"x68" horizontal elliptical reinforced concrete pipe (HERCP) storm sewer between Pond C on the Hawks Landing Golf Course and the corner of Hidden Hill Dr and Shady Point Dr in Madison. The removed pipe will be replaced by approximately 500 lineal feet (LF) of 4' rise x 8' span reinforced concrete box culvert (RCBC). Additional work will include (but not be limited to) the replacement of the Pond C outlet structure, installation of two large underground concrete vaults at the southwest corner of Hidden Hill Dr and Shady Point Dr, removal and replacement of two inlets and a reinforced concrete pipe that crosses Shady Point Dr, realignment of storm sewer and other utilities within the intersection of Hidden Hill Dr and Shady Point Dr, patching of the affected street, and restoration of all disturbed areas. This work is intended to reduce flooding in the southwest corner of the Hawks Landing neighborhood.

A second phase of this flood mitigation project is currently planned for early 2020. One concrete vault (to be installed with the current project) will be removed and the 4'x8' RCBC will be extended into a new wingwall and swale that will run parallel to Shady Point Dr in the farm field between Shady Point Dr and Midtown Rd. The City does not currently own the necessary land for this second phase but is working through the acquisition process. The completion of Phase II of this project should further reduce flooding risk in the southwest corner of the Hawks Landing neighborhood.

The project bid package can be found here: Hawks Landing Flood Mitigation South Construction Package.

City Engineering's project page for the Hawks Landing flood mitigation project can be found here.


Construction Update

Contractor plans to start work in McKenna Blvd the week of September 3. Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Mckenna Boulevard has all lanes open.

UPDATE: Final plans have been issued. See details below.

Project Details

The east Park Edge Dr. neighborhood consists of several cul-de-sacs that back the City of Madison's West Badger Mill Creek - Elver Park Greenway. That greenway carries water from Greentree Pond north of the neighborhood and discharges via pipes under McKenna Blvd. to Elver Park. The associated watershed is approximately 1.4 square miles in area, and drains from north to south.

Since 2016, Park Edge Dr. residents have experienced several rain events where water from the greenway flooded the neighborhood and entered their residences. Additionally, McKenna Blvd., which is a main thoroughfare through the neighborhood and houses police and fire stations for the west side of the city, has overtopped and become impassible several times. On December 13, 2018 the City hosted a Public Informational Meeting held at Our Redeemer Church on McKenna Blvd. A copy of the presentation can be found here pdf . Staff discussed the flooding that occurred in June and August of 2018, design standards, watershed modeling, and the proposed public works contract. City Engineering is proposing a public works improvement to address the recurring flooding. The City evaluated the greenway during the design process and plans to construct improvements that will reduce the impact of flooding in the Park Edge neighborhood and alleviate flooding from the greenway onto McKenna Blvd.


Proposed Scope of Work

Staff have analyzed the watershed and propose replacing the existing pipes under McKenna Boulevard with a twin cell 5' tall by 10' wide box culvert and a twin cell 5' tall by 12' wide box culvert, which includes constructing new inlet and outlet wing walls. The existing concrete channel will be removed and replaced with a concrete channel 1.5 feet lower than its current level. A retaining wall will also be constructed along the west edge of the greenway to provide improved flow capacity in the channel that runs adjacent to Greentree Landfill. The existing metal culverts at the outlet of Greentree Pond are in very poor condition and will be removed and replaced with a twin cell 4' tall by 8' wide box culvert as part of this project. The pond outlet and channel will be realigned to point southwest, rather than west, to alleviate flows going directly towards Falmouth Ct. All aspects of the design can be found in the final plan set for the project, here: Final Plans pdf 

Proposed Project Schedule

  • Permit applications for this project were approved in May 2019.
  • Bid opening and Contractor selection will occur in mid-June 2019.
  • Construction is scheduled to begin at the end of July and is anticipated to take a minimum of 5 months.
  • During construction, one lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained on McKenna Blvd. at all times. Elver Park will also be open and accessible during its normal hours for the duration of the project. Additionally, temporary bus stops will be located along McKenna Blvd. to ensure that Metro service is not interrupted by construction.

Additional information and resources were provided to property owners and can be found in the presentation or the the links below:

City of Madison Flooding Website

Flooding And Self-Reporting

Flood Prevention Flyer and website

City Engineering's project page for the McKenna Blvd/Gammon Ln flood mitigation project can be found here.

Final Sandbag Collection Opportunity Begins September 9

The final opportunity for curbside sandbag collection will begin on Monday, September 9, 2019.

In order for residents to have their sandbags collected efficiently, residents must first visit the City of Madison Flooding website to find out if they live in the "Flood Zone" or "Request Pickup" areas.

Steps for Curbside Collection for Residents in the Flood Zone

Residents with homes that fall within the Flood Zone should place their sandbags on the terrace or road edge.

Collection crews will be circling the Flood Zone areas beginning on Monday, September 9. Residents in the Flood Zone must get their bags to the curb or terrace prior to Sunday, September 22 to ensure collection. Sandbags placed to the curb after September 22 will not be picked up.

When placing sandbags out for collection, do not put them in the street or gutter. Also, do not cover sandbags with brush, leaves, or yard waste. Please note that sandbag collection crews will not go on private property to remove bags.

Steps for Curbside Collection for Residents in the Request Pickup Areas

Residents with homes that fall within the Request Pickup areas should place their sandbags on the terrace or road edge. Collection of these bags will begin on September 9.

After residents in the Request Pickup areas place their sandbags to the curb, they must submit a request for sandbag collection. Upon receipt of the request, the City will send a crew to collect the bags as soon as possible.

Residents in the Request Pickup area have until September 22 to get their sandbags to the road edge and submit their collection request.  Sandbags placed out to the curb after September 22 will not be picked up.

Residents can request sandbag collection in two ways:

  1. Submit the Request Sandbag Collection form online.

  2. Call the sandbag collection hotline at (608) 242-6001 and follow the recorded directions.

When placing sandbags out for collection, do not put them in the street or gutter. Also, do not cover sandbags with leaves or other yard waste while awaiting collection. Sandbag collection crews will not go on private property to remove bags.

Haul Sandbags to a Drop-off Site

Madison residents can also haul their sandbags themselves to the sandbag drop-off site at 4602 Sycamore Avenue.

Sandbags that are hauled to this site should be placed in the public sandbag drop-off area.

What Happens to the Sandbags

After crews collect sandbags, they will be hauled to 4602 Sycamore Avenue.

A loader with a special attachment will scoop the sandbags into a hopper. Once in the hopper, a series of blades will rip the bags open and the sand will filter out.

The empty sandbag husks will be hauled to the landfill.

The remaining sand will be stored for future use as fill material in various city projects.

Additional Information

Additional information about the flooding in Madison can be found on the City of Madison flooding website,

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