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  • Message from Captain/Mensaje de Capitán Jason Freedman

    Please share on with your groups! Thanks, Yannette   Message from Captain Jason Freedman jfreedman@cityofmadison.com Midtown District Mensaje de Capitán Jason Freedman jfreedman@cityofmadison.com Distrito de policía…


  • Trespassing is illegal without section 6(a)(b)

    Yesterday, I was asked, "What is my angle?" when putting forward changes to ordinances that have been in the books for years. Without hesitation, I explained my reasoning. Becoming an alder was primarily motivated by the needs of the unsheltered…


  • Let's Talk Budget - Capital Amendments

    Good Morning!

  • Trees & Fall Cleanup

    Hola! We all value trees around the city, and the city recognizes the need to increase the tree canopy. Trees are a critical part of our ecosystem, promoting health and sustainability. Trees are also an essential part of the city's infrastructure…


  • Legistar 79532 Panhandling Prohibited - Sep 19 Council Meeting

    Hola! Thank you to everyone that has reached out regarding this upcoming agenda item.  Section 24.12 is inactive and not enforceable, hence there is no changes to the current processes or legal authority.


  • Join Us for a Back to School Game Night

    Register here Tomorrow 9/15 From 6-9 1233 McKenna Blvd


  • Municode Navigation & Upcoming Ordinance Changes

    Hola! We have received inquiries about a couple of Ordinance changes I am sponsoring. I am including Municode navigation basics and information about the ordinances in this blog. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out.


  • Local D10: Soccer Season 3 Parks in our District

    Millennium Soccer Club was founded in 2001 in Madison, WI, with a goal of bringing affordable and accessible organized youth soccer to the city’s low-income, ethnically diverse neighborhoods. This is a great community engagement opportunity for all…


  • Community and Weekly Updates

    Hola! It is Saturday, and I don't want to end the week without acknowledging all the amazing people who see a need and take action. Thank you for being an essential part of the work it takes to build healthy and safe communities. I also want to…

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