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2017 Detailed Council Budget Amendments

November 11, 2016 9:15 PM


First, the Council will meet this coming Monday, November 14 at 5:30pm at the Monona Terrace to discuss these amendments. We will go through the Capital budget first before moving onto the Operating budget. You can watch it on Madison City Channel.

Registrants will have the ability to speak before we go over the items. You can also communicate with me at or the entire council at

Below are proposed budget amendments in number order. I have highlighted items that I think affect District 12 directly, although many amendments affect all city residents and therefore District 12 residents as well.

Capital Budget Amendments

  1. $500,000 to add a community room to the Park Edge/Park Ridge Neighborhood Employment Center in the renovated Griffs restaurant location.
  2. Specifying conditions prior to final approval for the Madison Public Market.
  3. Removing $1,200,000 in borrowing for the Madison Public Market for the current fiscal year.
  4. Remove the Madison Public Market entirely from the city's Capital Improvement Plan.
  5. Delay renovation of the Madison Municipal Building until 2018.
  6. Appropriate $2,255,000 for a Special Assessment for new streets in the Center for Industry and Commerce.
  7. Spend $350,000 to construct a relief storm sewer on East Sunset Court in conjunction with the Midtown Police Station.
  8. Spend $250,000 to construct a box culvert in conjunction with a planned resurfacing of Walter and Sargent Streets.
  9. Move $5,050,000 in borrowing for the far southeast Fire Station to next year to correspond with expected delays in the project timeline.
  10. Spend $80,000 to purchase software for the Department of Civil Rights to track and monitor Equal Opportunity discrimination cases and Affirmative Action compliance cases.
  11. Update the language of the Pinney Branch Library to reflect additional goals.
  12. Eliminate all projects funded and close TID 32 and distribute case balance to taxing jurisdictions.
  13. Spend $3,000,000 to design and construct the public parking component to the Capitol East Parking Structure.
  14. Refinance a $1,801,000 loan with Madison Ice Area to a twenty-year schedule with a ten-year term at 3% interest.
  15. Spend $100,000 to complete a market study and Special Area Plan for the Oscar Mayer site.
  16. Remove authorization for a Police body worn video camera pilot program until the completion of the Police Policy and Procedures Review Report.
  17. Spend $400,000 to add emergency power generators at pumping stations for uninterrupted sanitary sewer service.
  18. Spend $1,275,000 to improve storm water network performance in areas that flood during large storm events.
  19. Spend $45,000 to cover additional costs for a new traffic signal at Mineral Point Road and Yellowstone Drive.
  20. Advance $5,200,00 in funding for phase 3 for the Public Safety Radio System to 2017.

Operating Budget Amendments

  1. Remove $25,000 for the MUNICODE upgrade for the City Attorney's Office.
  2. Reduce debt service payments by $426,121 to reflect increased anticipated payments for the CDA.
  3. Add $35,000 or $1,7500 per Alder to add the cost of one postcard mailing to the average aldermanic district.
  4. Reinstate $150,000 for the Emerging Opportunities Program previously assigned to fund the Forced Interruption 15-point Plan.
  5. Remove reference to a feasibility study to examine a potential young men's dormitory on Henry Street.
  6. Add $122,500 to fund continuation of the Restorative Justice Program.
  7. Appropriate $750,00 in federal funds for a youth violence prevention programming on the Northside.
  8. Designating Urban League to provide support for Construction Employment Initiative.
  9. Add language to the Homeless Street Team mission to support connecting individuals with existing resources.
  10. Update language for already appropriated expenditures of $400,000 for the 15-Point Focused Interruption Plan and develop a specific spending plan and a competitive grand process to allocate funding.
  11. Reduce by $90,000 the Diverse Hiring Strategies Study by having the study conducted in house.
  12. Eliminate $50,000 for a consultant to review existing employee insurance programs.
  13. Reduce the Mayor's Office fund by $50,000 to offset costs associated with an alcohol licensing position in the Clerk's Office.
  14. Eliminate $30,000 for reclassifying four Deputy Mayor positions.
  15. Direct the Transit and Parking Commission to study increasing the number of full Metro bus wraps.
  16. Appropriate $589,306 for an additional 1% staff pay increase beginning July 1, 2017.
  17. Reallocate an hourly position with a permanent position in the Parking Utility to assist with front counter duties.
  18. Appropriate $39,788 to fund a permanent Park Ranger Leadworkorker instead of hourly employment.
  19. Reassign a Police Detective to supervise a violent crime unit.
  20. Reduce $10,875 for Public Health due to savings in the Med Drop program.
  21. Appropriate $7,000 for Public Health for community of color led organizations to improve health and wellness.
  22. Authorize an 18-month double fill to train a replacement for the current Water Utility Chief Administrative Officer.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, opinions and suggestions. Later this weekend I will be providing more specific information about the Public Market amendments that removing from the budget would limit a potential economic development opportunity for the city.


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