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Alder Martin’s Blog

Warning to residents In low lying areas: High Lake Levels

June 25, 2018 2:50 PM

A wet spring has caused water levels in our lakes to rise.  More rain is expected on Tuesday and some storms may be heavy with amounts over 1" possible.  Lake levels have been stable over the last few days but are expected to rise with additional precipitation. 


The lake levels as of Monday morning are at 847.07 on Lake Monona and 851.09 on Lake Mendota. The 100-year levels for each are 847.70 and 852.80, respectively. This means there is approximately 8 inches on Lake Monona before we reach the 100-year flood elevation and less than two feet on Lake Mendota before we reach the 100-year flood elevation.  More information and updates on the lake levels may be found on the Dane County website.

There are many areas in the City that drain to Lake Monona and Starkweather Creek which have ground elevations only 2 feet above the 100 year flood elevation.     With lake levels high, especially Lake Monona, the underground storm sewer system is not going to be efficient as the system is currently inundated with the water from the lake.  This is especially problematic during extreme rain events as water will drain away slower and we expect to see flooding and standing water in areas.   


Residents that are in low lying areas or areas prone to flooding may want to be prepared to protect their property from water damage with sandbags.  The City provides for free sand and ready to fill sandbags for Madison residents with locations throughout the city.   Residents are advised to bring their own shovel to assist with loading sand into the bags.   This link provides additional information including a map of sandbag locations


We continue to monitor this situation and will keep you alerted as the information becomes available.  You may receive calls from constituents regarding flooding and the lake levels.  If you receive concerns/complaints please forward them to my staff as follows:


Janet Schmidt for storm sewer issues

Mark Moder for sanitary sewer issues

Greg Fries for either type of issue


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