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District 12

Alder Barbara Vedder

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Alder Barbara Vedder

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2314 E Dayton St

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Madison, WI 53703
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District 12 Blog

Sherman-North Sherman - Fordem Development

June 16, 2015 10:51 PM

Sherman-North Sherman-Fordem Ave Development Meeting


  • Monday June 29 at 6:00pm
  • Center For Families 2120 Fordem Avenue


Residents are invited to a presentation of a proposed multi-use redevelopment at the triangle at Sherman/North Sherman/Fordem Avenue. This is not the same as the proposal included in the draft Emerson East – Eken Park – Yahara Neighborhood Plan.

We have been informed that the developer intends to submit the proposal on Thursday June 25 to the City Planning Division.

A developer's application is only the first step of the process. Very often (but not always) a meeting, such as this one is scheduled by the Alderperson of the areas, is held for residents to be able to see the project and make comments.

When the developer submits an application, they get scheduled for a first Plan commission meeting where a notice to a Public Hearing is sent to nearby property owners. The Plan Commission is charged with reviewing plans against the city's Comprehensive Plan and the myriad of ordinances, policies and procedures that have been adopted over the years.

The Plan Commission may refer the proposal to another meeting if there are questions about the project, however ultimately the Plan Commission must make a recommendation to the Common Council. Additional neighborhood meetings may happen during this process as necessary.

The City of Madison has a few guides and materials to assist residents to understand our city's development process.


Metro Transit to Discontinue its Current Audible Turn Signal Test

As part of its continuous efforts to improve safety, Metro Transit has been testing audible turn signals on its fixed-route buses.

In response to serious accidents and near accidents that have occurred over the past few years, Metro has made a number of safety improvements including the installation of the audible turn equipment.

After listening to public testimony at the Madison Transit and Parking Commission meeting on Wednesday, June 10 and reviewing additional feedback received, Metro Transit has decided to discontinue its current test of these signals.

Staff will continue to research other turn signal devices as well as review and monitor the safety practices of other transit systems.

Metro's maintenance unit has begun the process of deactivating the audible turn signal equipment on its 200-bus fleet. This is expected to take several weeks.

In the future, when alternative equipment has been identified, staff plan to assess its effectiveness on a test group of 5 buses.

Additional information and requests for public input will be relayed at that time.

Contacts: Mick Rusch, 608-266-4466


Connecticut company once again blankets Madison with mailers

Homeowners from across the area have been contacting Madison Water Utility concerned about new letters they've received from a company called HomeServe USA. HomeServe is the same company that sent official-looking letters to homeowners in October and March offering insurance for water service lateral lines (the pipe that runs from the water main under the street to a home). The company is not affiliated with the City of Madison or with Madison Water Utility, and the letters are simply part of a widespread sales campaign.

While it is true that water service line repairs are a homeowner's responsibility, it's a good idea to read the fine print before buying any insurance policy. You can also check with your current homeowner's insurance company to see if water lateral damage is already covered by your current policy. Some homeowners may have recently purchased sewer line insurance through a company called Service Line Warranties. That company was selected by the City to sell optional coverage for sewer line service, repair or replacement. The City has not opted to work with a company to sell water line insurance.

Contact: Amy Barrilleaux, Madison Water Utility PIO,

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