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Alder Barbara Vedder

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Board of Estimates Operating Budget Amendments

October 24, 2016 2:57 PM

Tonight the City's Board of Estimates will meet to discuss proposed BOE Operating Budget Amendments. Amendments were made public on Friday at noon and only members of the Board of Estimates votes on these amendments.

While I can't vote on them, I believe it is important that residents know what is being discussed. The entire budget will be discussed by the City Council on November 14, including operating and capital budget amendments that will be brought forward by members of the entire body.

There are 26 total BOE amendments that technically (if all were approved) would reduce our budget by $1,081,942. But because some items are not paid for by tax dollars, adopting them all would actually increase taxes on the average home by about $4.13.

  • Amendment 1: City Attorney Municode (General Ordinances) Upgrade $25,000
  • Amendment 2: Increase Alder salary by $3,000 (after April election) $43,060
  • Amendment 3: Create Council Chief of Staff $72,000
  • Amendment 4: Move $100,000 from Community Building and Engagement to Community Development Division budget.
  • Amendment 5: Move $80,000 Transit for Jobs to the Community Development Division
  • Amendment 6: Designate Urban League of Greater Madison to provide Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Readiness Training (START) Vendor
  • Amendment 7: Modify language about the Day Resource Center and transportation, laundry and overnight storage services to homeless individuals
  • Amendment 8: Shift and add $15,000 of funding for Homeless Street Teams from  Business Improvement District (BID) to general fund.
  • Amendment 9: Move money around in Fire Department to support turnout gear and medical supplies.
  • Amendment 10: Reduce revenue anticipated from State General Transportation Aid by $100,000.
  • Amendment 11: Add $149,500 to increase Metro Transit rental space.
  • Amendment 12: Add $3,000 for public education to the Madison Food Policy Council to assist in grant public education activities.
  • Amendment 13: Reallocate municipal worker pay increase to provide a $0.33/hour increase rather than the percentage approach provided in the Executive Budget.
  • Amendment 14: Transfer appropriation for My Brother's Keeper to Community Development Division.
  • Amendment 15: Add $53,526 for add five .75 Park Workers.
  • Amendment 16: Add $59,479 to fund 1.0 FTE Lead Worker Park Ranger and .75 Patrol Ranger.
  • Amendment 17: Add $209,840 to add 7 Police Fall recruits for new Midtown Station.
  • Amendment 18: Add $360,000 revenue from Madison Metropolitan School District for Educational Resources Officers.
  • Amendment 19: Add $117,440 for three Police Field Service Operating Budget for 2:00pm-10:00pm detective sergeant, Mental Health Unit Supervising sergeant and one Patrol Sargent.
  • Amendment 20: Transfer $3,000 for the Black Women's Wellness summit to Public Health budget.
  • Amendment 21: Anticipated funding of $100,000 for the Northside Early Childhood Zone by the Oscar Rennebohm Foundation (Blackhawk Attendance area).
  • Amendment 22: Increase grant revenue to support the Public Health Nurse Family Partnership program.
  • Amendment 23: Add $45,000 from Stormwater Reserves to contract with OFS for work in the city's greeways and ponds.
  • Amendment 24: Add $15,360 for a six-month limited term employee to make traffic data more accessible.
  • Amendment 25: Add $70,120 to fund a new Traffic Control Technician funded by increased Street Occupancy Fees.
  • Amendment 26: Reduce $1,324.442 the Water Utility's total anticipated revenue.

For more information about the city budget process and more detailed information please see the Finance Department Website

You may watch the Board of Estimates deliberation on the Madison City Channel or attend tonight at 4:30pm at the City County Building in Room 260. Agenda.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at




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