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Alder Henak’s District 10 Updates

Tonight:Community Conversation:Traffic

Register Here:

Traffic Management and Safety

West side Alders are hosting a community conversation Via Zoom where we will hear from Traffic Enforcement and Traffic Engineering.

Tonight at 6:30PM

4606 Hammersley

Here is a link to the very useful city of Madison development page. Where you can see a map with all the development proposals located on an interactive city map.

If you click on the development marker on the map, it will bring up details and reference the next decision point as Nov. 23rd at the plan commission.

Here is the Legistar link to view the Developers application.

Budget Amendments for consideration at Finance Committee

Here is a link to the budget amendments proposed for the Finance Committee on Monday. These amendments are voted on by only the finance committees members. 

The budget passed by the finance committee will then come to the full council for amendments which will be considered and voted on by the full council.


Budged review by Wisconsin policy forum:


City budget website:


Registration for Finance Committee Meeting Monday Oct. 26th 4:30PM:



Follow Up to tonights Community Conversation

A big thank you to all the Residents, Staff, and Alders who came out to participate in tonights meeting. I am attaching the presentation materials as well as an information sheet put together by Captain Freedman(Midtown) and Captain Patton(West) along with a link to the budget website. My recommendation is to take a department you are interested in and look at their budget request, then look at what the mayor allocated for them, then watch Friday to see if there are any amendments made to their allocation. 


Be Well,


Budget Website


Presentation by Laura Larsen City Budget Manager



Responses put together by Midtown and West District Captains to FAQ's

Does the executive budget reflect a functional cut to MPD and the services that we are able to provide to the community? Yes

Does the 2021 executive budget increase funding to MPD compared to 2020? Yes –But 2021 increases are primarily a result of city negotiated pay raises for MPPOA and AMPS that begin in January of 2021. This amounts to an increase of $3.825. There is also a $219,500 grant match increase and an $84,000 supplies and services increase.  


Does the executive budget reduce MPD's authorized strength? Yes – As a result of eliminating the SRO program, MPD's authorized strength is being reduced from 483 to 479, accounting for $31,000 of the cuts in the 2021 executive budget.  Once schools reopen, expect an increase in workload for dayshift patrol as calls normally addressed or mitigated by the SRO will now go directly to patrol services.


Beyond the SRO and the changes to Parking Enforcement and the Crossing Guards, does the executive budget cut funding to MPD? Yes – The additional $1 million in cuts proposed could be offset if MPPOA re-opens their contract and if they agree to concessions equaling that amount. If that does not occur, MPD will need to make additional cuts via holding vacant civilian positions open; cutting commissioned positions; shrinking the academy size; and/or imposing furloughs on commissioned personnel. These cuts will adversely impact the service MPD is able to provide to the community.


How many additional officers are needed based on the most recent patrol workload analysis done in 2019? 18 – Based on multiple analyses over multiple years, including the most recent, MPD is understaffed when compared to peer cities and relevant national averages.  Being understaffed creates internal challenges in terms of getting time off or being able to attend trainings, as well as external both in terms of being able to provide adequate patrol services as well as a variety of non-patrol services including neighborhood policing and community outreach.


How many non-patrol or closed officer positions have been cut in recent years to move personnel back to patrol to account for increasing workload? 19 - Safety Ed, PM TEST, Community Policing Teams, CORE, Gang and Neighborhood Officer positions have all experienced cuts.  These cuts have not been sufficient to provide significant unallocated time or flexibility to patrol officers, but have allowed us to maintain minimum patrol needs.


When will the City absorb our share of the Town of Madison and how many additional commissioned personnel does analysis suggest will be required to account for the additional workload demands of this area? 2022 and 13 additional officers – By reducing police staffing, the 2021 executive budget exacerbates the impact that absorbing the town will bring in terms of the ability to provide basic police services. Given the time lag between hiring officers and having them field ready, waiting to add necessary officers to the 2022 academy will not have officers available in time.


Will the new initiatives included in the executive budget, related to mental health response and violence prevention, relieve workload on MPD? Unknown –MPD is supportive of the concepts in principle, however there a number of potential hurdles and unknowns including statutory requirements for law enforcement in significant aspects of mental health response.  Further, cutting police staffing before other methods are proven and in place will create gaps in service and accompanying risks to community members and service providers.


Does the unprecedented gun violence in Madison in 2020 represent a significant drain on MPD resources? Yes – Shots fired incidents are up 76% through September compared to 2019 and we are experiencing record numbers of casings recovered and persons struck by gunfire. These calls and follow up investigations tie up large number of personnel for extended periods of time resulting in more time spent on priority calls and thereby significant delays or inability to respond to other call types.  In all of 2019, 473 shell casings were recovered in Madison. Through the end of September of this year, we have recovered 837.  Gun violence, property crimes and dangerous driving continue to be the top three concerns that I hear from residents.

Ward 79(Sequoya Library) Polling Place temporarily moved to Odana Hills

I recieved the following email from Deputy Clerk Verbick that the 79th ward polling place has been moved to Odana Hills Clubhouse for the Nevember Election.

Hi Alder Henak,
I wanted to let you know that we are planning to move, at least temporarily, the polling place for ward 79. This ward normally votes in Sequoya Library. There is an issue regarding space at the library. A significant portion of the conference room we normally vote in is being used to quarantine returned library books. The conference room space available was passable for non-November elections, but will not work for this next election. We are planning to move the polling place to Odana Hills Golf Course. I understand we used to use the clubhouse as a polling place. I believe the concerns about the polling place were related to ADA compliance because our voting operation was on the upper level of the clubhouse, which is only accessible by stairs. Our plan would be to have all of our tables and stations on the ground level, including the ballot marking device, the tabulator, and a couple booths (including the accessible booth). The upper area would have most of our voting booths and a station for election officials to process absentee ballots. The doors do not have an automatic opener, but there is a button outside of the doors by the circle drive that ring a bell above the door on the interior. We can also utilize our bell calls at the back door. I suspect most in-person voters will use curbside voting in the circle drive outside of the clubhouse.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Jim Verbick, Deputy Clerk
City of Madison City Clerk's Office
City-County Building-Room 103,
210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 53703
TEL: (608) 266-4601
FAX: (608) 266-4666FAX: (608) 266-4666
Follow us on Twitter @MadisonWIClerk

Reminder:Community Conversation Tonight

To register please visit:


Tesla Charging Further Resident Response.

