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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Figueroa Cole’s Updates

Let's talk Budget

October 16, 2021 1:09 AM


My sisters (a combination of family and friends) and I are taken a drive to visit the Dignity Statue. Greetings from South Dakota. We will be back on Sunday, responses to emails and calls will resume on Monday.

Let's talk Budget!

The Madison Executive Budget is out and posted online. It is an overwhelming amount of information to review. However, the budget is not just about revenues and expenses, the budget introduces us to the city structure, agencies, functions and all many available services.

For the most part, the Capital budget is project-driven and provides us an overview of each project, the leading agency, and the cost. The Operating budget focuses on how these projects are managed and sustained; it includes the number of full-time positions (FTE's), salaries, benefits, purchases for additional service needed to support projects and expenses. If we take a closer look, we learn about the direct services the agencies provide to the city. Some agencies generate revenue from fees collected to continue to support their work.

The budget page contains a timeline overview and links to both full budgets as well as a list of each agency's budget. For the example below, we are going to focus on the Operating Budget and on one of my favorite agencies, Building Inspection.  This agency as well as many other agencies in the city play an important role in Public Safety and the health of the city.

The agency budget starts with a brief introduction of the agency and budget highlights. The Budget Overview page contains the following elements:

  1. Name of the Agency
  2. Agency Function
  3. Agency Budget by Fund
    • List all the Funding sources applied to the agency
    • Building Inspection funding source is the General Fund, a total of $4,895,829
  4. Agency Budget by Service
    • Did you know? Building Inspection provides services for Consumer Protection, enforcement and education efforts regarding sidewalk snow removal, trash, junk, and debris removal, tall grass and weed mitigation, and graffiti removal, zoning and of course building inspection! Each service includes a page with additional information
  5. Agency Budget by Major-Revenue
    • Some agencies also generate revenue
    • The revenue is deducted from Major-Expenses
    • Building Inspection revenue comes from various fees, a total of $86,000
  6. Agency Budget by Major-Expenses
    • Expenses are itemized, for this agency the budgeted amount is $ 4,981,829
    • This category is the one we will be covering

See 1 to 6 in the following image:



Building Inspection Budget Calculation:

  • $4,981,829(Expenses) - $86,000(Revenue) = $4,895,829(Funds needed)


Other Agencies:

Let's look at other agencies that also focus on Safety and Health.   Healthy Communities are Safe Communities! That is why when looking at the budget we must ensure services across agencies are well funded.  The following graphs are based on the budget by major expenses only and it includes all the funding sources.  These agencies play a significant role in our safety!

Select Agencies Related to Public Safety | Executive Operating Budget (All Funds; Expenses Only) | 2022





The same values are here presented but by Services:

Select City Services | Executive Operating Budget (All Funds; Expenses Only) | 2022


 Select City Services (Excluding Police and Fire) | Executive Operating Budget (All Funds; Expenses Only)

exc pmd fire

Select City Services - Public Safety List:






The safety of the city depends on the proper funding of community services.  The budget season is very complicated but also it is an opportunity to have honest conversations on city priorities and people's needs.  

I encourage you to look at the budget, focus on services and have serious and honest conversations that incorporate not only your needs but the needs of those around you.

Please let me know if this information is helpful and if you have questions.  Also, let me know if there are other areas of the budget you will like me to present in this forum.

Next step:

Public Hearings this Tuesday, Legistar 67496, the meeting information can be found here.

Have a great weekend!


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