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District 10

Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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4327 Milford Rd

Council Office

Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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Alder Figueroa Cole’s Updates

ARPA, Streets, CDD, other events

June 20, 2021 3:27 PM

Happy Father's Day! 



  1. American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Local Fiscal Recovery FundsThe Finance Committee will be discussing a resolution proposing an allocation of ARPA funds at its meeting on Monday.  Take a look at the presentation listed in the resolution to learn in more detail about the city's priorities for:
  • Affordable Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Emerging Needs
  • Homelessness
  • Violence Prevention & Youth Engagement

Meeting Details, Meeting Agenda, Register for Public Comment

 Note: For additional information about additional meetings scheduled for this week, please consult the City Meeting Schedule online here

  1. Speed is a hot topic for District 10 and the city.  Learn more about street-related initiatives, including Vision Zero, Complete Green Streets and Midtown Summer Strategy Plan.  "Let's Talk Streets" attracted positive conversation and much-needed public engagement.  The safety of our streets impacts all of us and requires a multi-agency approach as well as community support. Speeding is a multilayer issue that requires multiple approaches focused on targeting each layer collaboratively and intentionally.  It takes a diverse number of solutions and resources to address the issues of speeding in the streets of Madison. I encourage you to learn more about other cities in the US and around the world that have implemented Vision Zero's strategies and I also encourage you to embrace the efforts of the upcoming 20 is Plenty's pilots.  Together we can save lives!
  2. The City of Madison Community Development Division (CDD) is seeking to improve the competitiveness of development proposals submitted to WHEDA and maximize the receipt of tax credits for projects in Madison through proposals from qualified developers that seek to accomplish the following three objectives:
    • Increase the supply of safe, quality, affordable rental housing
    • Preserve existing income- and rent-restricted rental housing to ensure long-term affordability and sustainability
    • Improve the existing rental housing stock in targeted neighborhoods through acquisition/rehab to create long-term affordability and sustainability
    • The Community Development Division will hold an application workshop designed for developers interested in applying for City financial assistance. Registration is required to attend. Please register by Monday, June 28th. The virtual application workshop will be held on June 29th from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. 2021 Affordable Housing Fund-Tax Credits - Overview registration deadline
  3. Join Voces de la Frontera's March, register to learn how to research your BIPOC roots, explore housing segregation, reimagine public safety with CARES, signup to be a Navigator, see dates and links below




Upcoming Events

6/20 - 6/28


Voces de la Frontera: 9 days March for Driver's Licenses & Citizenship starting today in Milwaukee and ending Jun 28 in Madison, learn more here


4:30 PM

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Local Fiscal Recovery Funds - Resolution


11:00 AM

The Roots of Structural Racism: Residential Segregation in the US


7:00 PM

Alternative Crisis Response Team (CARES)


6:00 PM

Take Pride in Your Care In recognition of LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June, Madison Public Library is celebrating with inclusive events



Testing and vaccination operations at Alliant Energy Center are ending on June 26.  Read more here.

6/27 - Sep


Madison Public Library, Be Well Madison, and Wisconsin Mujer

To Jun 25


Madison Dane Day of Reflection, see below for details



2021 Affordable Housing Fund-Tax Credits - Overview registration deadline



Eviction moratorium expires, learn about Dane CORE rental assistance program


Coming up: Pedestrian Bicycle Enhancement Program at Segoe & Mineral Point

6/8 - 6/30


Call for Community Navigators: Town of Madison

6/12 - 9/17


We Read: Youth Voices Writers' Contest



Madison Senior Center welcomes guests back

7/15 - 7/18


44th year of the Maxwell Street Days to State Street



Dane Dances! 2021 "A Season of Love & Happiness" Band Lineup



gALPHA Social Impact


Enrollment form for the Citizenship Classes


Additional Events:

  • Madison Public Library, Be Well Madison and Wisconsin Mujer, are hosting a series of events centered on health and wellness titled Live Well @ Your Library. Events will take place the 4th Sunday of each month in different Madison Public Library Neighborhoods from June-August and will focus on Reflection, Renewal, Restoration, and Celebration themes. The first event will be June 27 at Pinney Branch Library.  In September, a full-day culminating event will take place at Central Library to go along with the Celebration theme and end the series.  Learn more here.
  • Madison Dane Day of Reflection: The past 15 months have been like none other in recorded human history. They have taken their toll in ways we have yet to truly acknowledge, articulate and sometimes even allow ourselves to feel. None of us has been untouched by the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and widespread systemic injustice and violence toward Black, Indigenous and people of color.  Through Friday, June 25, you're invited to take some time to pause, remember and reflect on our collective trauma. It is hoped that people, organizations, and businesses across Madison and Dane County choose to intentionally mark the day in some way in a shared Day of Reflection. This could range from journaling or taking some moments of silence by yourself or with friends, family and colleagues to hosting a small, appropriately distanced gathering, candlelight vigil or walk of some sort. It could be through art or demonstration. The choice is yours. Simply stop and shift your gaze to all we have been through together.  Humbly offered by participants of the City of Madison's Neighborhood Resource Teams #MadisonDaneDayofReflection #2021DayofRelfection
    • Upcoming, public-facing COVID-19 mobile vaccine clinics, as organized by Public Health Madison & Dane County:
    • Monday, June 21: Jason Glenn Hair Salon, 12 pm-7 pm
    • Tuesday, June 22: Waunakee Library, 3 pm-6 pm. This is a dose 2 clinic; people needing 1st doses are also welcome.
    • Wednesday, June 23: Middleton Outreach Ministry, 10 am-1 pm

You can find details and see a map of all upcoming public clinics on the Public Health website.  Public Health Madison & Dane County's COVID-19 Data Snapshot is released every Thursday. You can read their weekly blog post for a summary of the week's data.


Juneteenth Celebration & a visit to the Memorial Union:

Juneteenth 2021 - Penn Park
Memorial Union - 2021


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