Hello Alder Henak,
Thanks for your response and appreciate you facilitating this process. 
The charging station location was chosen based on several factors outlined below. 
-          Feedback from the property owner Hy-Vee about where we can locate, with a focus on being in a less used area of the parking lot to minimize disruption to existing customer parking habits
-          The location is near available power from the utility, as this station requires a new utility connection that is not available at all areas of the property. 
-          It is proximate to an existing gas station so is nearby existing similar infrastructure
-          The Segoe Rd. area is not an option as that parking area is high usage for wine and spirits customers/vendors. There are also several underground utilities and easements around that side and back of the store there that would prevent construction. 
I think it is also worth noting we are working with the City staff CC'ed on this email to finalize a landscaping plan that will reduce the station visibility from Odana Rd. 
We are excited to continue supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in Madison with the installation of these chargers.
Thank you,
Jordan Rhyne  |  Market Lead – Midwest | Charging Infrastructure
p 614-266-5177  |

Conditional Use Standards of Approval

Dear Neighbors, 

I want to continue a bit on this series of the Madison Conditional Use Process. After my last Update I received an email from my colleague Alder Marsha Rummel. She has sat on the Plan Commission for a number of years and is well versed in the development process. Alder Rummel highlighted the importance of the standards for review of certain types of development proposals. This is the framework with which staff, comittee members, and alders review proposals brought to the city. Any inpute brought forth is best framed in these standards weather they are met or not met.


Thank you very much Alder Rummel for reading District 10 updates and reaching out!

Be Well,

Zachary Henak

Conditional Use Process

Dear Neighbors, 

During my term we have had significant Conditional Use Aplications in every one of the neighborhoods in District 10. This has not historicaly been the case so I wanted to provide you with the city website outlining the conditional use process.


Be Well,

Zachary Henak


Response From Hy-Vee on Resident Feedback

Thank you to all the neighbors who responded and put thought into this proposal. I posed the questions and concerns to the project leads and recieved the following response. 

I have granted the waiver which will allow them to enter the city process. If you would like to follow it through the process or see staff comments the Planning contact is Syndey Prusak-Planner

Alder Henak,
Thank you for forwarding citizen comments you've received. Below is preliminary feedback on some of the concerns:
Traffic: We're learning with Aisles Online that the orders being placed and picked up are a direct displacement of customers coming to the store, parking and shopping. Roughly 10% of the store volume is now going to Aisles Online instead of in-store shopping. This reduces parking pressure on the store. We located the Pickup Point on the south side of the parking lot to reduce traffic conflicts between customers parking and shopping in-store, and those pulling in to pick up their orders. This location is also close to where the orders are sorted and stored inside the store before going out to the pickup point, reducing travel and safety concerns with employees pulling orders out to the Pickup Point. To help with the traffic flow, we can also regulate the time slots when customers can pick up their orders so we don't have lines waiting for grocery orders.
Electric Vehicle Charging: Tesla has been a fantastic partner of ours at many locations, including our East Washington location. It's true that Tesla superchargers only charge Tesla vehicles, but we find the traffic volume from Tesla vehicles is far higher than any other make/model electric vehicle. We view electric charging as the future of vehicle fueling, which is part of our business model. Tesla is making the investment with us by owning and operating the stations at our store. As soon as there is a return on investment for open sourced DC fast charging, or we find another partner to own and operate universally available fast charging, we will be looking to add that service to the store, too.
FYI, Tesla filed their permit separately from Hy-Vee. I've copied Jordan with Tesla on this e-mail and asked if they would like us to take their project through together with the Aisles Online kiosk so both projects can be reviewed and coordinated together.
John Brehm
Director, Site Planning
Hy-Vee, Inc.
5820 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
Phone 515.453.2795

Hyvee @ Westgate Mall Parking Lot Proposals

Links are fixed, thank you to those who reached out.

Hello Neighbors, 

I am forwarding to you two conditional use requests I have received for the Hy-vee parking lot on Whitney Way. One is for 8 Tesla Charging stations to be installed, the other is for a structure to be put in place for Hy-Vee's Aisles Online Grocery Pick-Up Kiosk in their parking lot. I am attaching the requests and drawings. If you have any comments or concerns please let me know by the end of the week. They are requesting a waiver of the 30 day wait period and if there are no concerns I will grant the waiver by the end of the week. These both seem like good measures to help serve the shifting needs of the community. 

Zachary Henak




Hy-vee Plans:



Letters received:

Dear Ald. Zachary Henak:
Hy-Vee has met with City staff departments to discuss a proposal at the exiting Hy-Vee store at 675 S. Whitney Way. This proposal includes a small structure and canopy to implement within existing parking areas for Hy-Vee's Aisles Online Grocery Pick-Up Kiosk to serve our customer base. City Planning & Zoning staff have confirmed that the approval for this operational addition will require a Conditional Use approval via Plan Commission with review and approval also required by Urban Design Commission. We plan to work with you and staff on any concerns and noted commissions for review and approval. We request acknowledgement of our intent to submit our proposal and waiver of the 30 day notice as Hy-Vee would like to expedite this operational component to serve our existing facilities. Preliminary information is attached for your review. If questions arise, please do not hesitate to ask.
John Brehm
Director, Site Planning
Hy-Vee, Inc.
5820 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
Phone 515.453.2795


I am reaching out to you on behalf of Tesla regarding a proposed Charging Station Installation at 675 S. Whitney Way, in the parking lot of the Hy-Vee. Per the City's instructions, you are being notified of Tesla's intent to file an application for a Conditional Use Application for this proposal. 
The proposed construction is located in the southern end of the existing parking lot. They are proposing to convert 8 parking spots into 8 charging stations for Tesla motor vehicles. Their equipment will be placed adjacent to the parking spots, in the southwest corner of the parking lot. I've attached a set of the proposed construction drawings which detail the location and the specifications of the installation. 
It is Tesla's intention to begin construction early-to-mid 2021. 
For more information of the equipment used in this installation please go to:
If you have no objections, please respond to this email indicating such. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 
Aaron J. Adelman
Senior Permitting Manager
(p) 616-916-3062
(e) |


Summit Woods-Sept. 23 Presentation and Traffic Study

Dear Neighbors,

I am posting the presentation and traffic studdy for the Development Meeting of Sept. 23rd for 4606 Hammersley. Please reach out with any questions.

If you have not yet registered and would like to, please visit:


Presentation with changes to Design:


Traffic Studdy:


Easy way to return your ballot-go to the park!

