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Crescendo Espresso Bar at Hilldale: Wine and beer license request

September 20, 2018 11:26 AM

Crescendo Espresso Bar is opening a new location at Hilldale Mall. They are also applying for a Class B Beer and Class C Wine License, planning to have beer and wine at approximately 3% of their annual sales.   

As part of their application, they are hosting an Open House at their new location, Thursday, October 11, at 7PM. They are located at 719 Hilldale Way.

I'm pasting an introductory letter from the management below:

HELLO DISTRICT 11! I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and my business, as we will be joining the neighborhood this Fall. My name is Cait Sirianni, and along with my husband Paul and son Casper, as well our business partners Eric and Emily Phillippi and their sweet new addition, Louella, I will be opening Crescendo Espresso Bar in the Hilldale Shopping Center sometime in September.

We are very excited to bring our passion for coffee, people, and excellent service to you! I have lived in Madison for most of my life, and have been serving coffee to the fine people of this great city since 2007. Paul and I opened Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe at 1859 Monroe Street on March 1, 2013 and have loved what the past five years have brought!

At the Monroe Street location, Crescendo has become a neighborhood staple for meetings, studying, community gatherings, celebrations and for being a family-friendly environment. We love that folks can find a "third place" with us -- a place to gather outside of work or home -- and it's our goal to provide the best possible experience for all who walk through our doors. A few things to know as we start the process of joining you all:

1. While we do have a live music component at our Monroe Street location, that is not a part of our business model for the Hilldale location of Crescendo. Please feel free to join us for live music on Monroe Street!

2. Our LLC is called "Phillianni LLC", so if you see that posted around on permits and so forth, please know it's us!

3. We will be making our home in the current location of the beautiful Mes Amies boutique. They are taking their gorgeous selection of dresses to a new location in Middleton in July, so make sure that you go a visit them in their beautiful new space!

4. Our hours have yet to be set in stone, but we will be opening earlier than the shopping center in order to serve your early morning coffee needs!

5. We will be applying for a Class B Beer and Class C Wine License in order to better serve our evening/night time customers, like many other Madison-area coffee shops. We intend to mirror the service we offer at our Monroe Street location in which coffee is the focus and beer/wine are a complement to our services, accounting for about 3% of our yearly sales.

6. We will be hiring a bunch of new faces in July/August to be a part of the Crescendo Hilldale team! Please visit or share to fill out an application!


I would love to chat with anyone who has questions, comments, concerns, or just wants to say "Hi!"! Please feel free to email me at On behalf of the entire Phillianni LLC crew, thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better and we can't wait to serve you! CAIT, PAUL AND CASPER SIRIANNI ERIC, EMILY AND LOUELLA PHILLIPPI


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