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Upcoming Meetings and Events

Highlights for the WeeK Bike Registration and Winter Bikeway Maintenance Updates The Transportation Commission will be receiving an update on the City's bike registration program and an annual report on winter bike facilities maintenance at its meeting on Wednesday. Meeting … [read more]

Upcoming Events, Summer Fun, Wingra Watershed Study

Highlights: The City of Madison will complete a watershed study in the Wingra West watershed that will impact District 10, multiple public meetings are scheduled Transit is a hot topic for District 10 and the city, learn more about street-related initiatives, including Vision Zero and … [read more]

ARPA, Streets, CDD, other events

Happy Father's Day! Highlights: American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) Local Fiscal Recovery FundsThe Finance Committee will be discussing a resolution proposing an allocation of ARPA funds at its meeting on Monday. Take a look at the presentation listed in the resolution to … [read more]

2020 NIP EDITION and Weekly Updates

Let's talk data! The 2020 NIP Edition is finally here! A new set of data (2020 Edition) has been added to the City of Madison's Neighborhood Indicators Project (NIP)--a tracking system with trend data going back to 2008. NIP was designed by the City of Madison in partnership with the … [read more]

Vision Zero, Midtown Blotter, Police Monitor application, RISE WI, CARE & Upcoming Events

Hello! Wishing you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends. Make this the Summer we work collectively to create awareness on the dangerous of reckless driving. Let's start by asking ourselves; "Am I a Safe Driver?" Let's continue by acknowledging that road safety is the … [read more]

Body Worn Cameras, HCRI funds, Trace the Line Conversations, Upcoming Events & Job Opportunities

Body Worn Cameras The council voted on Tuesday to accept the Final Report and Model Policy from the Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee. The vote was simply an acceptance of the report; this vote didn't call for any further action. I appreciate the work of the committee and the … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events, Trickle Down Town, Youth Career Fair, Let's Talk Street

Trickle Down Town If you have not seen this documentary I please ask you to watch it and share it within your networks. It is a story of a city that shares the same experiences Madison is facing around the lack of housing affordability and its direct impact on our communities. It is our … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events, Trickle Down Town, Youth Career Fair, Let's Talk Street

Trickle Down Town If you have not seen this documentary I please ask you to watch it and share it within your networks. It is a story of a city that shares the same experiences Madison is facing around the lack of housing affordability and its direct impact on our communities. It is our … [read more]


you are invited! WHAT: Element Lab Virtual Neighbor Meeting WHEN: On Tuesday at 6:30 PM WHERE: Virtual PURPOSE: University Research Park proposes to construct Element Lab, a new lab facility at the southwest corner of Mineral Point Road and S. Whitney Way. The … [read more]

Metro, Vaccine, Element Lab, Airport & Upcoming Meetings and Events

metro is hiring Metro Transit is now hiring for permanent part-time AND full-time transit operators. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Metro will train you on how to drive a bus. Be part of a team that provides one of the basic needs that keep our communities safe and healthy. Transit plays a … [read more]

Plenty is 20, Tips to help prevent car theft, Guia para indocumentados & Week Events

A Vision Zero project, Plenty is 20: The City of Madison launches Phase 1 of its new program, 20 is Plenty, on Monday, August 9. The program aims to improve safety on Madison's neighborhood streets, by lowering the speed limit on residential streets from 25 mph to 20 mph. Read more here. … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events, Parks, Jobs, Resources, "The Reality Check"

Greetings! Check out the history behind Sina Davis Movies in the Park, Sina was a lifelong resident of District 10. Save the date for the next Transit Network Redesign public meeting on 9/23/2021 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, more to come later. Join the city's workforce, creating an account to use … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events, Let's Talk Street, Equity Series & Capital Budget

LET'S TALK STREETS If if you missed this Transportation meeting, here is your opportunity to watch it. Marker 30:10 provides a potential solution for a more equitable and inclusive street system. Join us in this journey towards streets that prioritize people and enhance safety. Full … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Lots of important information today! Thanks, Debbie! Debbie is one of our amazing Council staff and she provides these weekly summaries for us to share with you and to stay up to date! Learn more about the Moratorium impact in our community, explore the Transportation & Engineering … [read more]