Here is a great collaboration between Madison City Parks and Clerk's Office. Return your ballot to one of the listed parks between 9AM and 3PM Sat. Sept. 26th and Sat. Oct. 3rd. Please see below for details.


Democracy in the Park Event Planned for September 26 & October 3

Over 70,000 City of Madison residents have absentee ballot requests on file for the November 3 General Election.  Ballots will be mailed by September 17.

Many City of Madison voters have been contacting the City Clerk's Office to ask about options for returning their absentee ballots in person.  In response to these questions, the Clerk's Office is partnering with the City of Madison Parks Division to allow City of Madison voters to return their absentee ballots to poll workers stationed in more than 200 City of Madison parks.

The Democracy in the Park event will be held 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Saturday, September 26 and Saturday, October 3.  In the case of inclement weather, the event will be held Sunday, September 27 and Sunday, October 4 instead.

Poll workers wearing high visibility vests and face masks will be available next to a "Vote" yard sign in 206 city parks to register voters and to accept the delivery of absentee ballots.  The poll workers will be available to serve as a witness, if needed.

Poll workers will practice social distancing and will sanitize materials after each use.  When the event ends at 3:00 PM, an election official courier will bring the ballots back to the Clerk's Office.  The courier and the poll workers on-site will count the number of absentee ballots being returned to the Clerk's Office, and will seal them in a delivery package with a tamper evident seal that has a unique serial number.  The number of ballots and the seal number will be documented on a chain-of-custody form that will be signed by the poll workers in the park and by the courier.

Ballots will be taken directly to the City Clerk's Office where seal numbers and the number of absentee ballots delivered will be verified by Clerk's Office staff.

Additional ballot drop-off locations will be announced as locations, dates, and times are confirmed.

The following parks will be part of Democracy in the Park:

Park                                                             Address                                                      Type
Acewood Park                                         1402 Acewood Blvd                               Neighborhood
Aldo Leopold Park                                  2906 Traceway Dr                                   Neighborhood
Allied Park                                                 2730 Revival Ridge                                 Mini
Arbor Hills Park                                       3109 Pelham Rd                                      Neighborhood
B. B. Clarke Beach Park                        835 Spaight St                                          Mini
Badger Park                                              418 Burdette Ct                                      Mini
Baxter Park                                               777 Englehart Dr                                     Neighborhood
Beld Triangle Park                                  1402 Beld St                                             Mini
Berkley Park                                             1730 Browning Rd                                  Mini
Bernie's Beach Park                               901 Gilson St                                            Mini
Blackhawk Park                                       741 Bear Claw Way                                Neighborhood
Bordner Park                                            5610 Elder Pl                                            Neighborhood
Breese Stevens Field                            917 E Mifflin St                                        Sports Complex
Brentwood Park                                     1402 Mac Pherson St                            Mini
Brigham Park                                           911 Rosedale Ave                                  Mini
Britta Park                                                 4300 Britta Pkwy                                    Mini
Brittingham Park                                    829 W Washington Ave                       Community
Burr Jones Park                                       1820 E Washington Ave                       Neighborhood
Burrows Park                                           25 Burrows Rd                                         Neighborhood
Cardinal Glenn Park                              426 Pine Lawn Pkwy                             Neighborhood
Carpenter-Rideway Park                     1220 Carpenter St                                  Neighborhood
Cherokee Park                                        1000 Burning Wood Way                    Neighborhood
Churchill Heights Park                          4402 DiLoreto Ave                                 Mini
Country Grove Park                               7353 East Pass                                         Community
Cypress Spray Park                                902 Magnolia Ln                                     Special
De Volis Park                                            4300 De Volis Pkwy                               Mini
Demetral Park                                         601 N Sixth St                                           Community
Dominion Park                                        602 Wyalusing Dr                                   Neighborhood
Doncaster Park                                        4335 Doncaster Dr                                 Mini
Door Creek Park                                     7035 Littlemore Dr                                 Community
Droster Park                                             5629 Kalas St                                            Neighborhood
Duane F. Bowman Park                        1775 Fish Hatchery Rd                          Sports Complex
Dudgeon School Park                            3200 Monroe St                                      Mini
Eagle Trace Park                                     10321 White Fox Ln                               Neighborhood
Eastmorland Park                                   99 Silver Rd                                               Neighborhood
Edward Klief Park                                   1200 Milton St                                         Mini
Eken Park                                                  2407 Coolidge St                                     Mini
Elmside Circle Park                                500 Elmside Blvd                                    Mini
Elvehjem Park                                         1202 Painted Post Dr                            Neighborhood
Elver Park                                                  1250 McKenna Blvd                               Community
Emerson East Park                                 1915 E Johnson St                                  Mini
Esther Beach Park                                  2802 Waunona Way                              Mini
Everglade Park                                        406 Eveglade Dr                                      Mini
Felland Park                                             2601 Waterfall Way                               Neighborhood
Filene Park                                                1610 Sherman Ave                                Mini
Fisher Street Park                                   1834 Fisher St                                          Mini
Flad Park                                                    4937 Flad Ave                                          Mini
Flagstone Park                                         8325 Flagstone Dr                                  Neighborhood
Galaxy Park                                               132 Milky Way                                         Mini
Garner Park                                              333 S Rosa Rd                                          Community
Giddings Park                                           429 Castle Pl                                             Mini
Glacier Hill Park                                      1018 Glacier Hill Dr                                Neighborhood
Glen Oak Hills Park                                301 Glen Hwy                                          Neighborhood
Glenwood Children's Park                  602 Glenway St                                       Mini
Goodman Park                                        1402 Wingra Creek Pkwy                    Community
Greenside Park                                       29 Greenside Cir                                     Mini
Greentree-Chapel Hills Park               6649 Schroeder Rd                                Neighborhood
Haen Family Park                                   7702 Tree Ln                                             Neighborhood
Hammersley Park                                   6114 Hammersley Rd                            Mini
Hampton Court Park                             413 Park Way                                           Mini
Hawthorne Park                                     220 Division St                                         Mini
Heritage Heights Park                           701 Meadowlark Dr                               Neighborhood
Hiawatha Circle Park                             99 Hiawatha Cir                                       Mini
Hiestand Park                                          4302 Milwaukee St                                Community
High Crossing Park                                 5501 Burke Rd                                         Neighborhood
High Point Park                                       7499 Watts Rd                                         Neighborhood
Highland Manor Park                            10 Manor Dr                                             Neighborhood
Hill Creek Park                                         9818 Hill Creek Dr                                  Community
Hillington Green Park                           435 Hillington Way                                Mini
Hillpoint Park                                           8213 Watts Rd                                         Mini
Honeysuckle Park                                  280 N Thompson Dr                              Mini
Hoyt Park                                                  3902 Regent St                                        Community
Hudson Park                                             2919 Lakeland Ave                                Mini
Huegel Park                                              5902 Williamsburg Way                       Neighborhood
Hughes Park                                             837 Hughes Pl                                          Mini
Ice Age Ridge Park                                 3502 Ice Age Dr                                       Mini
Indian Hills Park                                      5001 Flambeau Rd                                 Mini
James Madison Park                             614 E Gorham St                                     Community
Junction Ridge Park                               8502 Elderberry Rd                                Neighborhood
Kennedy Park                                          5202 Retana Dr                                        Community
Kerr-McGee Triangle Park                  728 Jenifer St                                           Mini
Kestrel Park                                              9702 Grey Kestrel Dr                             Mini
Kingston-Onyx Park                              334 Garnet Ln                                          Neighborhood
Kingswood Park                                      17 Kingswood Cir                                    Neighborhood
Lake Edge Park                                        511 Park Ct                                                Neighborhood
Lake View Heights Park                        1621 Sunfield St                                      Mini
Lakeland-Schiller Triangle Park         651 Schiller Ct                                          Mini
Law Park                                                    410 S Blair St                                            Community
Lerdahl Park                                             3514 Little Fleur Ln                                Mini
Linden Grove Park                                 1617 Wheeler Rd                                    Mini
Lost Creek Park                                       4417 Hey Jude Ln                                   Mini
Lucia Crest Park                                      514 N Owen Dr                                        Neighborhood
Lucy Lincoln Hiestand Park                 1506 Prairie Rd                                        Neighborhood
Manchester Park                                    3238 Manchester Rd                             Neighborhood
Mandan Circle Park                               4015 Mandan Cir                                    Mini
Maple Prairie Park                                 3117 Prairie Rd                                        Neighborhood
Marlborough Park                                  2222 Whenona Dr                                  Community
Marshall Park                                           2101 Allen Blvd                                       Community
Mayfair Park                                            1102 Mendota St                                    Mini
McClellan Park                                        701 McClellan Dr                                    Neighborhood
McCormick Park                                     702 McCormick Ave                              Mini
McFarland Park                                       5305 Brandenburg Way                       Mini
McGinnis Park                                         9 Crystal Ln                                               Neighborhood
McPike Park                                             202 S Ingersoll St                                    Community
Meadow Ridge Park                              4002 Meadow Valley Dr                       Neighborhood
Meadowood Park                                  5800 Thrush Ln                                        Mini
Merrill Springs Park                               5102 Spring Ct                                         Mini
Midland Park                                           1005 Midland St                                      Mini
Midtown Commons Park                    1310 Waldorf Blvd                                 Neighborhood
Mohican Pass Triangle Park                1001 Mohican Pass                                Mini
Monona Park                                           4601 Kay St                                               Neighborhood
Morrison Park                                          1451 Morrison St                                    Mini
Nakoma Park                                           3801 Cherokee Dr                                  Neighborhood
Nautilus Point Park                                321 Nautilus Dr                                        Mini
Newbery Park                                         7834 Lois Lowry Ln                                 Mini
Newville (Kenneth) Park                     1867 Beld St                                             Mini
Norman Clayton Park                           6401 Shoreham Dr                                 Mini
North Star Park                                       502 N Star Dr                                            Community
Northeast Park                                        5501 Tancho Dr                                       Community
Northland Manor Park                         902 Northland Dr                                    Neighborhood
O.B. Sherry Park                                     22 Leon St                                                 Neighborhood
Oak Park Heights Park                          641 Hilltop Dr                                           Mini
Ocean Road Park                                    910 Ocean Rd                                           Mini
Odana Hills East Park                            4627 Odana Rd                                        Mini
Odana School Park                                 678 Segoe Rd                                           Neighborhood
Olbrich Park                                             3527 Atwood Ave                                  Community
Old Middleton Road Park                    639 Bordner Dr                                        Mini
Olin Park                                                    1156 Olin-Turville Ct                              Community
Olive Jones Park (Randall Sc

