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Alder Evers’ Blog

Bay Creek Bike Improvements, Brush Pick Up Schedule, Building Energy Savings Program

June 26, 2022 2:20 PM

Hi folks,

Here are this week's updates:

Public Information Meeting on Tuesday, June 28 to discuss possible Bay Creek Bike Improvements

A public information meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., Tuesday, June 28, via Zoom. Registration prior is required. 

The City is considering creation of a bike boulevard to connect the South Shore and West Shore Dr Bike Blvd to the John Nolen Drive underpass. The new bike boulevard would connect via Lakeside St, Rowell St and Van Deusen St. The City is also considering improvements to the West Shore and South Shore Bike Boulevard, which would first be tested prior to any permanent changes.

Potential Infrastructure to test includes the following:

  • Traffic Diverter at Parr St --Install with temporary materials to see the impact and to potentially try different designs. A diverter would restrict people from driving the full length of South Shore and West Shore Dr. People driving south on West Shore or north on South Shore would be required to exit at Parr St. People biking, walking or using another similar mobility device would be able to pass through the diverter so they could travel the full distance. Depending on the design, people could potentially drive from Parr and turn right or left onto West Shore. This design would be easier for people driving to continue around the diverter as the diverter would need to be smaller. 
  • Additional traffic calming especially on northern section of West Shore
  • Curb bump outs at major entrance intersections such as Erin St
  • Turning restrictions (for example, at rush hour)
  • Impact of signing new 20 mph residential speed limit program (20 is Plenty) West and South Shore Drive

The City is reviewing community feedback and gathering more data. Nothing has been decided. The public information meeting is an opportunity for residents to provide feedback before any temporary installations occur. 

Brush from June 13 Storm to be Collected by Friday, July 8

Streets Division has a goal to have all brush related to the June 13 storm collected from the curb by Friday, July 8.

You should place your brush to the curb for collection by the scheduled set-out day for your neighborhood. The brush set-out schedule is available at

Collection crews have been running five to seven days behind schedule so far due to the immense volume of brush created by the storm. Since the storm on June 13 the Streets Division had received over 1,000 tons of brush and the number continues to rise.

What is "brush"?
Brush is woody material cut or trimmed from trees, shrubs, and bushes. Collected brush is then turned into wood mulch at the brush processing facility.

Brush does not include bags of yard waste material like weeds, leaves, or grass clippings. Yard waste is processed differently that brush, and it will not be collected by brush collection crews. Yard waste should be delivered to a drop-off site.

Building Energy Savings Program 

Last Wednesday, I joined Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, District 12 Alder Syed Abbas, District 5 Alder Regina Vidaver, and community leaders from 350 Wisconsin and Elevate Energy to announce plans to develop a new Building Energy Savings Program. The program aims to help commercial building owners identify opportunities to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings, which currently account for one third of community-wide greenhouse gas emissions. The program will include energy benchmarking and periodic tune-ups for large commercial buildings and other supporting initiatives.

The City of Madison is committed to collaboratively designing the Building Energy Savings Program with the Madison community. The City will hold a virtual public information meeting on Wednesday, July 13 at 1:30p and a series of workshops to gather public input on specific aspects of the program design on July 20, July 27, and August 3 at 1pm.  

Visit the registration page to sign up for the public information meeting and workshops. 


If we learned anything in recent days, it's that votes count. Voting third party or sitting out an election because your preferred candidate did not win the primary has serious consequences. Show up at protests if you must, but it's at the ballot box where futures get decided. 

Take care and stay safe,


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