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Alder Barbara Vedder

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Alder Barbara Vedder

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District 12 Blog

D12 Update - JDS

September 28, 2015 10:16 AM

Judge Doyle Square

Many of you are aware that the potentially final discussion and vote on the Judge Doyle Square (JDS) proposal will occur this Tuesday September 29. The Council will convene and hear the full presentation and public comment and then meet as a "Committee of the Whole" which will allow for a more informal discussion and debate – similar to other committee meetings you might be a part of. Then we will reconvene and vote on the proposal.

I appreciate the few who over the past months have emailed me with their concerns and opinions. I encourage anyone who has questions, concerns, support or oppose to send me an email with these comments. It is very useful as your representative on the Common Council.

Many emails have asked "where are you" on this issue. I've said previously that I support the concept of the reuse of the land behind the Madison Municipal Building, the reconstruction of the Capital East parking ramp, as well as a hotel to support our Monona Terrace. Given this, it might be easy to assume that something that does all three is a slam dunk. But it hasn't been.

As the cost of construction increases, the city will continue to be asked by developers for financial assistance. Every local community has some form of TIF/TID money and uses it to support growing their city. Madison is no exception and we will continue to see increasing requests for expensive projects. These projects should in turn support the tax base and ultimately benefit the city – certainly financially but also by being a catalyst to other development or providing a service (such as parking, hotel room, jobs, etc).

So I'm not afraid of the dollar amount or the "risk" since all our TIF deals involve risk (such as the Northside TID is "underwater" because the current value of the property within its boundaries is less than when the TID was created).

My primary concern boils down to the city's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Right now the Public Market has been pushed out to 2021 – nearly six years from now we will again look at funding a project that we have spent the past two years working on. Many other projects are in the same scenario including the proposed Mid-Town Police District.

There isn't a direct correlation between TIF money and the CIP. However spending or not spending TIF funds can impact money available for Capital improvements. Obviously all the items in our CIP do not equal the amount of money that would be provided by closing this TID (I've been told if it closed it would be around $7 million available). But it concerns me that the Mayor's recent 2016 Executive Capital Budget pushed back several very worthy community projects.

I'm sure, as there always is, there will be much public debate, new information, new viewpoints and options so I can't emphatically state a "yes" or "no" until I actually know what is being presented, amended and voted on by the Council, but unless we address the inequalities of the CIP versus how we spend TID/TIF money then I will not be able to support this proposal.

North/Eastside Senior Coalition Fifteenth Annual AppleFest

  • Saturday October 10 9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Warner Park Community Recreation Center

Join NESCO for Family fun with a kiddie carnival, face painting, moon bounce, DJ, Drum Circle, Apple Sale and Bake Sale, Doodlebug the Clown, Used Book Sale, Popcorn and Slushies, Sloppy Joe and Hot Dog Lunch, Raffle and Drawing Prizes, and musical entertainment available throughout the day including: Rich Baumann, Monona Senior Chorus, Harmonica Hour with DeWayne Keys & Doug B and the Davis Family Band.

Northside Police District Community Survey

Let the Police know what you think by taking their annual survey of services.

Tennyson Ridge Schedule

I have been informed that the schedule for the Tennyson Ridge Project has been delayed. Before construction of the building can begin, the City is requiring the completion of Eliot Street extended, however asphalt plans close in November so the timing is means construction will begin in the Spring.

The developer is working with the property owner to complete the demolition of the existing buildings prior to winter.

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