Input to Police Department Budget

As a community we have been talking a lot about the Police. I want to highlight this touch point for residents.

Subcommittee Public Hearing Scheduled for 9/24/20 at 6 pm

Part of our mission of the Public Safety Review Committee is to advise the Mayor and Common Council on matters related to police and fire department budgets. Before COVID-19, the committee decided to make feedback about the police department's budget a high priority for this year. With recent calls to defund the police and packed agendas on policing reform, we formed a subcommittee to assist the community, Mayor and Common Council in having a robust discussion about the police department budget. A policy subcommittee and OIR recommendations subcommittee were also formed.

The budget subcommittee is seeking public input on the compiled report to provide a roadmap to the police department budget before the report is finalized. "We have been listening to the public when crafting our questions and prioritizing which areas of the budget to focus on. However, direct public input is vital to the completion of this report. We hope that this will give many the opportunity to redefine and reimagine public safety", said Matthew Mitnick, PSRC Budget Subcommittee Chairperson.

We are asking the community several questions:

What priorities or recommendations would you make to the police budget?
Are you comfortable with the police department's spending and resource allocation?
What other questions would you like to see answered in the report?

The full PSRC will get an update on the report at its September 30th meeting at 5:00pm and members of the subcommittee are asking the full PSRC to attend the subcommittee public hearing on Thursday September 24th, 6:00pm

The public can participate in the following ways:

Give input via zoom by registering at
Speak at the meeting or to observe by filling out information at
Send feedback to the committee at

The full report is available at:


Ald. Patrick Heck, District 2, Member of PSRC, (608) 286-2260,
Matthew Mitnick, Chair, PSRC Budget Subcommittee, (805) 791-6684,
Brenda Konkel, Chair, PSRC,

Community Conversation

I have heard from a number of residents that you would like to hear about what happens after someone is arrested as it is not always clear. We put together the following conversation which will be held September 24th at 5:30PM. Follow the link on the below flier for registration.


Here is a link to register:


Brush and Leaf pick up changes

I want to pass along that brush collection and leaf collection are being done differently this year. Brush collection first and then the same crews switching to leaf collection. 


