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District 12

Alder Barbara Vedder

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Alder Barbara Vedder

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2314 E Dayton St

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210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
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District 12 Blog

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District 12 Update

Greetings! You might see a different format for this email. I have switched to the city's "Blog" format which provides me opportunity to tag and catagorize the emails in case you want to find it on the Distric 12 website. I'll still try to group emails so I don't clutter you inbox. As … [read more]

D12 September 15 Update

2016 Fordem Ave Proposed Street Resurfacing Project City of Madison Engineering, as part of our annual review of streets, has recommended Fordem Avenue from Sherman Avenue to East Johnson Street for street resurfacing in 2016. Theses streets we last done in 1970 or 1998 depending on the … [read more]

Oscar Mayer Closing

It is disappointing that Oscar Mayer has decided to leave Madison instead of investing in and flourishing with our community. Many District 12 residents and Northsiders have dedicated their lives to Oscar Mayer and will be losing their livelihoods. Oscar Mayer has been part of our … [read more]

Public Market Meeting this Wednesday

Madison Public Market District Neigborhood Discussion - this Wednesday Join Alders Larry Palm, Marsha Rummel and Ledell Zellers for a neighborhood discussion about the future of the Madison Public Market District for nearby residents. You will have an opportunity to engage with the … [read more]

Police Chief Community Forums and More!

Police Chief Koval Community Forums Join us for a Chat with the Chief? Members of the District command team, as well as other police staff, will also be on hand to discuss specific neighborhood issues. Please consider joining us! Wednesday TONIGHT! March 9 6:00 – 7:30pm Eastside … [read more]

Fordem Avenue One Way Northbound

From our city Traffic Engineer: Beginning Monday, August 15th at 8:30 a.m., Fordem Avenue will be closed to southbound traffic. Traffic on Fordem Avenue will be allowed in the northbound direction only. Southbound traffic is encouraged to use Commercial Avenue to Packers Avenue to avoid … [read more]

District 12 Round Up

2017 City Budget Not only does the end of August bring students back to school, it begins the Common Council's discussion of the next city budget. For city staff, it really begins back in January so there is an extraordinary amount of work putting together each year's budget. We're … [read more]

Week of October 3 Update

Madison Public Market Site Design Workshop Mark your calendars for a community workshop focused on the site design for the Madison Public Market. The workshop will take place on November 3 at 6:30pm in the Archipelago Village Design Center at 945 E. Washington Ave (parking and entrance in the … [read more]

The Next Two Weeks

November is a time when city government really kicks into high gear. The 2017 budget is being debated and projects are being discussed for action next year. This November is no different. As I look at my city calendar I see lots going on. I thought it would be interesting to share some of … [read more]

Ward 29 East HS Poll Open Until 9:00pm

Polling Place at East High School to Remain Open Until 9:00 p.m. Voters in Ward 29 on Madison’s East side will be able to vote until 9:00 p.m. this evening because of a fire alarm at East High School earlier today. Due to concerns that the alarm prevented some residents from voting, City … [read more]

2017 City Budget Amendments and Demetral Park Adult Fitness Equipment

2017 City Budget Council Amendments out The Operating and Capital Budget amendments that will be discussed by the Council next Monday, November 14 are now public. Operating Budget Amendments Capital Budget Amendments I will provide shortly my usual District 12 analysis, but I … [read more]

Plethora of Updates

City 2017 Budget The 2017 Capital and Operating Budget have been approved by the Council and signed by the Mayor. Only amendments brought forward by at least two Council members were discussed so a significant part of the budget is very consistent with previous budgets. I’m pleased … [read more]

F-35, Parks and Street Safety

Truax Field F-35 You might have heard about the Air Force's decision to include the 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field as one of the five candidate sites for the next generation F-35 aircraft. The Air Force has slowly been winnowing down its list and I have been informed will now be making a … [read more]

Chip Sealing - Northside Schools Forum Update

City Streets Chip Sealing I have been notified that a substantial number of District 12 streets will be “Chip Sealed” this year (see map above). Chip sealing is an important part of the City of Madison’s Pavement Management Program. The benefits that the City of Madison and its … [read more]

