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District 12

Alder Barbara Vedder

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Alder Barbara Vedder

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Home Address:

2314 E Dayton St

Council Office

Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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District 12 Blog

City Budget Update

November 10, 2017 1:29 PM


City Budget Information

City Budget Information (website) 

This coming Monday (and Tuesday) the Madison Common Council will discuss and vote on the following Operating and Capital Budget amendments. 

How You Can Voice Your Opinion

  • In Person: Speak at the Monday Council meeting starting at 5:30pm in Room 201 of the City Council Building.
  • Email to All Alders: You can send an email that will go to all Alders via
  • Email to Alder Palm: You can send a message just to me at

It is best to provide the following information:

  • Where you live (your Alder will want to know)
  • Which item you're talking about using the Item info below. You can speak on multiple items at once.
  • We expect to get many emails... keep it clear and direct.

Operating Budget

Item Name Value TOAH*

Creation of Paralegal/Mediator Position 

Add a paralegal/mediator position to support Equal Opportunities Division's case processing work (partially funded by grant).

+$48,000 +$0.52

Increased Funding for Homeless Services

Adds funding to support homeless programs and services (TBD)

+$90,000 +$.97

County Funding for Paratransit Services 

Adds county funding for paratransit services during Family Care implementation.

+$855,345 $0

 Bus Stop Accessibility Study  

Adds money for a study to look at how accessible bus stops are

$40,000 $0

 Violence Prevention/Youth & Adult Employment 

Reduce Violence Prevention in Public health and increase funding for youth and Adult Employment contracts

-$90,000 -$.97

Reduce training and travel budget

Reduce various agency training and travel budgets.

-$184,000 -$0.47

 Parking Citation Fines & Enforcement

Increase fines for one and two-hour parking citations and reduces Parking Enforcement Officers funding

$85,000 $0

 Planning Division Alliant Energy Center Neighborhood Impact Study

Adds funding for a planning process to review the impacts to neighbors near the Alliant Energy Center.

+$25,000 +$.27

 Police Department Increase City Match for COPS Grant  

Increases funding for the city match for the federal COPS Hiring grant for 15 police officers positions.

$400,000 +$4.31

 Police Department Transfer City Match for 2017 COPS Grant to Contingent Reserve 

Moves previously allocated money from police budget to contingent reserve. If an expenditure is required, council will move money back to Police budget

$0 $0
    +$670,345 +$4.62





Item Name Value TOAH*

 Capital Budget Policy Special Assessment Budget Language 

Allow adoption of adjustment to Special Assessment for capital projects to be approved administratively.

$0 $0

 Park Edge/Park Ridge Employment Center

Add additional funding for the Employment Center construction at the former Griff's Restaurant on the far southwest side.

+$446,892 +$.51

 TID 37 Union Corners: Stone House Development

Add TIF supported borrowing for a loan for affordable housing.

+$343,000 +$.43

 Public Market Federal Funding

Add additional federal funding requirements (to 48% of project).

$0 $0

 Reconstruction Streets-Winnebago Street

Adds TIF supported borrowing for undergrounding of utilities on Winnebago Street.

+$502,000 + $.63


Adds funding to install automatic vehicle location and GPS technology for Public Works fleet.

+$280,000 +$.35

Annie C. Stewart Memorial Fountain

Adds funding to restore the fountain in Vilas Park.

$40,000 +$.05
Capital-8  Park Land Impr-Meadowood Park Shelter
Adds funding for a shelter replacement in the Meadowood Park.
$35,000 +$.04

 Police Body Worn Camera Pilot

Remove funding for police body worn camera pilot in the North District.

-$123,000 - $.16
    +$1,477.000 + $1.86


*TOAH is the Total on the Average Home, so an average amount this action would affect your property tax.


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