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Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Foster’s Updates

Golf Task Force & Visions Nightclub Updates

May 24, 2019 9:14 AM


I continue to hear from D15 residents about their interest and concerns for the future of municipal golf and of the Monona Golf Course. I shared more background information about the municipal golf issue two week ago in this blog post.

At last Tuesday's Common Council meeting, a resolution was introduced Establishing a Task Force on Municipal Golf in Madison Parks to make recommendations to the Mayor, Common Council, and the Board of Park Commissioners regarding the future of the City's Municipal Golf Courses. Details for the creation of this task force, including membership, still need to be determined, but work should be underway by some time this summer.

Several residents have asked me where I stand on this issue. My approach on this issue will be the same approach I took during my campaign for District 15 alder. I will work hard to keep residents informed of what's happening and of the best opportunities to provide feedback; I will keep an open mind and look to gather as much feedback as I can from residents; and ultimately I will make a decision that I feel best represents the interests of District 15 residents and the city as a whole. On this issue I have heard from a number of residents, particularly in the Lake Edge and Glendale neighborhoods, that are against any proposal to sell off or redevelop the golf course and that are in favor of keeping the green space either as a golf course or as city parkland. I'm supportive of this position and will be skeptical of any proposals that include selling off of city parkland. I will provide updates here as the Task Force is established and as it begins to meet. Stay tuned.

Visions Nightclub License 

At the April 17th ALRC meeting, Assistant City Attorney Zilavy shared an update related to the license renewal for Visions Nightclub: "I had intended to proceed with a non-renewal complaint but due to the complexity of that and the number of police reports and other documents I have to go through I can't get that complaint done in time, so that will be a revocation later." On April 29th I followed up with ACA Zilavy and she confirmed her intent to file a revocation complaint against Visions Nightclub some time this summer.

The annual renewal hearing occured this past Wednesday and, as expected, the city attorney's office did not file a non-renewal complaint, but rather stated that they are continuing to 'gather information'. As such, the Alcohol License Review Committee recommended renewal of the 21+ Entertainment License & Liquor License. A video recording of the discussion can be viewed here (lasts about an hour).

The ALRC's recommendation for renewal will be in front of the Common Council at our June 11th meeting and there will be an opportunity for public comment at that time. I will follow up with ACA Zilavy in the coming weeks as to her progress on the revocation complaint and will share that information here as it becomes available.

During the discussion at ALRC, representatives of Visions also announced their intent to sell the business to the owners of Silk Exotic, contingent on license renewal. Any change in ownership will need to come before the ALRC and I will provide updates if and when that occurs.

I have heard from residents, particularly in the Carpenter-Ridgeway and Hawthorne neighborhoods, with concerns about Visions and the negative impact it has on the surrounding neighborhoods. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns or plan on sharing them with the whole Common Council at or before the June 11th meeting.

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