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District 15

Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Grant Foster

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Alder Foster’s Updates

Final Olbrich Path Decision, Resource Recovery Charge, Zion Redevelopment - D15 Update 4/10/22

April 10, 2022 9:19 AM

route for gravel
RG Huston will be setting up a portable crusher at the Garver Feed Mill site to crush and recycle the stockpile of concrete for reuse on two local public works projects: Helena/Jenifer/Russell & St. Paul/Ohio/Talmadge/Jackson. They anticipate crushing 4-5 times between April and October. The crusher will operate between 8 am and 4 pm. The trucks will use the haul route as shown to and from the project sites. Water will be used to control dust. 

Using this site for crushing concrete into road gravel will reduce the overall trucking required and permanently remove the concrete stockpile from the Garver site. Questions can be directed to John Fahrney with City of Madison Engineering at 608-266-9091 or

Permanent Men's Shelter & Resource Recovery Special Charge 

The Finance Committee will discuss the selection of the property at 1902 Bartillon Drive as the site for a permanent shelter serving men experiencing homelessness (item 22) as well as the creation of a resource recovery special charge (item 24) at their meeting on Monday. You can find all the details and register to provide comments and/or watch the meeting here

The new resource recovery special charge will help cover the increasing costs of recycling for the city and will be charged to all curbside recycling customers. It is anticipated that the special charge will be collected as part of the Municipal Service Bill with revenues to total approximately $3,000,000 in 2023.

Eastmorland Community Association April Meeting

On Tuesday, the ECA will hold its monthly meeting virtually. They will have a special guest from Madison Metro joining to talk about the transit network redesign, so please come share your thoughts! They will also be discussing upcoming events (parks clean up, outdoor market, and ECA elections!) and revisiting service initiatives around speed reduction in the neighborhood and an idea for future neighborly snow shoveling! You can find all the details here

Zion Redevelopment Proposal

The SASY Preservation & Development Committee is holding an informational meeting concerning the Zion Lutheran Church site redevelopment at 6:30 pm, Tuesday, April 12 @ Goodman Community Center, Merrill Lynch Room. The redevelopment proposal will also be at the Urban Design Commission on Wednesday and discussed again at the SASYNA meeting on Thursday. You can find a link to the Urban Design Commission meeting details here. The proposal will be reviewed at the Plan Commission on April 25 with final deliberation at the Common Council expected on May 10.

Final Recommendation for Olbrich Path Alignment

The Olbrich path alignment is expected to have its final review and recommendation from the Board of Park Commissioners at their meeting on Wednesday. This path is expected to be installed in 2023 as part of the Atwood Avenue reconstruction project (Fair Oaks Avenue to Cottage Grove Road). The project design and public engagement for this project began in 2017 and final design is happening now after the long-awaited federal funding for the project was recently secured. This project will be transformative in many ways, including installation of improved walking and biking accommodations along and across the corridor.  

The final design options for walking and biking access between Lakeland/Welch and the Starkweather Creek were presented at a public meeting on March 22 that was attended by over 100 people and via a survey that saw over 300 responses. The final design options were presented to the Transportation Commission on March 23 which recommended selection of Option 1, consistent with survey feedback.

If you would like to share your opinion with the Board of Park Commissioners by email or at their meeting on Wednesday, you can do that here. You can also find all the details for the project and design options on the project page here, including the March 22 presentation.

option 1
Option 1 was overwhelmingly recommended by survey respondents (nearly 250 out of 300+ respondents) and recommended by the Transportation Commission. Options 2 and 4 were not supported by survey respondents nor the Transportation Commission. 


LOFT Youth Work to Make Crossing Atwood Avenue Safer 

A recently published story in the Eastside news blog recognizes the great work of GCC staff and youth to advocate for improved pedestrian crossing at Waubesa/Atwood. A special shout out to LOFT student, Louis Puleopincus, for reaching out to me and to staff member, Howard Hayes, for helping to coordinate a meeting.

I encouraged the youth to advocate for the crossing improvements at an upcoming Transportation Commission and they showed up in force, speaking to why the improvement was needed. The Transportation Commission was very impressed by the students' advocacy and voted unanimously to move forward with interim improvements this year and with additional improvements, including a new flashing light, in 2023.

Louis Puleopincus
Louis Puleopincus

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