Beavers, Demetral Bike Path, Brush Collection

Beavers in Warner Park We have recently received a few emails concerning the trapping of beavers in Warner Park. A resident recently contacted Madison Parks to make us aware of beaver activity in and around the Warner lagoon. Staff inspected the area and noticed that more than 12 … [read more]

Public Market and Emerson School Playground

Public Market The City of Madison Public Market Development Committee voted to approve a site plan, allowing the Madison Public Foundation to begin the process of fundraising. While there continues to be a discussion about the visual look of the Public Market, the current plan strongly … [read more]

District 12 Tidbits

2017 City Capital and Operating Budget The city is begining discussion and decision making on the 2017 Capital and Operating budget. You can follow the status and receive more information about the budget online at: The city budget is the ulitmate … [read more]

Washington Manor Playground and Pennsylvania Park Public Art Meetings

There are two upcoming neighborhood meetings that are for parks within District 12. Please plan to attend these meetings if you are intersted. Washington Manor Park Playground Improvement Meeting Wednesday, November 29 The City of Madison Parks Division will hold a workshop to … [read more]

Election Tuesday, F-35A Community Meeting

Election - Tuesday, February 20 There is a state-wide primary election on the Spring ballot. More specifically, there is a primary for the Wisconsin Supreme Court - which all voters are eligible for vote in. Residents in District 12 do not have a local election on the ballot. For more … [read more]

Pennsylvania Park Artist Selected

On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, the City of Madison Common Council approved the Madison Arts Commission’s recommendation of Wisconsin artist Ray Chi for a site-specific public art opportunity in Pennsylvania Park, located at 1915 E. Johnson Street. The genesis of the project started with the … [read more]

Assessments, Historic Districts, "The Avenue"

2018 City of Madison PropertY Assessment The 2018 City of Madison property assessments have been posed on the city's website. City-wide property values increased 6.7% overall from the 2017 assessments. Notices were mailed to all property owners, including those whose assessment did not … [read more]

Public Market Taste this Saturday!

The Madison Public Market Foundation is hosting a spring Taste of the Madison Public Market event to give Madisonians an opportunity to meet a few vendors that are preparing to launch their businesses in the Market. The event will feature free samples and larger lunch portions for purchase from … [read more]

E Johnson St Closure - Water Levels

Due to rising lake levels, City Traffic Engineering staff are closing a portion of East Johnson Street this evening. It will be closed from 1st Street to Baldwin. Detours have been established, 1st Street to East Washington Avenue to North Baldwin. We are continuing to prepare for … [read more]

Yahara River, Johnson and Washington closures

Additional information on flooding developments Dane County Lakes management is forced to increase the amount of water coming out of Lake Mendota at the Tenney Dam and that is taking place now. In addition, they intend to open the locks channel to release more water this afternoon. At this … [read more]

Flooding Update

As of this morning, the last 24 hours brought Lake Mendota down 1 inch and Lake Monona up 1 inch. The level of the Yahara River at East Main St. was up 1.8 inches. The Tenney Dam is discharging at 730 cubic feet per second and the County is planning to slow the discharge rate starting this … [read more]

Flooding Update

As of this morning, the last 24 hours brought Lake Mendota down 1 inch and Lake Monona up 1 inch. The level of the Yahara River at East Main St. was up 1.8 inches. The Tenney Dam is discharging at 730 cubic feet per second and the County is planning to slow the discharge rate starting this … [read more]

Flooding Update: Sunday

Large item pick-up and electronics recycling If setting items out on the curb for refuse pickup, separate your electronics from other items. The City would like to recycle electronics, if possible. All sticker fees for electronics will be waived this week. Additional Sandbagging … [read more]

flash flood risk!

City of Madison Floodng Update: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Issued: 6:00 p.m. Contact: Katie Crawley, Public Information Officer, City of Madison Emergency Operations Center ALERT: Flash Flooding Risks –City-wide. Conditions are favorable for urban flash flooding with 2-3" of rain in the next … [read more]

Police Incident at Upham/7th Street

An officer-involved shooting occurred today in the Emerson East Neigborhood at approximately 4:30pm. At this point the situation is stable and I extend my sympathies and support to all those, including neigbors, who have been affected by this incident. From the MPD incident report: At … [read more]

Development and Other Updates

First Street Well Demolition There is currently fencing around the former Well 3 in front of the Fleet Services building at the corner of First Street and East Johnson Street. In anticipation of the reconstruction of East Johnson Street, a demolition permit was requested and approved by the … [read more]

Run For Alder! (And attend some meetings...)

