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Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Foster’s Updates

Traffic Violence, Body-worn Cameras, Town Hall - D15 Update 7/5/21

July 5, 2021 12:41 PM

Atwood Cycletrack
The cycletrack on Atwood Avenue has been reinstalled. Additional improvements including a speed limit reduction and speed boards will be installed later this year. A full reconstruction project is planned, contingent on federal funding, hopefully for 2023.

E. Wash Traffic Violence

Another person was killed on Friday as a result of a crash on E. Washington Ave. This is the fourth traffic fatality of the year on E. Washington Avenue, occurring just one week after another person was killed from a crash. Traffic violence is a leading cause of premature death and serious injuries in Madison. While this is a complicated and challenging issue, I agree with the calls of urgency to get serious in our efforts.

Last week, the Transportation Policy & Planning Board received a presentation of a draft action plan for our Vision Zero initiative and I urged staff to be clear in the action plan about the tradeoffs that will be required if we want to be serious about eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Doing that work will take a lot of effort and will necessarily reduce access by car in the city, slowing down trips even for those travelling the speed limit. You can watch the Vision Zero draft action plan presentation and discussion here.

Common Council

Two items of potential interest on Tuesday's Common Council agenda include item #22 - Directing City Staff to Enforce Ordinances Within Reindahl Park and #80 - Accepting the Final Report and Model Policy from the Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee

Item #22 is being introduced under suspension of Common Council rules, foregoing the normal process of introducing legislation at one meeting for referrals and action/discussion at a subsequent meeting. I do not support suspending the rules to take this item up on Tuesday and am also very concerned about the resolution itself. The Common Council voted unanimously in June to hold on any action against those camping in Reindahl Park and I have been working with city staff and council colleagues on creating an alternative option for those that are currently camping outdoors in Madison. We will be introducing ordinance changes to facilitate that in the near future and are working on finalizing an alternate location and support services to provide for a good alternative location.

Item #80 has been somewhat controversial, given some issues that have been raised by a former member of the committee. There are also very big outstanding questions about the full cost of implementing body-worn cameras for MPD. The item in front of us on Tuesday is simply to accept the report and that action does not mean that the council agrees with the report findings or recommendations. The Common Council will need to expressly authorize moving forward with a body-worn camera pilot in Madison and that is not before us at this time.

Town Hall with Hong & Pocan

On Thursday at 6 pm at the Goodman Community Center, Representative Mark Pocan and State Representative Francesca Hong will host a town hall meeting in Madison to speak with you and answer your questions about critical issues affecting Wisconsinites. Find more details here

Dean House Back Porch Concert

Back Porch Concerts at the Dean House return this summer, Thursday evenings beginning at 7p - details here.

Historic Dean House Tour

Historic Dean House tours will also begin again this Sunday at 2:15 and 3:15 PM - details here.

In the news

Other city meetings

There are a number of city meetings not highlighted in this update. You can find a full schedule of city meetings here.

Save the date

  • July 13 - ECA monthly meeting - 7 pm
  • July 15 - ECA Picnic in the Park - 5 pm 
  • July 15 - Dean House Back Porch Concert - Thursdays at 7p - Details here
  • July 19 - LENA monthly meeting - 6:30 pm
  • July 22 - Dean House Back Porch Concert - Thursdays at 7p - Details here
  • July 25 - Historic Dean House Tour - 2:15 and 3:15 PM - Details here
  • July 29 - ECA Picnic in the Park - 5pm 
  • July 29 - Dean House Back Porch Concert - Thursdays at 7p - Details here
  • August 5 - Ice Cream Social 5:30-7:00 & Dean House Back Porch Concert at 7p - Details here
  • August 8 - Lake Edge Neighborhood Picnic
  • August 19 - Eastmorland Farmers/Makers Market (learn more and fill out a vendor interest form here) at Lansing Food Forest (time TBA)  
  • August 26 - ECA Picnic in the Park - 5pm 

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