Brush Collection – Final Round Starts Monday, September 21, 2020

Here's the link:


Brand New Leaf/Yard Waste Collection Schedule Begins October 11, 2020

Here's the link:

How to attend Hammersley virtual meeting

I wanted to present this Link on its own for ease of reference.

The link will take you to a registration page where you will enter your name and email address in order to email you a link to the Neighborhood Meeting for the proposed development at 4604 Hammersley. 

You will know it is the correct page as the title, time, and date of the meeting will be on the registration page.

This is the method by which most of our city meetings are attended in our current day virtual world. For more information on our weekly city meeting schedule or how to interact with city meetings please visit the below site.


Be Well, 

Zachary Henak



4604 Hammersley Neighborhood Meeting-Development

Here is the postcard which will be going to the Summit Woods neighborhood. I wanted to get the information out to anyone interested as early as possible. I am also including the updated drawings and plans Here.

We will have a virtual neighborhood meeting where we will hear a progress update on Ripple Management/Tom Ripple's development proposal for 4604 Hammersley Road.

The virtual meeting will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, September 23, at 6:30 p.m.


Tom Ripple-Developer

Knothe and Bruce Architects Representative- Architect

KL Engineering Representative-Traffic Study 

Zachary Henak-Alder

Kevin Firchow-Planning

Sean Malloy-Traffic Engineering


Schedule of Meetings and approvals for project: Meetings are hyperlinked to provide background on city meetings.

Development Assistance Team-July 23rd  

1st Neighborhood meeting Aug. 10th 

2nd Neighborhood meeting Sept. 23rd 

Plan Submittal to City-October 7th

Plan Commission-November 23rd


Zachary Henak

Alder, 10th District 

(608) 471-2900


More information-

This is the site of the former Brookwood US Post Office. Mr. Ripple proposes to construct a three-story building consisting of 53 apartments, 1700 sq. ft. of commercial space, and underground parking. The site is presently zoned Commercial Corridor-Transitional (CC-T), and the developer plans to adhere to the current zoning requirements, although conditional use approvals will be required.

Changes from previous meeting in response to resident concerns-

Increased Traffic - A traffic studdy is being performed by KL Engineering to be validated by City Engineering Staff and presented at the neighborhood meeting. I have asked for it to be made available prior to the meeting for residents, and will pass it on as soon as it is completed and provided to me.

Light/Shade impact on neighbors-A shade study has been started and will be provided once complete.

Parking-The issue of visitor and resident parking was brought up and the developer modified the building to add a surface entrance with 9 parking spaces for visitors. The underground parking was also expanded to 64 stalls. This increases the total parking from the original 53 to 73. Because of the changes it also decreased the number of units to 53 from 55 and brought down the average unit size, increasing the number of studios.

Storm Water-New, more stringent stormwater requirments will be met.

Mayoral Address Today 1PM-link included

Our Madison- Moving Forward Together

Mayor Rhodes-Conway to Address the City thisafternoon

Join Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway
as she discusses the challenges we're facing today and how to move Madison forward

-Keeping our community safe from COVID-19

-Responding to the economic crisis

-Developing critical public safety strategies


You are able to watch the Mayor's speech by simply clicking on this link on Madison's City Channel for a special address.

1:00 pm Thursday, August 13, 2020

Westgate Mall Progress Update-Plan Commission Monday

Update on the Westgate Mall Development.

-Urban Design Commission notes of July 1st can be found at:

-Plan Commission agenda for this Monday August 10th 5:30PM can be found below.

Please see items 11-13 for the Westgate Development:

In the agenda you can click on the links to access all files, comments, and proposals submitted on the items.

-Developer Website for project:

Please Note:This site states a Plan Commission date of July 27th. This item was refered to the August 10th meeting for Monday to allow for the compleation of a Traffic Demand Managment Plan (TDMP) to be considered. JT Kline has been notified and is working to update the date on the site.


Information on how to participate:

The City of Madison is holding this Plan Commission meeting virtually to help protect our community from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Important information regarding how to listen to or watch and participate in this meeting:

1. WRITTEN COMMENTS: You can send comments on agenda items to

2. REGISTER BUT DO NOT SPEAK: You can register your support, opposition, or neither support or opposition to an agenda item without speaking at

3. REGISTER TO SPEAK or TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: If you wish to speak to an agenda item at the virtual meeting in support, opposition, or neither support or opposition, you MUST register.

You can register at When you register to speak OR answer questions, you will be prompted to provide contact information so that you can be sent an email with the information you will need to join the virtual meeting.

4. WATCH THE MEETING: You can listen to or watch the Plan Commission meeting in several ways:

• Livestream on the Madison City Channel website:

• Livestream on the City of Madison YouTube Channel:

• Television: Watch live on Charter Digital 994 and AT&T U-Verse 99
• Listen to audio via phone: (877) 853-5257 (Toll Free) | Webinar ID: 987 4639 6645

Development Meeting 4604 Hammersley Road

Here is a reminder to those in the Summit Woods Neighborehood as they recieved Post Cards already, and Notice to the rest of the district if you would like to join. Please register per the below instructions.

-Post Card-

Please join me for a virtual neighborhood meeting where we will hear about Rip- ple Management/Tom Ripple's development proposal for 4604 Hammersley Road, the site of the former Brookwood US Post Office. Mr. Ripple proposes to construct a three-story building consisting of 55 apartments, 1600 sq. ft. of com- mercial space, and underground parking. The site is presently zoned Commer- cial Corridor-Transitional (CC-T), and the developer plans to adhere to the cur- rent zoning requirements, although conditional use approvals will be required.

The virtual meeting will be held via Zoom on Monday, August 10, at 6:30 p.m. Mr. Ripple and a representative from Knothe and Bruce Architects will attend the meeting to provide more information regarding this proposal and to gain in- put and feedback from neighbors and stakeholders.

You will receive login infor-mation after registering for the meeting at

I look forward to meeting with you on Monday

Zachary Henak
Alder, 10th District (608) 471-2900

4604 Hammersley

Dev Plans

Westgate Meetings

Hello Neighbors, 

I had asked the developers to create more detail around the opportunitys for input in the process and what each of the bodys examining the development are looking at. Please find the updated information page at

The next meeting is:

Urban Design Commission (Virtual) – Initial Meeting, July 1, 2020 – 4:30 PM

The Urban Design Commission (UDC) reviews planned developments with a pointed focus on the design, specifically, of the development. UDC makes recommendations to the City Plan Commission, Common Council and any other concerned commissions regarding design, appearance, beauty and aesthetics of all public and private buildings, structures, landscaping and open areas. 

