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Alder Henak’s District 10 Updates

Meetings in Review

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The snow that started to accumulate overnight on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 and continued on Thursday, February 13, 2020 must be cleared from public sidewalks by 12:00 (noon) on Friday, February 14, 2020. Ice that cannot be removed must be treated with sand and/or other suitable substances in order to prevent the ice from being dangerous. Free sand is available at the following locations: 

Monday the 3rd

CMNNA Board Meeting-

The Board has been looking at a number of complaints from residents about pedestrian safety particularly at intersections with over grown city foliage and is making a proposal to the city they requested my comment on.

Tuesday to 4th

Common Council-

-The highlight of the meeting which stood out was the discussion around a street reconstruction right down the road from us in district 13 where sidewalks had been proposed consistent with the city planning documents but there was a disagreement between residents on weather the sidewalks should go in. The residents opposed to the project appealed to the Board of Public Works and got an approval to significantly decrease the sidewalk proposal. The discussion at council was as to why the appeal of the project hadn't gone to the Transportation Commission or even been reviewed by transportation or pedestrian safety staff. The Council made significant noise that this is often the practice and should be made standard.

Thursday the 6th

CDBG- Recommended approval of two Affordable Housing Projects, Find details in the agenda at

Tuesday the 11th -

Thoreau PTO Meeting-could not Attend due to illness

Wednesday the 12th-could not Attend due to illness

Park Commission-I did not attend but have been working hard to find the right balance of dog access and enforcement as we do have problems with off leash dogs and cleaning up after dogs. I really hope we as dog owners can come together and hold each other accountable.

-I am also working on a legislation change to take the current penalty for an off leash offense from 4 tiers down to 2 and eliminate the use of warnings. This is a very large expansion of dog friendly space in madison and there need to be some tools put in place to recognize the significant concerns of community members who experience the negative outcomes of people deciding to operate outside of the agreed upon rules. 

My Hopes-

-Dog owners License their dogs and if you are taking your dog to the park with you, make sure they have a Park Pass-This is how I am hoping to pay for dog clean up stations at all dog friendly parks. So please pay for your license and pass, and make parks more inviting for everyone. Find fee information at 

The site has not been updated for the upcoming change, but you will need a dog park permit as well as Dog License to take your dog to the park.

-Don't let your dog off leash outside of designated off leash parks-this is big!

-Pick up after your dog


Thursday the 13th-could not Attend due to illness- I have basically been bed ridden for three days

-Stay Healthy and take care of yourself and your family.

Flad Park Basketball court replacement public meeting-

Public Test Of Election Equipment

I want to highlight the open and transparent methods we use to maintain confidance in our elections here in Madison.

The City of Madison Clerk's Office invites the public to observe its public test of election equipment this weekend. The City of Madison conducts its public test on a Saturday in order to make the process as accessible to the public as possible.

Prior to each election, the Clerk's Office staff tests its DS200 tabulators to make sure they will accurately count votes on Election Day.

After testing each machine for accurate vote tabulation, Clerk's Office staff secure the ballot box and scanner with tamper evident seals that are marked with unique serial numbers. The Clerk's Office staff documents these serial numbers at the public test, and election officials verify the serial numbers as they open the polls on Election Day.

The City of Madison public test of election equipment will be held at 2713 E. Washington Ave. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday, Feb. 8, and on Monday, Feb. 10. The Clerk's Office staff will break for lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm each day.


Maribeth Witzel-Behl(608)

Rest of last week


Coffee W/ A Cop-

9-10:30AM Steep and Brew on Mineral Point Rd. 

Joel DeSpain presented and had a great conversation on Public Information Officers and the in's and out's of his roll at MPD.


Coffee w/ The Mayor and Area Alders

4:30-6PM-3809 Mineral Point Rd.


Salt Wise Presentation and Discussion-

7-8:30AM-Sequoya Library-This is an event put on by Friends of Lake Wingra-



Allied Drive Community Meal

6:30-8PM at the Allied Boys and Girls Club

-Great Turn out with over 25 adults and 22 Kids!

