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Tag: Flooding

Historic High Lake Levels

The following is a message from the City Engineer: As you are aware, the storm we experience on June 15th and June 16th was an extreme event which resulted in many areas of the city flooding. We received an additional 1-1.5 inches of rain overnight and this morning and we expect more rain … [read more]

Warning to residents In low lying areas: High Lake Levels

A wet spring has caused water levels in our lakes to rise. More rain is expected on Tuesday and some storms may be heavy with amounts over 1” possible. Lake levels have been stable over the last few days but are expected to rise with additional precipitation. The lake levels as of … [read more]

Road Flooding

We are experiencing extreme hazards throughout the west side of Madison with flooded roads. Street flooding is occurring at multiple locations and appear to be more numerous on the west side of Madison. The public is asked not to drive this evening. In addition to the rain that has already … [read more]


After yesterday's record rainfall, we are recieving reports of flooding throughout the West Side, and specifically, District 11. Please email me at to report any damage that I can help with. As updates are available, I will pass them along. Stay safe, Arvina [read more]

Metro Transit service distruptions

Metro Transit Alert: Major service disruptions are happening on Madison's west side and Middleton routes this morning. Buses are unable to serve Middleton WEST of the Beltline, and portions of Odana and Mineral Point. GPS tracking data is also currently down. Please plan ahead for service … [read more]

Storm Damage Update

Alders received the following email communication from Mayor Soglin's Office: Madison city staff is continuing to triage traffic and flooding issues on the city's Westside, but there are specific intersections and roadways that are still water covered and dangerous. Motorists are being … [read more]

Flooding Updates (from Mayor's office and Public Health)

Hello Neighbors, I apologize for the frequency of today's posts, but I want you all to be aware of updates. This post will be lengthy, but has quite a bit of information that I want to make sure everyone is aware of. AS updates are available, I'll be sharing them. From the Mayor's Office: … [read more]

Flood-related trash collection

Flood-related Refuse and Large Item Collection Residents in flood-impacted areas throughout Madison are encouraged to notify the Streets Division when water damaged items have been placed to the curb for collection. Residents should also follow collection guidelines for large items and the … [read more]

Two more flood updates:

We have two more updates tonight, from the Mayor's Office: 1. Due to rising lake levels, City Traffic Engineering staff are closing a portion of East Johnson Street this evening. It will be closed from 1st Street to Baldwin. Detours have been established, 1st Street to East … [read more]

Flooding Updates, Thursday, 8/23

Hello everyone, We are likely to see more rain tomorrow. I'm including several updates here, so be prepared for lots of information. For the most up to date information, please see the City's Flood Updates (for things like road closures, cleanup information, and Metro Transit disruptions): … [read more]

Documenting Flood Damage

Documenting the damage caused by this week's floods can help the City plan for future events, and make changes to our stormwater management. If it is possible, residents can document any property damage caused by the storm. This includes taking photos, videos, etc of debris lines on your homes to … [read more]

Flood Update: Drinking Water

A message from the City of Madison Water Utility: The drinking water in Madison is safe. So far, Madison Water Utility operations have not been affected by flooding. The water is continuously monitored at every well to ensure its safety. Water is also tested at various points in the … [read more]

Flooding: Garden/Produce safety

The following is a message from Barb Ingham, Food Safety Specialist at UW-Madison, regarding the safety of produce from gardens that have been affected by flooding or standing water. Flooding earlier in the season allows fruits to develop, sunlight (UV radiation) to help with microbial … [read more]

Collection of Flood Damaged Items UPDATE

Collection of Flood Damaged Items – UPDATE 8/24 Due to the widespread damage caused by the historic flooding in Madison, the Streets Division has changed the initial plan for how flood damaged items will be collected. Please note that the below plan is subject to change based on weather and … [read more]

Metro Transit FREE RIDES

Metro Transit is offering free rides on all fixed route and paratransit vehicles beginning Saturday, Aug. 25. Free rides MAY continue next week depending on weather conditions. We do not plan to shut down or discontinue service. However, riders should plan for possible reduced service, detours … [read more]