For Meeting Agenda and viewing instructions:

The Westgate Mall Redevelopment project is item 18 on the agenda. For directions on how to register, either in support or in opposition, please see top of the agenda. 


Select Neighborhoods Receiving Power Line Tree Maintenance

Hello Neighbors,

Please provide feedback on the proposed pruning areas in the form of an email or a phone call to Forestry by 3 pm, Tuesday, May 26th.  Folks may call the general forestry line at (608) 266-4816 or email the Forestry Program Assistant Aaron Leair at to provide feedback on the proposed permit for MG&E.

Also, Forestry has a website that has the proposed pruning areas by aldermanic districts and an email link to provide feedback.  The link for this website is:

Finally, if you have any questions about your own private trees as it relates to MG&E lines they can contact them at:

Tree Trimming Map

A quick map key:

Thick black line = highest voltage (feeds entire neighborhood)

Blue, Red, Green line = high voltage (feeds blocks of houses)

Thin grey line = low voltage 

White circle = pole

Odana Area Plan

I want to highlight next weeks discussion sessions as they pertain directly to the Odana area. This is how you can have inpute into how planning sees an area and what you feel the future should bring. Planning is a long road but this is the time to really have a say in the future of the area. 

View details at

Schedule of Engagements:

Week 2:  Case Studies - Mall & Office Redevelopment Examples
Monday May 11th 12:15-1 pm, and Thursday May 14, 5:15- 6 pm
Week 3:  Odana Area Plan Focused Discussion
Monday May 18th 12:15-1 pm, and Thursday May 21th 5:15-6 pm

Week 4:  Greater East Towne Area Plan Focused Discussion
Monday June 1st 12:15-1 pm, and Thursday June 4th 5:15-6 pm


Odana Area Plan


The City of Madison Planning Division is continuing digital engagement for the Greater East Towne and Odana Area Plan with a series of virtual lunch and learns and evening engagements.  This follows up on Mall Madness PDF , a tournament style bracket used to better understand the public's thoughts and preferences PDF  about how these areas could transform in the coming years.
The weekly series of virtual brown bags and evening engagements will discuss different aspect of plan development.  The first week's engagements will focus on issues associated with malls and large commercial areas.  It will also provide an opportunity to discuss how Covid19 presents new challenges for these areas.  The second week will highlight mall redevelopment examples from around the country, and how those efforts activated stagnant, dead or declining commercial areas.  Subsequent weeks will take an in depth look at the Greater East Towne and Odana Area Plan boundaries and the unique issues and opportunities present.
These webinars will use Zoom and are accessible via computer, smart phone or phone (audio only).  Advance registration is required.  Sign up here to participate. 


The City of Madison is planning for the future of the city's malls! To kick-off the Greater East Towne and Odana Area Plans, we used a tournament style bracket to better understand thoughts and preferences about how the areas could transform in the coming years. Each "team" represents a potential component of a comprehensive redevelopment vision.  Teams in each bracket region represent a different focus: Things to Do, Places to Live and Work, Getting Around, and Design and Character.  Results can be found here.


The Odana Area Plan boundary encompasses 1,044 acres – that's 73% larger than Downtown Madison.  The area is primarily made up of concentrations of single-use office development and single-use retail development surrounded by large parking lots.  This style of development, primarily constructed from the 1970s through the 1990s, increases traffic, decreases pedestrian and bicycle activity, reduces the effectiveness of transit, and increases stormwater runoff, amongst other negative impacts. 

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan significantly increased the amount of planned mixed-use development in the area, but also noted that redevelopment that includes substantial residential components should be preceded by adoption of a detailed City plan that addresses connectivity improvements, more parks and open space, and other amenities and infrastructure necessary to support residential development.  The overall goal for the Odana Area Plan process is to create a plan that addresses those elements to facilitate redevelopment within an area that has, thus far, not seen as much redevelopment as many other areas of the city that are between West Towne and East Towne.  The Plan will also look to prepare the area for future Bus Rapid Transit service.   

The Odana Area Plan creation, combined with the concurrent Greater East Towne Area Plan process, represents a new type of undertaking for the City: large-scale plans to guide redevelopment of predominantly commercial areas into mixed-use Activity Centers. 

Last Updated: 05/08/2020

5567 Odana Road -Recording of Virtual Neighborhood Meeting Video and Presentation

This is an exerpt from Alder Furman's Blog but it is close to District 10 so I wanted to push it out to all of you.

5567 Odana Road - Virtual Neighborhood Meeting Video and Presentation

On Thursday, April 23, 2020, Alder Furman and Alder Henak hosted a virtual neighborhood meeting where we heard about McGrath Property Group's redevelopment proposal for 5567 Odana Road, site of the former BMO Bank drive-up banking branch. McGrath proposes to demolish the existing building and drive-up structure and construct a new, five-story, mixed-use project that would consist of first-floor parking and retail/commercial space and four stories of residential (79 units).

You can view the project application here.

The video from 4/23 is available to watch.

You can also download the presentation.

As always, if there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out:

Westgate Mall Zoom Neighborhood Meeting

This is the postcard which has been sent out to the Midvale Heights Neighborhood. Everyone is welcome to join and participate. Please reach out to me and the development team with any questions or comments before the meeting. 

The Agenda will go as follows:

-Welcome by District Alder

-Introduction and meeting instructions from City Staff

-Presentation by Development Team

-Question and Answer session with Development Team and City Staff

-Closing by District Alder

------------------------Post Card Text----------------------------------

Please join us for a Zoom Neighborhood Meeting of JT Klein Company's redevelopment plans for Westgate Mall. The Westgate Mall redevelopment, located at the corner of Whitney Way and Tokay Boulevard, will include affordable and market rate housing. A future phase may include office or medical uses. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 6:30 to 8:00 PM
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 817 1576 9318 Password: 007626 Phone: +1 312 626 6799 US 

Additionally, the following two opportunities are available to review the plans and share input:
1. Project website: The site contains plans (after May 13), Public 

Comment, and up-to-date presentation material. A recording of the May 13 

Zoom meeting will also be posted on the project website.
2. Plans posted at Westgate Mall (after May 13, entrance closest to Hy-vee). Please 

stop by to review the plans, comment cards are available in the brochure box. Comments and questions may be submitted to 


Looking forward to the Zoom meeting! 

