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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Yannette Figueroa Cole

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Alder Figueroa Cole’s Updates

Update 3706 Nakoma Road

July 17, 2022 12:02 AM

Update Old Spring Hotel 3706 Nakoma Road

Landmark Commission (LC) adopted a motion according to MGO 41.18 - STANDARDS FOR GRANTING A CERTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS(4) Land Divisions and Combinations:

• approved the lot line adjustment
• maintained the boundary of the landmark designation for both lots
• required archaeological monitoring for ground-disturbing activities on the western lot, e.g. archeological evidence of the Stagecoach era, First Nations era
• and for the Landmark Commission to review a new construction
o review will be based on MGO 41.18, (1)New Construction or Exterior Alteration

Commissioner Arnesen moved to approve the request while keeping the landmark status for both lots.  Keeping the landmark designation for the new lot allows for the commissioners the opportunity to review the plans and conditions of the new construction. I supported Arnesen's motion, which also required archeological monitoring; it passed, 3-2.

For the full meeting, record click here.

Also, see MGO 33.19 to learn about the duties and responsibilities of the commission and its commissioners

Next steps:

The certificate of appropriateness will go through the following process:

• the reconfiguration of the lot follows the Certified Survey Map CSM process
o this involves a development planner 
o final approval by Common Council
• if the property owner wants to proceed with new construction, he'll need to apply to the Landmark Commission (LC) for approval to do the new construction

Appealing the decision: 41.20 - APPEAL TO COMMON COUNCIL

• the landmark decision can be appealed to the city council
• the steps can be found in MGO 41.20 (1), (2), (3), (4)

I want to thank the residents who promptly organized to bring this topic to light.  I have much appreciation for the advocacy and protection of our heritage.  The Old Spring Hotel holds a history associated with transportation and architecture.  It also serves as a reminder that we live in stolen land, which is something worthy of reflection.  

Thank you for the e-mails and conversations had in person and over the phone, where we had the opportunity to engage in honest conversations.  Your voice was heard! 

Thanks to the commissioners, especially to those that recognized their bias, acknowledged the emotional stress endure but in the end, understood the limitations of their roles.  I took from the meeting interest in strengthening the ordinance language to facilitate future decisions and the need to update the landmark designation record.

During the meeting there seem to be some confusion with regard to the different designations.  For some clarity, I have included below a summary of the three mentioned: National Register, National Historic Landmark & City of Madison Landmark.  I included links in case you are interested in more content.

I will also like to acknowledge that you don't need my permission to be angry.  Nor do I take personally the emails where the anger is directed at me and my decision. However, a person went to the owner's home and caused a scene in front of his family, which is unacceptable. Those actions have lasting consequences not only for the offender but for the people being harassed, especially if there are children involved.

In this job, I have seen plenty of retaliation, hate emails, racist attacks, and endless harassment.  But I must confess, that I didn't expect people to get that carried away on this topic.  My advice to you is to take care of yourselves and find ways to manage your anger.  

Finally, months ago I closed my NextDoor account and only use social media for its original intention of connecting with friends and family.  If you have concerns or suggestions, please reach out to me via the district email, or give me a call.

Historical Designation Types:

• National Register of Historic Places:  property's age, significance, and integrity
o honorary designation managed by the National Park Services (NPS)
o it is not a regulatory designation for private properties
o most properties are designated at the local level of significance 
Registered based on architecture and transportation value
• National Historic Landmarks (NHL's) are historic properties that illustrate the heritage of the United States
o historic buildings, sites, structures, objects, and districts
o designated & regulated through NPS
o national level of significance
Bradley, Harold C., House - 01/07/76
Jacobs, Herbert and Katherine, First House - 07/31/03
Jacobs, Herbert and Katherine, Second House - 07/31/03
North Hall, University of Wisconsin - 12/21/65
University of Wisconsin Arboretum - 1/13/2021
University of Wisconsin Armory & Gymnasium - 11/04/93
University of Wisconsin Dairy Barn - 04/05/05
University of Wisconsin Science Hall - 11/04/93
Wisconsin State Capitol - 01/03/01
• Madison landmark designation (182) refers to buildings, structures, signs, features, improvements, sites, and areas that have significant architectural, archaeological, anthropological, historical, and cultural value
o these are designated & regulated by the City of Madison
o all changes on the exterior of a designated property are reviewed by the Landmarks Commission (LC)
o property boundaries are also reviewed by LC
o the process for designating a property as a designated landmark is in MGO 41.07
LC doesn't regulate National Register districts

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