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Refuse and recycling collection - pick up this week

January 17, 2017 7:28 AM

Hi, everyone.


These icy conditions combined with the double-day will cause delays in our collection. 

Folks with a Monday collection day will most likely get their refuse & recycling picked up today. 
People with a Tuesday collection day will be impacted as we need people to work on the roads and city sidewalks.  Folks in the Tuesday area who don't get picked today will be collected in the coming days – they should keep their cart out.  
Wednesday, Thursday,& Friday collections should occur as regularly scheduled (at least that's our thinking right now).   
Large item collection will be delayed for everyone.  The holidays plus needing to divert people from that facet to snow and ice controls will put us behind.


Attached and below is the official press release regarding this.


If you have any questions, let me know.


Bryan Johnson

City of Madison Streets Division

Recycling Coordinator/Public Information Officer

Office: 608-267-2626; Cell: 608-438-8526



Icy Weather Causes Collection Delays


The icy weather will cause delays in refuse, recycling, and large item collections as the Streets Division will be diverting crews from these facets to help treat the roads and city sidewalks. 


Refuse and recycling collection on January 17 will focus first in the areas of the city with a Monday collection day to make up for yesterday's holiday.  We expect this collection district to be completed by the end of the day.


The Streets Division does not anticipate completing collection of refuse and recycling for those with a Tuesday collection day on January 17 due to the limited crew availability.  Residents within the Tuesday collection district should keep their carts to the curb as the Streets Division will work back to collect from unfinished areas in the coming days. 


Residents with a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday refuse and recycling collection day are not anticipated to be impacted by today's weather.  These residents should have their carts out prior to 7am on their scheduled day as normal.


Large item collection will likely be delayed for everyone in the city this week.  The operators typically assigned to large item collection are needed for snow and ice procedures on January 17.  This will cause a ripple effect that will impact our ability to collect from everyone on their scheduled day this week. The Streets Division will work throughout the week to get caught up with large item collection; however, residents wishing to utilize this service this week should expect delays.  As a reminder, residents can also bring large items to the drop-off sites for proper disposal.


The Streets Division would like to apologize for any inconvenience the collection delays may cause.  Today's scheduled double-collection day paired with the icy weather creates a staffing shortage that makes performing scheduled collections challenging. 


For more information about snow and ice operations, please sign up for the snow plow updates at  And for more information about the recycling, refuse, large item, and drop-off services please visit the Streets Division website at


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