Alder Zachary Henak (608) 471-2900 

Alder Keith Furman (608) 912-0000 


First Ever Virtual Council Meeting Going on Now

This is the notification sent out on our meeting tonight through the My Account List Serve (City Of Madison News list) you can sign up for Here


Madison Common Council to Conduct First Virtual Meeting on March 31, 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020 - 2:08pm

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020, the Madison Common Council will hold its regularly scheduled meeting virtually in response to COVID-19. The City's IT Team has been working to adapt technology to conduct meetings similar to in-person meetings. The City has selected video and audio-conferencing software Zoom, which will be used by Alders, staff, and members of the public wishing to testify in front of the Council.

March 31, 2020, agenda:

For members of the public wishing to watch the meeting, we highly recommend watching via the Madison City Channel website, City of Madison YouTube Channel or on television (Charter Digital 994 and AT&T U?Verse 99). Audio listening via phone is available by calling: (312) 626-6799, and typing: 531 697 510

You can watch the meeting using the Zoom app, but we recommend using one of the above methods if you won't be speaking on an agenda item. Find how to watch the meeting via Zoom at:

For those who wish to provide input on items on the agenda, we recommend sending in comments or registering to speak as soon as possible.

Written Comments: You can send comments on agenda items to
Register but Do Not Speak: You can register your support or opposition to an agenda item without speaking at
Register and Speak: If you wish to speak at the virtual meeting on an agenda item, you must register to speak at When you register to speak, you will be sent an email with the information you will need to join the virtual meeting.

"This will be a new experience for all Alders, staff, and the public. We ask for patience while we navigate challenges related to this new technology," said Council President Shiva Bidar.

The public is encouraged to share feedback on their experience by e-mail to, subject line: CC Virtual meeting.

Hannah Mohelnitzky, Public Information Officer

Engineering Division , City-County Building, Room 115

210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Madison, WI 53703

'Cell: 608-669-3560

'Desk: 608-242-6003


COVID-19 Update

Dear Neighbors,

I hope you are doing well and finding positives in our current situation. Things will continue to change rapidly for the foreseeable future, and I hope we will have the grace to give those around us (now on a very consistent and prolonged basis) the space, trust, and comfort they need to maintain a supportive environment.

If you are looking for ways to volunteer your time, The United Way Dane County is coordinating the volunteer effort. You can contact Morghan Vélez ( or visit their website at 

-The Orchard Ridge Neighborhood Association has also established a volunteer list for anyone needing assistance.

If you would like to donate funds, there are a number of local charities collecting funding, including the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County and the United Way Dane County.

There is a lot of information out there so I want to direct you as concisely as possible to a few websites updated often for topics you will need to stay informed on. 

  1. The City's homepage, where general city developments are posted at
  2. If you would like an email with each City topic update, please sign up for a free My Account, which is just used for email subscriptions, at .
  3. To filter other information out, you can visit the CIty's COVID-19 specific page at
  4. The City's homepage also links to the Public Health Madison and Dane County website, which provides updates from the County at


To give you an idea, current updates include:

  • How the parks department is responding
  • Voting, the Election, and COVID-19
  • Child Care Guidance
  • Public information meetings to be rescheduled
  • Updated Metro Transit Protocols 
  • Water Utility Exempting Late Payment Fees
  • Mayors message on local business
  • No Unloading Assistance at City Drop Off Cites

I also recieved the following from West District police station. Please execute an evening routine of locking and securing your residence. 

West Dist.

Stay Calm, Carry On, and put your garbage out a half hour earlier.

Dear Neighbors, 

I know most are inundated with information about COVID-19. It has been a crazy and anxiety ridden week. Please take a little bit of time and breathe. Remember to take care of yourself. We can only help others if we are healthy ourselves. In chaotic times such as these I try to alleviate some stress by remembering the basics.

-Healthy eating habits

-Good, quality, scheduled sleep

-Exercise-move your body

Keeping some elements of a normal routine can work wonders, especially for kids. 

My Neighborhood Meetings Have Now Been Canceled Till Further Notice-

CMNNA Pedestrian safety Meeting on the 19th Canceled-


We were all set to send out postcards for a meeting on the 23rd but decided to postpone for obviouse reasons. At the next meeting the developer will have renderings, building massing, and updated plans. 


Update from streets,

The Streets Division will start refuse and recycling collection services at 6:30am beginning on March 16, 2020.

All residents should have their carts out to the curb ready for collection by 6:30am on their normally scheduled collection day. Carts set out late may not be collected.

The 6:30am start time is a slight adjustment to the traditional 7:00am start time for these services. This earlier start time will be in place until further notice.

Residents may need to adjust their trash and recycling collection routines in order to have their carts out and ready for collection by the earlier start time.


-City crews are examining their work flows to create resiliency through Social Distancing, Staggering Start times, compartmentalizing crews as to not have large morning updates or information sessions, and instead have smaller team updates. 

-An overview and in depth information on State and Local mandates and suggestions can be found on the Cities home page at:


There are many groups organizing to support the needs of our community. Think about contacting your local school or their PTO as many are organizing to fill the voide of food and other services schools provide as they close. Neighborhood centers are also stepping up as well as food banks to fill the voide. Please consider how you can keep an eye on your neighbors and connect them to help if they need it. 

If you cant figure out were to go for a service or problem, please don't hesitate to reach out and I will do the best I can to connect you. 

Alder Zachary Henak
District 10
Cell: 608-471-2900
Common Council Office

Meetings in Review

Reminder, if you want to receive notifications like the following snow removal please sign up for them at 

I do not forward all of these but will continue to give a sample in my updates and urge you to sign up on your own as you can then curate the content you want to receive.

The snow that started to accumulate overnight on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 and continued on Thursday, February 13, 2020 must be cleared from public sidewalks by 12:00 (noon) on Friday, February 14, 2020. Ice that cannot be removed must be treated with sand and/or other suitable substances in order to prevent the ice from being dangerous. Free sand is available at the following locations: 

Monday the 3rd

CMNNA Board Meeting-

The Board has been looking at a number of complaints from residents about pedestrian safety particularly at intersections with over grown city foliage and is making a proposal to the city they requested my comment on.

Tuesday to 4th

Common Council-

-The highlight of the meeting which stood out was the discussion around a street reconstruction right down the road from us in district 13 where sidewalks had been proposed consistent with the city planning documents but there was a disagreement between residents on weather the sidewalks should go in. The residents opposed to the project appealed to the Board of Public Works and got an approval to significantly decrease the sidewalk proposal. The discussion at council was as to why the appeal of the project hadn't gone to the Transportation Commission or even been reviewed by transportation or pedestrian safety staff. The Council made significant noise that this is often the practice and should be made standard.