Sandbagging Volunteers and Help

While this week has been devastating to many in Madison, I've also seen the best in others. I've seen so many people in District 11 reach out to help neighbors and friends who've been affected by this week's flooding, and I've had others reach out looking for more opportunities to help. If … [read more]

Lake Level Update, Saturday, 8/25, 6:00 PM

As of this morning, the last 24 hours brought Lake Mendota down 1 inch and Lake Monona up 1 inch The Tenney Dam is discharging at 730 cubic feet per second and the County is planning to slow the discharge rate starting this evening. As a result, by Sunday morning the drop in Lake Mendota is … [read more]

Flood Update, August 26, 1PM

Current Status: August 26 at 1:00 PM As of this morning, Lake Mendota has dropped about an inch. The Yahara River at East Main Street fell one and a half inches due to reduction in flow. Remaining lakes saw a .75-inch rise. According to the National Weather Service, scattered showers and … [read more]

Flooding Update, Monday 8/27 10AM

We were lucky to recieve less than an inch of rain here in Madison. Areas east of us got as much as 4-7". Flood levels are receding on several streets. We have RE-OPENED the following streets this morning: • Inbound E Washington (from N. Brearly to N Livingston) – all lanes … [read more]

Flood Update, Tuesday 8/28 PM

Hello everyone, we're going to be getting more rain, and more storming north and north east of Madison can potentially have impacts on the lake levels. This update has more information regarding the flooding situation on the Isthmus, but I do want to make sure that everyone is aware of the chance … [read more]

Flash Flooding Risk Citywide Tues, 8/26, 6PM

City of Madison Floodng Update: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Issued: 6:00 p.m. Contact: Katie Crawley, Public Information Officer, City of Madison Emergency Operations Center ALERT: Flash Flooding Risks –City-wide. Conditions are favorable for urban flash flooding with 2-3" of rain in the next two … [read more]

Flood Update, Wed 8/29 PM

City of Madison Flooding Update - Wednesday, August 29, 2018 – 2:00 pm We are incredibly fortunate that, although we had a severe weather forecast for our area last night, the majority of the rain went to the north and south of Madison. That meant that although there were some minor lane closures … [read more]

Household Mold after Flooding

As Dane County continues to recover from the recent flooding, residents should be aware of the dangers of mold growth. If your home experienced moisture or water damage during the floods, it is at risk for mold growth. Proper clean up reduces the health risks associated with exposure. After a … [read more]

Flood Update: Thursday 8/30 AM

City of Madison Flooding Update-Thursday, August 30, 2018 Issued: 10:00 a.m. In an effort to manage the water level on Lake Mendota, the flow of water through the Tenney dam has been increased. This will lead to rising water levels on the isthmus that will result in ponding on roadways and … [read more]

Flood Update: Thursday 8/30 AM

City of Madison Flooding Update-Thursday, August 30, 2018 Issued: 10:00 a.m. In an effort to manage the water level on Lake Mendota, the flow of water through the Tenney dam has been increased. This will lead to rising water levels on the isthmus that will result in ponding on roadways and … [read more]

Recycle tag waiver for flood victims extended

Recycling Fee Sticker Waiver Extended to Friday, September 7 The recycling fee sticker waiver for residents impacted by flood damage has been extended to Friday, September 7. Flood damaged items that require a recycling fee sticker will be collected from the curb without one. Residents can also … [read more]

Flood Update, Friday 8/31 PM

City of Madison Flooding Update - Friday, August 31 Issued: 1:30 p.m. We have a potentially threatening weather forecast. Check the latest weather forecast frequently. A small amount of rain will cause more pooling and potential lane closures. Don’t be complacent, the threat of river and … [read more]