Run For Alder! Nomination papers are now able to be circulated by candidates and must be submitted by January 2, 2019. I do encourage anyone who is interested in being Alder in District 12 and would like more information about the role to contact me at The Council … [read more]

Burr Jones Park Meeting still On Tonight!

Public Input Meeting - Burr Jones Park FYI: Tonight's meeting will take place as previously planned. We're making improvements to Burr Jones Park and welcome your input! Potential changes include revisions to the parking lot, improved athletic fields, additional bicycle parking, … [read more]

Development-Oscar Mayer-Recyclopedia

Speed Hump Survey for Browning Road This past week, city Traffic Engineering has mailed a survey for the construction of speed humps on Browning Road between N Sherman Ave and Dryden Rd to eligible owners and residents. I encourage residents on Browning Road to respond to the survey to … [read more]

The Avenue - Plan Commission Meeting Monday

The MDC proposal (UDC documents) for The Avenue at 1954 E Washington Avenue will be before the Madison Plan Commision this coming Monday. Madison Plan Commission Monday, March 11, 2019 Starts at 5:30pm City-County Building Rm 201, 210 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd The Planning … [read more]

Hello and updates from Alderman Syed Abbas

Hi everyone, This is my first blog post as District 12 Alder. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you. I look forward to working with you all. I'm including several neighborhood updates below: Sherman Plaza Inc. Knothe & Bruce Architects are working with the Bruns … [read more]

Eken Park Festival August 17th

Hi Neighbors, This year the Eken Park Neighborhood Association is hosting the popular Eken Park Festival on Saturday, August 17th. The festival continues to feature musical talent from a wide range of genres, delicious local cuisine and beer, raffle prizes, and more. This family-friendly, … [read more]

F-35 - Madison Public Market - Affordable Housing and General Update.

Dear Constituents, Thank you everyone for your well wishes for our newborn baby. Mama and baby are doing great. Although I was attending many meetings each week while on paternity leave, I am now 100% back at it as there is much work to be done. With that being said, I am sharing some time … [read more]

F-35A Community Meeting

Dear Neighbors, If you live in an area that would be impacted if Truax Field is selected for F35A aircraft, then you should receive a community meeting card in the mail. Myself, Alder Grant Foster and Alder Marsha Rummel and the city staff invite you to come together with other neighbors for a … [read more]


Hi Neighbors, Please review the latest analysis done by City of Madison on F-35 impact. You can find the report at The Air National Guard will be holding an open house to discuss the EIS tomorrow, … [read more]

PFAS - Wheel Tax - TFOGS - F-35 Community Event - Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan Public Open House

Greetings residents: Please see below updates on the Wheel Tax, PFAS, Task Force on Governance Structure (TFOGS) and other important upcoming events. Vehicle Wheel Tax Mayor Rhodes-Conway proposed a $40 per vehicle wheel tax. If approved, the Vehicle Registration total would be $153 to … [read more]

An Update on the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan: Public Meetings

Next week, I have organized a public meeting to hear about two important topics affecting our community regarding the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan. In the Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan the city has proposed to open Coolidge Street to Packers Avenue. Many of you have reached out to me and … [read more]

Oscar Mayer Special Area Plan, Redevelopment of the former KFC building, PFAS and F35 Events

Neighbors, We have many things happening in our community this week and in February. Important meeting dates and times are below – I hope to see you at some of these events: Redevelopment of the former KFC building on E. Washington Alder Abbas and Alder Rummel are holding a public … [read more]

COVID-19, Warner Park Community Center Shelter, F-35 Resolution, Common Council Meetings Move Online

Community members and friends, The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in our lives during these challenging times and we are going through an unprecedented time in our nation's history. As a community leader, I am committed to sharing with you the latest updates and resources … [read more]

Election Update and District 12 Polling Place Change

Hello friends and neighbors, A federal judge today refused to delay Wisconsin's April 7 election, but he pushed back to April 13 the deadline for absentee ballots to be received so they can be counted in the spring races, which include the presidential primaries. Under current law, today … [read more]