Thursday the 6th

CDBG- Recommended approval of two Affordable Housing Projects, Find details in the agenda at

Tuesday the 11th -

Thoreau PTO Meeting-could not Attend due to illness

Wednesday the 12th-could not Attend due to illness

Park Commission-I did not attend but have been working hard to find the right balance of dog access and enforcement as we do have problems with off leash dogs and cleaning up after dogs. I really hope we as dog owners can come together and hold each other accountable.

-I am also working on a legislation change to take the current penalty for an off leash offense from 4 tiers down to 2 and eliminate the use of warnings. This is a very large expansion of dog friendly space in madison and there need to be some tools put in place to recognize the significant concerns of community members who experience the negative outcomes of people deciding to operate outside of the agreed upon rules. 

My Hopes-

-Dog owners License their dogs and if you are taking your dog to the park with you, make sure they have a Park Pass-This is how I am hoping to pay for dog clean up stations at all dog friendly parks. So please pay for your license and pass, and make parks more inviting for everyone. Find fee information at 

The site has not been updated for the upcoming change, but you will need a dog park permit as well as Dog License to take your dog to the park.

-Don't let your dog off leash outside of designated off leash parks-this is big!

-Pick up after your dog


Thursday the 13th-could not Attend due to illness- I have basically been bed ridden for three days

-Stay Healthy and take care of yourself and your family.

Flad Park Basketball court replacement public meeting-

Public Test Of Election Equipment

I want to highlight the open and transparent methods we use to maintain confidance in our elections here in Madison.

The City of Madison Clerk's Office invites the public to observe its public test of election equipment this weekend. The City of Madison conducts its public test on a Saturday in order to make the process as accessible to the public as possible.

Prior to each election, the Clerk's Office staff tests its DS200 tabulators to make sure they will accurately count votes on Election Day.

After testing each machine for accurate vote tabulation, Clerk's Office staff secure the ballot box and scanner with tamper evident seals that are marked with unique serial numbers. The Clerk's Office staff documents these serial numbers at the public test, and election officials verify the serial numbers as they open the polls on Election Day.

The City of Madison public test of election equipment will be held at 2713 E. Washington Ave. 9:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday, Feb. 8, and on Monday, Feb. 10. The Clerk's Office staff will break for lunch 12:00 – 1:00 pm each day.


Maribeth Witzel-Behl(608)

Rest of last week


Coffee W/ A Cop-

9-10:30AM Steep and Brew on Mineral Point Rd. 

Joel DeSpain presented and had a great conversation on Public Information Officers and the in's and out's of his roll at MPD.


Coffee w/ The Mayor and Area Alders

4:30-6PM-3809 Mineral Point Rd.


Salt Wise Presentation and Discussion-

7-8:30AM-Sequoya Library-This is an event put on by Friends of Lake Wingra-



Allied Drive Community Meal

6:30-8PM at the Allied Boys and Girls Club

-Great Turn out with over 25 adults and 22 Kids!

Thank you and let me know if you have topics you would like more depth of information on.

Municipal Golf

Wednesday- Municipal Golf Task Force

The Task Force had its first evening of really discussing and debating all the information which has been presented to it up to this point. The task force asked Parks to look at three scenarios to see what kind of impacts they would have. These are not recommendations but only scenarios to model and give the task for an idea of the impacts. 

The three big questions we seem to be looking at are:

-What is the purpose/Mission of Madison Municipal Golf

-How many holes of golf should Madison be providing

-Where should those holes be located

-Should it remain an Enterprise Fund or be shifted to a Special Revenue fund housed in Parks


The three scenarios The Task Force asked Parks to consider all included transferring Golf back to Parks as part of a Special Revenue Fund.


Operate:Odana, Glenway, and 27 holes at Yahara

    Close:Monona and 9 holes at Yahara

Operate:Odana, Glenway, and Monona


Operate:Odana, Monona

    Close:Yahara, Glenway


The Task force agreed that Madison should be in the business of municipal golf, and that it needs to reduce the number of holes by some number. We are making progress and I am very proud of the way everyone has come together to have open conversations. 


Westgate-Meetings Last Week

I have been trying to send out a summery of last weeks meetings, but it continuously got rejected and now looks like it is because there is a maximum word count on an update. Sorry for the delay. I am emailing out just on the Westgate meetings but if you visit the website I will have summarys of Municipal Golf and the rest of the week.

Monday/Tuesday-Westgate Mall Preliminary Planning Meetings

Between the two evenings we had over 260 residents come out offering up ideas and concerns for the project. I have provided a link to the presentation below as promised. 



The concerns and hopes I heard:

-Gateway to the area, make it a design we are proud of.

-Pedestrian Centric/Walkable





-Preparation of the school district to accommodate students

-Concerns around ample green/park space

-Density and the light/shadow distribution between buildings

-Stormwater Management 

-Sustainable building practices and systems

-Making sure to get the mix of affordable, market rate, senior, and unit size right.

-Space for indoor walking

-Community space


-Phasing of potential project, will it happen at once or in a number of projects one after the other.

-How are city services impacted and consulted(Police, Fire, Streets)

-Site layout with respect to building heights and orientations


Lost and Found-If you lost a silver Fossil watch or found a black neck gaiter with a drawstring on one end. Please give me a call at 608-471-2900.


Please sign up for emails @

There are many ways to get information from The City of Madison. The below is a Link to My.City of Madison Account. 

This is an account specificaly used to manage your email subscriptions. Many city departments and initiatives will develop an email list where they send out updates and information such as declared snow emergencies or beach closures. You can also get weekly meeting updates to let you know when meetings are happening, or project based emails such as Monroe Street Construction Last year. There are drop down lists by topic so you only get the information you are interested in.

Creat your account or log in at:

I will forward a few of these on and encourage people to sign up on their own as well. 


Have a great Monday,

Alder Zachary Henak
District 10
Cell: 608-471-2900
Common Council Office

Happy New year and welcome to Updates

Hello District 10,

I am working on getting more information out, and wanted to switch to a more user friendly process. I am switching to this updates format and will be looking for your feedback. If you have any comments please email me at

We are kicking off the year with a combined listening session with a few Alders and the Mayor. Stop by and let us know your thoughts.

Be Well, 

Zachary Henak

Mayor Coffee