Flood Update, Saturday 9/1 AM

Flooding concerns remain. As more rain rolls through Madison today, forecasts show even more rain to come. Lake levels remain high and the threat of flash flooding continue. Residents should keep sandbag barriers in place until notified they can be removed. For the most current … [read more]

Flood Update, Sunday 9/2 PM

Flooding Update, Sunday, 9/2 at 1pm The risk for flash flooding remains high this afternoon and into the evening. Madison residents in areas at risk of flash flooding should be prepared. Sandbag barriers should remain in place and vehicles should not be parked in low-lying areas. Lake … [read more]

Flood Update Text Alerts

NEW! Sign Up For Text Alerts: You can sign up to receive City of Madison Flooding Updates via text messaging. You will receive updates regarding flash flooding risks, flood-related road and bike path closures, and other important flooding information. This is a free service provided by the … [read more]

Flood Update, Wednesday 9/19, 4PM

The National Weather Service reports that the area surrounding the City of Madison could receive up to 3.5 inches of rain in the next 24 to 36 hours. It could also be much less, but residents are being advised of potential additional flooding, particularly in the isthmus area of the city. Lake … [read more]

Flooding Update, Friday, 10/5

We will be under a Flash Flooding Watch this evening, from 7PM through Saturday afternoon. We are predicted to get between 1-2 inches of rain this evening and into the morning. This Heavy rainfall on top of already saturated soil will bring the potential for flash flooding in the City of … [read more]

FEMA Recovery Office Scheduled to Open Soon

October 24, 2018 4:22 PM On October 18th, Dane County was officially designated a FEMA Disaster Areaas a result of the flooding we experienced on August 20th. This designation has made the area eligible for federal assistance for both individual and public agencies. Here's a release from the … [read more]

Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Loans for Homeowners, etc...

SBA disaster assistance loans are available to homeowners, renters, businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes that were affected by the disaster. SBA offers disaster assistance loans up to $200,000 to homeowners for the repair or replacement of disaster damaged or destroyed real … [read more]

Budget Amendment for 2019 Citywide Flood Mitigation

Hello neighbors, This is a long update, but please read as it contains a lot of information regarding the Stormwater Management Amendment I am proposing. As you all know, the floods of August 20 affected many of our neighbors in District 11. Since then, I've been working with City … [read more]

Flood Update, 3/14/19

City of Madison staff have been monitoring area roads and low lying areas for the past several days in anticipation of rising water in some areas. South Point Road, on the City’s far west side is experiencing high water and motorists are being advised to avoid that stretch of roadway. Northbound … [read more]


WATERSHED STUDIES OVERVIEW & CITYWIDE FLOODING PROGRAM WHAT IS A WATERSHED? A watershed is an area of land that drains precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) to a common low point, such as an inlet, stream or lake. See page 4 for a map of the planned watershed studies in 2019. WHY: NEED FOR THE … [read more]

REMINDER! Thursday! Waite Circle/Southwestern Bike Path Culvert Public Information Meeting

UPCOMING PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING Time: July 11th, 6:00 pm Location: Thoreau Elementary School Library, 3870 Nakoma Road The meeting will cover: The Preliminary Design Construction issues that we have encountered (utility conflicts, work in the bike path, access to the … [read more]

Spring Harbor Watershed Public Information Meeting

City Engineering will present the completed, new drainage of model of existing flooding conditions. We invite watershed residents to groundtruth the model results, and ask questions about next steps. The meeting will be held at the Muir Elementary School Gym, 6602 Inner Drive on Monday, … [read more]

Willow Creek Public Information Meeting

The City of Madison will be completing a watershed study in the Willow Creek watershed. The watershed study will identify causes of existing flooding and then look at potential solutions to try to reduce flooding. The study will use computer models to assist with the evaluations. In … [read more]

More-Detailed Flood Risk Map Now Available

The City of Madison Engineering Division is sharing a new, interactive map and tool for the community to learn more about flooding impacts, stormwater infrastructure and potential flooding in the City of Madison. To read the full report, studies and other related information, please click here. [read more]

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