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Alder Martin’s Blog

Important: Road Conditions Monday, 1/28/19

January 27, 2019 6:48 PM

All roadway users should anticipate extremely difficult conditions through the night and into Monday morning. 
The Streets Division has declared a snow emergency. All residents should choose off-street parking options throughout all of Madison, including the Snow Emergency Zone.
When the storm begins, 32 crews will be deployed the city's main thoroughfares. Streets Division crews will plow the main routes at this time. Crews will loop through these areas for the entirety of the storm. Temperatures are expected to be below salt's effectiveness threshold, which means crews will only apply sand as needed. As the storm wears on, if temperatures rise to where salt can be used, crews will switch to applying salt on the salt routes.
During the alternate side parking time frame overnight this evening, additional plow vehicles will be called in to plow the snow emergency zone. Again, it is crucial that everyone chooses off-street parking options or if no off-street options are available, you must abide by alternate side parking rules.
Due to the temperatures and continuous snowfall, all roads will be snow-covered and slippery through the night and into the morning. Again, using the roads will be extremely difficult and you must make good choices if you elect to be on the roads during this snow event. You must be alert, cautious, and slow.
The Monday morning commute will be exceptionally difficult. Forecasts are predicting around 8 inches of snow to be on the ground by 6:00 a.m. with more yet to fall.  Citywide plowing operations will likely begin in the morning, but residents should still expect deep snow on the roads in the morning and throughout much of the day. Winds are expected to increase throughout the day on Monday as well, which will greatly restrict visibility throughout Madison, especially on outlying areas.
Once citywide plowing operations start, the process will take 14 to 16 hours to complete. Significant events like this can make plowing operations slower. The deeper the snow, the heavier it is to push, which means plowing vehicles will go slower.
Residents are reminded to be cautious when removing snow from their driveways and sidewalks so not to overexert themselves. Also, remember to clear snow away from fire hydrants and dryer vents.
Many Streets Division operations will be affected by the weather. Refuse and recycling collection scheduled for Monday, January 28 has been suspended. The drop-off sites will be closed for the entire week of January 28. Large item and Christmas tree collection will also be suspended for the entire week of January 28.  Additional information about these collection delays can be found on the Streets Division website,
Future updates regarding plowing will be provided as operations respond to weather conditions.

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