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Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Plan Update

March 1, 2020 3:42 PM

Dear Neighbors, 


Thank you all for providing your feedback during the planning process of the Oscar Mayer Strategic Assessment Plan (OMSAP) (link here to the OMSAP). As per the last Plan Commission meeting, the city staff received valuable input from the Plan Commission and decided to move the OMSAP forward to the Common Council for introduction. 


For process clarity, I would like to let you all know that March 3rd the OMSAP will come before the Common Council for an introduction and then it will be referred to the following committees. You do not need to come to the Council meeting for March 3rd as it is there only for introduction, not to receive public input at this point. However, please try to attend the following commission and committee meetings* to provide your important feedback:


Introduction to Common Council

    - OMSAP will not be discussed beyond an introduction, therefore I recommend saving your public input for the following meetings


Board of Park Commissioners 

    - This will be an important opportunity to provide feedback regarding Hartmayer Wetlands Ecological System.


Transportation Policy and Planning Board 

    - This meeting will be an important opportunity to provide feedback regarding opening Coolidge Street to Packers Avenue, the roundabouts on Aberg Avenue, and the bike paths.


Sustainable Madison Committee 

    - This will be an important opportunity to provide feedback regarding Hartmayer Wetlands Ecological System and soil contamination. 


Housing Strategy Committee

    - This will be an important opportunity to provide feedback regarding proposed housing zoning and density for the projects. 


Urban Design Commission

    -This will be an important opportunity to provide feedback on the overall design of proposed building and zoning in OMSAP.


Plan Commission

    - This will be an important opportunity to provide feedback regarding Hartmayer Wetlands Ecological System, Coolidge Street and on overall plan. 


*Please note the committees and commissions have not yet confirmed which meeting dates they will have time on their agendas to hear the OMSAP. I will keep you all posted as those dates are confirmed.

Once all the committees and commissions have collected and provided feedback, the updated plan will go back to the Common Council for final adoption. For that Council meeting, please try to attend to provide further input.

Residents have expressed various concerns during this process. Some of the main concerns are around protecting all 31 acres of Hartmayer wetland ecological systems, the Coolidge Street connection with Packers Avenue, roundabouts on Aberg Avenue, Oscar Mayer soil contamination and proposed housing density, among other concerns.

I continue to stand with you and I brought your feedback to the Planning staff, but unfortunately, the proposed design does not reflect our community's wishes at large. 

Now, during the committee meetings, it is the final opportunity for you, the community, to attend these meeting and/or send emails to the commissions with your feedback. I urge you to participate and be as involved as you can. I will continue to bring your feedback and your voices forward, while always advocating for you.

I will update you with dates, times and locations when each commission confirms those for the OMSAP discussion.

Please stay tuned. Thank you.





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