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Assessments, Historic Districts, "The Avenue"

April 17, 2018 10:55 PM

2018 City of Madison PropertY Assessment

The 2018 City of Madison property assessments have been posed on the city's website.  City-wide property values increased 6.7% overall from the 2017 assessments.  Notices were mailed to all property owners, including those whose assessment did not change. 

All residential properties in District 12 has been assessed at $669,258,600 out of a total city-wide assessment of $17,281,934,800 or about 4% of the total. 

Several District 12 neighborhoods experienced greater than average property assessment changes:

  • Emerson East Neigborhood (#37) +4.5%
  • Eken Park (north) Northgate - Aberg Avenue (#50) +10.3%
  • Eken Park (south) Eastland-North Garden (#118) +7.0%
  • Sherman Neigborhood (#73) +6.7%
  • Brentwood Village - Sheridan Triangle (#81) +9.9%
  • Berkeley Oaks (#77) +11.4%
  • Carpenter Ridgeway (#51) +7.2%

This is the second year that I believe that District 12 neighborhoods have increased more than city-wide. I know that many homes have been sold as new families and residents have been moving into the area, raising the cost of housing in the area. While this change has created new vibrancy in the area, it also jeopardizes the historic affordability of the area. 

Recent developments in/near District 12 such as Tennyson Ridge and Carbon at Union Corners have been built to provide access to good-quality affordable workforce housing. I believe it is critical to continue to ensure that Madison continues to promote and support the creation of new affordable housing.

It's important to understand that changes to property assessment is not a 1-for-1 addition to property taxes. The city, county, school district and other taxing authorities will discuss 2019 budgets in the fall which will determine actual tax rates. 

An "Open Book" inspection period is being held on business days between 8:00am and 4:30pm from Monday, April 16 through Wednesday, May 2.  This period is set aside for property owners to discuss their assessments with Assessor's Office staff prior to completion of the assessment roll.  Property owners may compare assessments or obtain specific information about their properties on the Assessor's website or at the Assessor's Office.  Available information includes ownership, addresses, legal descriptions, sale information and property characteristics.

Property owners who disagree with their assessment should contact the Assessor's Office to discuss it with assessment staff.  If still not satisfied with their assessed value, owners may file a formal objection. The Assessor's Office must be notified either orally or in writing of intent to object at least 48 hours before the first meeting of the Board of Review.  The Board's first scheduled meeting is Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at 1:30pm.  Owners must notify the Assessor's Office of their intent to object no later than 1:30pm, Monday, May 7, 2018.  In addition, an objection form obtained from the Assessor's Office must be completed and filed with the City Assessor's Office prior to or within the first two hours of the first meeting of the Board of Review.

The Board of Assessors will review all properly filed objections and make any necessary corrections or changes.  Owners who disagree with the Board of Assessors' decision may proceed to a formal hearing before the Board of Review.  Its function is to decide if the assessment is correct based upon oral testimony and evidence presented by the property owner and the Assessor's Office staff.  Board of Review decisions may be appealed to the Circuit Court.

City Planning Neighborhood Grants 

Recently City of Madison Planning staff has recommended a Neighborhood Grant for the Eken Park Neighborhood Gateway to create a gateway entrance at the corner of E. Johnson and E. Washington Ave., replacing the existing welcome sign and adding sculptures helping to define this primary entrance. 

This extends the Eken Park Neighborhood Association's efforts to highlight and beautify the neighborhood including the gateway at North Street and Commercial Avenue and the pending historical marker at Eken Park.

Congratulations to the Eken Park neighborhood!

Coolidge and Myrtle Street National Register Historic District Nomination

Over the past decade, there has been recongntion of the important historic character of the houses on Coolidge and Myrtle Street. In the 1940's John Tilton developed 28'x30' minimally varied houses for workers at Oscar Mayer, Ray-O-Vac and other Northside businesses. Initially sold for $5,650! More information.

In 2016, there was a preliminary meeting of residents and property owners about the possibility of listing the area in the National Register of Historic Places (see previous blog post). Neigborhood historic preservation was also included in the adopted 2016 Emerson East Eken Park Yahara Neighborhood Plan

This listing would allow property owners of contributing properties to participate in the tax credit for rehabilitation program. Information about this voluntary tax credit program can be found at the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

The Wisconsin Historical Society, recognizing the desire to preserve all building types, including post-war worker housing, is hosting a meeting to discuss the potential for a Historic District and to answer resident/property owner questions. A notice has been sent to property owners.

  • Monday April 23 at 6:30pm
  • Salvation Army Community Center, 3030 Darbo Drive. 

Madison Development Corporation "The Avenue" Redevelopment

The Madison Development Corporation (MDC) is having a neighborhood meeting regarding their plan to add more units to their 1954 E Washington site "The Avenue". In addition, there is plans to potentially upgrade and possibly relocate their privately owned Graaskamp Park. 

MDC has made a presentation to the Emerson East Neigborhood Association (which will also meet later the same night at 6:30pm). This meeting is in advance of any proposal being submitted to the City and will still be subject to the city's planning process.

Neighbors are invited to attend the meeting:

  • Wednesday April 18 5:30 - 6:30pm 
  • The Avenue - 1954 E Washington Avenue

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