Redistricting, C.A.R.E.S, Vision Zero, Budget, Meeting and Events

Redistricting Ad-Hoc Committee City of Madison is partnering with Dane County and to help you map your community of interest and tell us about it. Map your community of interest / How to use Dane County's Representable website / Find out more about the AdHoc Committee … [read more]

Restoring Ourselves and Our Communities - September 10

"The Restorative Justice Summit is a statewide educational forum that brings together young people and youth-serving professionals to collaborate in advancing equitable, evidence-based restorative justice and peacemaking practices that aim to transform youth services, programs and communities in … [read more]

Redistricting & Meeting and Events

Meetings and Events Highlights for the Week of September 20, 2021 Capital Budget Housing Strategy Updates The Housing Strategy Committee will be receiving an update about housing strategies in the 2021 Executive Capital Budget at its meeting on Thursday. Meeting … [read more]

Weekly Updates, Redistricting, Suave Podcast

Happy Friday! Join us tomorrow at Luna's at 2010 Red Arrow Trail, Madison, WI 53711 for the Music, Food, Safe Streets survey and much more! This week I listened to the "Suave" podcast, a story of redemption & friendship but it is also a story about the Juvenile System and its … [read more]

Upcoming Meetings and Events, Treaty Day, Media Missing Women

What is Treaty Day? Treaty Day 2021 Treaties: How we come to be where we are This is a recording of an UW virtual roundtable discussion to learn about treaties, the most important documents in any community, and how our ongoing nation-to-nation agreements with the Ho-Chunk … [read more]

Week of 10/18 Meetings & Events

Hello! Hope you have a great weekend. Plan Commission meeting today includes the demolition of a house in Orchard Drive. Date: 10/18/2021 Time: 5:30 pm To join the meeting, please go to: … [read more]

Culture Collectives Pop-Up Shop & Let's Talk Streets

Culture Collectives Pop-Up Shop The Culture Collectives Pop-Up Shop grand opening is this Friday, October 22nd from 4-9 pm in conjunction with the Madison Night Market. The grand opening ceremony starts at 7 pm at Lisa Link Peace Park next to the shops which are located on 440 and 444 State … [read more]

Meeting and Events

Meeting and Event Highlights for the Week of October 25, 2021 Meetings 2022 Operating Budget The Finance Committee will be discussing amendments to the 2022 Executive Operating Budget at its meeting on Monday. Monday Meeting Details Meeting Agenda Register for Public … [read more]

Weekly Updates, Council Meeting & OCI

Meeting and Event Highlights for the Week of November 1, 2021 City Council Meeting District 10: Tuesday, Nov 2 @ 6:30 PM Agenda Register here Introduction Item: Legistar 67552 Authorizing the City to Enter into an Updated Interim Trail Use/Rail Banking Agreement with the Wisconsin … [read more]

Budget, Meetings, Events

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which are second dwelling units on properties with single-family homes, can be a great opportunity to provide additional housing options in neighborhoods across our growing city. ADUs have been allowable in Madison since 2013, … [read more]

Weekly Updates - Moses Gala, Immigration Fair, To Hold You & Online Harassments

Event Highlights for the Week of November 22, 2021 ***City offices are closed November 25 and November 26*** Events, activities, seminars, etc. YOU are invited to MOSES Gala Transformation Celebration! TODAY starting at 6:30 PM. Please click the FLYER for details. To register go to … [read more]

Weekly Updates, Native America Storyteller & BYFY

New Events Added to the Native American Storyteller Residency Seventh Generation Earth Ethics Thursday, December 9 | 7 p.m. In partnership with the Wisconsin Book Festival, author Patty Loew will appear live on Crowdcast to discuss her book, Seventh Generation Earth Ethics, and the … [read more]

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