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District 14

Alder Sheri Carter

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Alder Sheri Carter

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3009 Ashford Ln

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Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
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Alder Carter’s Updates

District 14 Neighborhood Updates (3/28/17)

March 28, 2017 12:33 PM

Employment Resources for Youth and Adults
Wanda Fullmore Youth Internship Program (Common Wealth Development)

Urban League

Operation Fresh Start

Centro Hispano

City of Madison Human Resources

Dane County Employment Opportunities

University of Wisconsin-Madison Human Resources

yard waste
Curb Side Yard Waste and Brush Collection Begins April 3, 2017

Finally, Madison, the weather and the calendar both show that it's spring.And it's time to get outside and reclaim our yards from winter.Starting on Monday, April 3, the Streets Division will begin our curbside brush and spring yard waste collection services.

Please note that as in years past there are only two guaranteed collection opportunities for curbside yard waste collection in the spring.  Upon completion of the second collection round, curbside yard waste services cease until the start of the fall leaf collection season.  Curbside brush collection will continue through the spring and summer before ending later in the fall.

For more information regarding the drop off facilities, please visit the Drop-Off Site section of the Streets Division website (

For more information for all Streets Division services, visit


UPDATE:  Alliant Energy Center (AEC) PlanningAEC

The draft report of the planning consultant, Hunden Strategic Partners & their team was released, and has been well covered in the local media. 

Here's some key points I'd like for us to keep in mind at this juncture in the planning process:

· The public input process has not yet begun.  That is the next phase of this planning process, and will be conducted by a different consultant who is currently being hired by the County. I will strongly suggest that a website be developed for this public input phase so that all may view planning documents and be able to comment.

· Hunden's report is not the master plan.  It was a feasibility and marketing study designed to test whether there was a viable future for the AEC as an events venue. The physical 'plan' presented is just one preliminary concept developed in enough detail to allow realistic price estimates for the suggested improvements.  After the public input phase, a full master plan will be developed that reflects that input.

A few additional thoughts for consideration:

· The scope of the Hunden effort was limited to the 164 acres of the AEC site – so planning for the public and private lands surrounding the AEC site was not addressed at this juncture. However, planning committee members (which include City of Madison Director of Planning, Community & Economic Development, Natalie Erdman) have requested more detail on the very valid issue of 'connectivity' to the surrounding neighborhoods and downtown via all means (transit, pedestrian, bike, etc.)  Planning committee members are deeply aware of the isolated 'island' condition of the current AEC and understand that this physical isolation must be addressed as part of any successful future scenario for the AEC.

· The AEC is not currently configured as a true convention center – it is missing essential elements like physical connection to a convention-class hotel, a large ball room & kitchen, and multiple break-out rooms.  So it is not currently competing for mid-size conventions – its targeted shows are more of the exhibition and hobby variety. If it were a true convention center, it would fall – with modest expansion – into the 150K sq. ft. range – a size of show that Hunden states would not compete with Monona Terrace (~60K sq. ft. of exhibit space) nor Milwaukee (nearly 300K sq. ft. of exhibit space). 

· While some 2nd tier cities may have fruitlessly invested in convention centers in the hopes that 'build it and they will come', Madison has distinct advantages that could put us in a much stronger competitive position. Our principal distinction is that we are a city that folks actually want to come to – we are already a sought-out destination. We simply don't have the facilities to attract that next-larger range of conventions (150K exhibit space) - double what Monona Terrace can currently support.

· The AEC is a major county asset much like Dane Co. Regional Airport – and much like the airport, the County has to make a decision whether to re-invest or anticipate continued loss of business. Just 'staying the course' is not a viable option. If Dane Co. had not made its $160 million investment in DCRA since 2006, we might all be flying out of MKE and ORD today. The same decision faces the AEC. Yes, we could go to Milwaukee or Chicago or Minneapolis for big concerts (UW says they won't be happening at the Kohl Center), and also forgo the estimated $47 million in annual economic spin-off and 1,500 jobs supported by current AEC operations. That's one direction our community could take. Or we could explore re-investment further, which is where the planning process now stands.

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