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District 15

Alder Grant Foster

Image of Alder Grant Foster

Alder Grant Foster

Contact Information

Home Address:

3930 Anchor Dr

Council Office

Common Council Office:
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
Room 417
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 266-4071
Fax: (608) 267-8669
WI Relay Service

Alder Foster’s Updates

Shared-Use Path Etiquette, Alcohol Licenses - D15 Update 7/18/22

July 18, 2022 10:21 AM

chair and a lake
I'll be heading up to the boundary waters this week and unavailable until July 28th. Please contact the common council office at 608.266.4071 with any needs while I'm away.

Shared-Use Path Speeds & Etiquette

The Transportation Policy & Planning Board will receive a presentation from staff on Shared-Use Paths User Feedback, E-bike Usage, Path Speeds & Etiquette on Monday. You can find more meeting details here and a copy of the presentation here.

Committee Appointments

The Common Council will meet again this Tuesday with a generally light agenda. Congratulations to District 15 resident Anne Benishek-Clark for their appointment to the Personnel Board. Anne is a former long-term city employee and Local 6000 board member (item 6).

Alcohol License Review

The ALRC will meet on Wednesday and consider two D15 items. You can find details for the meeting here and details on the two D15 items below

  •  29. Change of Licensed Premise Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery • dba Daisy Cafe and Cupcakery Current Capacity (in/out): 70/96 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 70/96 2827 Atwood Ave • Agent: Daryl Sisson Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 10% alcohol, 90% food Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 602 Request to continue outdoor premises expansion previously approved by Streatery program. 

  • 40. Transfer of License Location Table Wine LLC • dba Table Wine New Address: 2301 Atwood Ave • Agent: Molly Moran Estimated Capacity (in/out): 25/25 Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 98% alcohol, 1% food, 1% other Aldermanic District 15 (Alder Foster) • Police Sector 601 

Monona Terrace 25th Anniversary Celebration

Monona Terrace is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a free community celebration on Saturday, July 23 at its Rooftop Gardens. The event will feature local and regional bands, dance performances, and conclude with a spectacular drone show over Lake Monona. More details here.

In the News

District 15 Public Works Projects

(You can find a map of current public works projects in District 15 here. You can find a map of future road projects here.)

District 15 Development Projects (dates are tentative and subject to change)

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