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emmca - please check this out and help spread the word!

November 29, 2016 12:25 PM

Hi Neighbors,


Last night I had the pleasure of visiting emmca (east Madison/Monona coalition of the aging).  I learned a lot during the hour I spent with Sonya Lundquist (Director) and other board members.  emmca is involved in everything from adult day care to foot clinics to support group for caregivers.  I have included the web address and other contact information below, so you can check the multitude of services available in detail at your leisure.


Seniors are the faster growing demographic in Dane County.  emmca is a great resource; understanding available services makes living life to its fullest much easier.   Please spread the word!


Given the season of gift giving;) I did want to share ideas for gifts for seniors, I found in emmca's newsletter:

Shopping trip – to the mall or online, make it a special day
Cook together – carry on the holiday cooking traditions, asking your senior to share their favorite recipes and help where he or she can. 
Wrap and send packages – arthritis can make wrapping holiday gifts a challenge.  Schedule a gift wrapping day, complete hot chocolate, cookies and family stories.
Deck the Halls – bending, lifting and reaching to get those holiday decorations in place are not always possible for an older adult.  Enlist the help of grandkids and make decorating a fun multi-generational activity.
Send Holiday Greetings – offer to spend an afternoon helping your loved one address and send holiday cards.
Plan a Fun Event – get a group of your senior's friends together,  your job whatever makes the day easier and special for your senior
Focus on Others – get your senior and the entire family involved in gathering supplies for  a homeless shelter or another adventure to help others
Give the Gift of Time – sometimes all an older adult wants is companionship.  Show that your care by making room in your schedule to spend time together.

Your Alder,




east Madison/Monona coalition of the aging

(608)223-3100  4142 Monona Drive, Madison, WI  53716

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