Election Results

Tuesday's election results were certified on Friday and the new terms begin on April 18 for local offices with Janet Protasiewicz set to take office on August 1, having received 55.5% of the statewide votes (88.9% Madison, 92.8% D15),

More ballots were cast in District 15 than in any other alder district in the city with 72.4% of registered voters (62.9% citywide). 52.4% of Madison ballots cast were for Satya Rhodes-Conway for mayor (56.6% D15), and Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford won the election to serve as your next D15 alder with 45.3% (Brad Hinkfuss 44.6%, 10.1% of D15 ballots did not vote for either candidate). The referendum to move to 2-year staggered alder terms passed with 73.2% yes and 14.9% no citywide.

700 Cottage Grove Road

On Monday, the Plan Commission will consider a demolition and conditional use permit for 700 Cottage Grove Road, formerly Badger Cab. In its place would be constructed an indoor storage facility. You can find the link to the agenda and to sign up to provide comment here and links to the items (4&5) here: 

4. 76488 700 Cottage Grove Road; 15th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a taxi business 

5. 76489 700 Cottage Grove Road; 15th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Industrial-Limited (IL) District for a personal indoor storage facility. 

ECA April Meeting

On Tuesday, the Eastmorland Community Association will hold its monthly meeting at 7pm in Pinney Library. We will be joined by a guest from Metro to share information about the network redesign that will go into effect in June. See here for the full agenda.

Does This City Ordinance Spark Joy?

I sat down with City Cast to talk about some recent ordinance changes and thoughts on serving as alder. You can listen to a recording here

In the News

District 15 Public Works Projects

(You can find a map of current public works projects in District 15 here. You can find a map of future road projects here.)

Save the Date

  • 4/17 - LENA Meeting

  • 4/18 - First Common Council meeting of 2023-2025 term

  • 5/8 - 220 Cottage Grove Road Conditional Use at Plan Commission: Construct addition to an auto service station (gas station and convenience store) 

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