Thank you and let me know if you have topics you would like more depth of information on.

Municipal Golf

Wednesday- Municipal Golf Task Force

The Task Force had its first evening of really discussing and debating all the information which has been presented to it up to this point. The task force asked Parks to look at three scenarios to see what kind of impacts they would have. These are not recommendations but only scenarios to model and give the task for an idea of the impacts. 

The three big questions we seem to be looking at are:

-What is the purpose/Mission of Madison Municipal Golf

-How many holes of golf should Madison be providing

-Where should those holes be located

-Should it remain an Enterprise Fund or be shifted to a Special Revenue fund housed in Parks


The three scenarios The Task Force asked Parks to consider all included transferring Golf back to Parks as part of a Special Revenue Fund.


Operate:Odana, Glenway, and 27 holes at Yahara

    Close:Monona and 9 holes at Yahara

Operate:Odana, Glenway, and Monona


Operate:Odana, Monona

    Close:Yahara, Glenway


The Task force agreed that Madison should be in the business of municipal golf, and that it needs to reduce the number of holes by some number. We are making progress and I am very proud of the way everyone has come together to have open conversations. 


Westgate-Meetings Last Week

I have been trying to send out a summery of last weeks meetings, but it continuously got rejected and now looks like it is because there is a maximum word count on an update. Sorry for the delay. I am emailing out just on the Westgate meetings but if you visit the website I will have summarys of Municipal Golf and the rest of the week.

Monday/Tuesday-Westgate Mall Preliminary Planning Meetings

Between the two evenings we had over 260 residents come out offering up ideas and concerns for the project. I have provided a link to the presentation below as promised. 



The concerns and hopes I heard:

-Gateway to the area, make it a design we are proud of.

-Pedestrian Centric/Walkable





-Preparation of the school district to accommodate students

-Concerns around ample green/park space

-Density and the light/shadow distribution between buildings

-Stormwater Management 

-Sustainable building practices and systems

-Making sure to get the mix of affordable, market rate, senior, and unit size right.

-Space for indoor walking

-Community space


-Phasing of potential project, will it happen at once or in a number of projects one after the other.

-How are city services impacted and consulted(Police, Fire, Streets)

-Site layout with respect to building heights and orientations


Lost and Found-If you lost a silver Fossil watch or found a black neck gaiter with a drawstring on one end. Please give me a call at 608-471-2900.


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Have a great Monday,

Alder Zachary Henak
District 10
Cell: 608-471-2900
Common Council Office

2020-2021 Refuse, Recycling, and Large Item Schedule Calendars Now Available

The 2020-2021 collection schedule calendars are now available.

The collection schedule calendar shows what day refuse, recycling, and large items will be collected by Streets Division crews.

When placing carts and large items out for collection, be sure to have them out to the curb by 7:00am on the pickup day shown on your collection schedule calendar. 

To get the calendar, go to and enter your address as directed. This will open a new tab in your web browser.  In the new tab, you will first see the 2019 collection calendar. When you scroll down, you will find the 2020 and 2021 calendars. 

Residents who prefer paper copies of the calendar mailed to them can contact the Streets Division office that services their home to receive their collection schedule calendar.  

If you live west of S. Park Street, you should call 608-266-4681.  If you live east of S. Park Street, you should call 608-246-4532.

Additional information about refuse, recycling, and large item collection can be found on the Streets Division's website,

2020 Census

The 2020 Census is coming in March.  The census is a count of all people living in the United States mandated by the constitution to occur every 10 years.  2020 is the first time that households will receive a letter invitation to reply online.  People will also be able to reply via smartphone, phone, or paper form.  The census usually takes 10 minutes or less to fill out for a household.  Non-responding households will be visited by Census Bureau personnel starting in May to answer census questions in person.  