1802-1818 Packers Avenue Affordable Housing - New Men's Shelter Neighborhood Meeting

Dear Neighbor, Liberty Mortgage & Development Company has proposed to build an affordable workforce housing development at 1802-1818 Packers Avenue. The project would be located at the corner of Packers Avenue and Schlimgen Avenue (vacant former Hertz Rent-A-Car lot). Proposed is a 68-unit … [read more]

Public Meeting Regarding Yahara Bike Path (Behind the Kwik Trip Gas Station)

Project Overview Demetral Park Path: Phase 2 completes the off-street, shared-use path (bicycle & pedestrian) connection from the Yahara River Parkway Path to Commercial Ave, linking the surrounding Eastside neighborhood to downtown and the future Public Market. The project consists … [read more]

Public Meetings for Proposed Multi-Family Building on First Street / East Washington and Northside Town Center

Public Meeting: Seven Story Multi-Family Redevelopment project at First Street and East Washington. Galway Companies is proposing a multi-family/commercial mixed-use project located at the corner of First Street and E. Washington Avenue where Washington Plaza shopping center is currently … [read more]

Updated Polling Place Location for Ward 29: From East High to Bashford United Methodist Church

Hi Neighbors, Yesterday, I was informed by the City Clerk that they are moving the polling place for Ward 29 from East High School to Bashford United Methodist Church (UMC). MMSD has told the City that they will not be able to host polling for April 6th at East High School because they are … [read more]

Housing ordinance to increase allowable densities and decrease conditional use thresholds in certain multi-family residential, mixed-use, and commercial districts.

Hi neighbors, On Monday, March 1, from 5:30pm-7:30pm, there will be a Zoom-based Community questions and answers session regarding the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendments related to allowing greater residential densities and adjusting conditional use thresholds. This ordinance will impact … [read more]

Galway Companies Proposed Project at First Street and E Washington

Dear Neighbor, Galway Companies is proposing a multi-family/commercial mixed-use project located at the corner of First Street and E. Washington Avenue where Washington Plaza shopping center is currently located. The project as proposed would have approximately 344 residences with 15,000 … [read more]

July 14th - (Virtual) Urban Design Commission Meeting about Proposed Galway Project at 1858-1890 East Washington

Dear Neighbors, The Urban Design Commission will hold a public hearing this Wednesday, July 14th 2021, at 4:30pm. It will be a good opportunity for neighbors to provide feedback on the Galway project on the corner of 1st Street and East Washington. The applicant is seeking initial/final … [read more]

July 27th - Virtual Neighborhood Meeting about Proposed Affordable Housing Project at Mifflin and Second Streets

Dear Neighbor, Madison Development Corporation proposes to redevelop the corner of their property at Mifflin and Second Streets. Options in Community Living is moving out of the two-story office building, and this building will be removed and replaced with a two- to three-story apartment … [read more]

Tomorrow, Monday, July 26th: Two Major Development Projects Appearing Before the Plan Commission for Approval

Hi Neighbors, Tomorrow, July 26th, two projects in District 12 will come before the Plan Commission Virtual Meeting at 5:30pm for approval. They are Rameisch Farm which will come for discussion under agenda item 6 and 7, and the Galaway project on the corner of East Washington and First … [read more]

Madison Development Corporation affordable housing project is applying for Initial / final approval at Urban Design Commission

Hi Neighbors, Madison Development Corporation is presenting their project for Initial/final approval at the Urban Design Commission this Wednesday at 4:30 PM. MDC is proposes a new two- to three-story, multi-family apartment building at 22 N Second St., the corner of N. Second St. and E. … [read more]

Madison Development Corporation affordable housing project is applying for final approval at Plan Commission

Hi Neighbors, Madison Development Corporation is presenting their project for final approval at the Plan Commission this Monday at 5:30 PM. MDC is proposes a new two- to three-story, multi-family apartment building at 22 N Second St., the corner of N. Second St. and E. Mifflin St. This … [read more]

Inviting you to Important Upcoming Neighborhood Virtual Meetings

Good morning neighbors, Below are two virtual neighborhood meetings which I am organzing to engage residents and to collect your feedback. 1. Traffic Safety and Issues within the Emerson East Neighborhood Many of you have reached out to me with your concerns about the recent accidents … [read more]

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