The census count affects state and federal funding for our community over the next decade.  Distribution of $675 billion of annual federal funding is tied to data gathered in the census.  That means that every person not counted could lead to a loss of $2,000 per year for affordable housing, childcare, health care, education, transit, roads, and more.  Madison needs a complete and accurate count of everyone living in the city in order to receive our fair share of federal funding.  Documented or undocumented people, infants, children, teens, UW students – if you and your family live in Madison, make sure you are counted in Madison.   

The census is also important for representation – the population count is used to draw boundaries for aldermanic districts, county board districts, state assembly and senate districts, and federal house of representatives districts.  An undercount in a certain area can lead to underrepresentation for the next 10 years.  

Responses to the 2020 Census are confidential – Census Bureau staff are prohibited by law from sharing personal information with law enforcement, governmental agencies, landlords, credit agencies, or anyone else outside of the Bureau.  The 2020 Census will not ask about citizenship or immigration status.  

The City is actively publicizing the importance of the 2020 Census through a variety of channels, but we need your help – we hope you can reach out to your neighbors and friends to make sure everyone is aware of the 2020 Census and its importance.  Visit to find out more about what the City is doing and learn about 2020 Census events and updates, or visit for more from the Census Bureau.  The City of Madison wants to ensure all residents are counted - help shape our future by completing the Census next year!


News Release: City sees unprecedented drop in water use

City sees unprecedented drop in water use

New numbers from 2019 show the biggest five-year decline in water use ever in Madison. Last year, Madison Water Utility pumped 8.9 billion gallons to homes, schools and businesses across the city. It's the lowest amount since 1967, and a billion gallons less than the utility pumped just five years ago.

"It's amazing, really," says the utility's Water Supply Manager Joe DeMorett. "I don't think anybody predicted this big of a change."

Water use in Madison hit an all-time high in 2001, when Madison Water Utility pumped 12.2 billion gallons of water from wells across the city. Since then, water use has dropped by more than 27 percent.

Madison Water Utility also tracks the annual per-capita water use of people living in single-family homes, and the change is even more dramatic. In the early 2000s, people in Madison used an average of 75 gallons per-person, per-day. Last year, that number was just 50.8 – a 32 percent drop and a new record low. It's a full ten gallons per-person less than five years ago.

Madison Water Utility General Manager Tom Heikkinen points to a combination of factors for the drop – more efficient appliances and plumbing fixtures; the loss of industry in Madison, like Oscar Mayer, which had been the city's biggest water user; and a decline in outdoor watering because of several unusually wet summers.

"I think the most surprising thing is the consistency of the trend, it's almost always in the downward direction," Heikkinen says. "50 gallons per-person per day on a residential use basis is something that is well below what the textbooks say that you need to plan for a water system. It was not really thought that we would be getting that low."

The decline in water use translates into a healthier aquifer system. The city pulls its water from a natural aquifer formed by layers of sandstone deep below ground.

DeMorett, a hydrogeologist, notes that aquifer water levels in the center of the city were on a decline from the 1950s to the late 1990s, dropping to a record depth of more than 130 feet in 1998. But over the last 15 years, there's been a turnaround. 

"(The aquifer) is a resource that we're really blessed to have. You don't want to go from a surplus to a mining situation where you're not replenishing it," he says. "At the current pumping rates, it looks like we are sustainable. In fact, the aquifer levels are actually increasing. I think that's the biggest thing. We want water for our future generations."

In 2006, the city set a sustainability goal of a 20-percent drop in per-capita water use by 2020. Madison surpassed that goal last year.Madison Water Utility has been working hard to encourage conservation through its popular Toilet Rebate Program, which has saved a more than a billion gallons of water since 2009. And more than 12 thousand people are now tracking their daily water use online through the utility's web-based conservation tool.

Happy New year and welcome to Updates

Hello District 10,

I am working on getting more information out, and wanted to switch to a more user friendly process. I am switching to this updates format and will be looking for your feedback. If you have any comments please email me at

We are kicking off the year with a combined listening session with a few Alders and the Mayor. Stop by and let us know your thoughts.

Be Well, 

Zachary Henak

Mayor Coffee