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My notes from the meeting on mining held on February 2nd.

February 3, 2017 2:08 PM



Thanks to all who came out last night to hear from Assistant City Attorney (ACA) Strange concerning the mining ordinance.


This ordinance will be on the Council agenda on Tuesday February 7th. The meeting is held at the City County Building, MLK Jr Drive, 2nd floor beginning at 6:30.  You are able to speak on this item or register in support or opposition.  You can also send me or all alders your thoughts at the following email addresses.

All alders =

Denise =


The link to the ordinance can be found on the City website  click City Hall,  click legislative center (bottom of page), click legislation and type in legistar number 44739.


The following are my notes from the meeting held on February 2nd.


ACA Strange has worked over the past year to find some potential solutions to govern quarries in the City of Madison.

Currently there are 4 quarries in the City that exist as legal non conforming uses.  They have been grandfathered in based on what governed them before they were annexed into the City. Without any further action by the City the quarries could continue to operate as they are until their rock is gone.



Many of these quarries own property adjacent to the quarry.  City zoning code current does not allow quarries, consequently the quarry operators would not be allowed to mine the adjacent property without this ordinance.

This ordinance is meant allow the City to gain some regulation over operation and allow the quarries to expand.


If the city does not adopt this ordinance the quarries will go as they have been until they are out of rock. State regulates blasting limits - those limits are consistent where supposedly where damage to a structure will occur - it doesn't mean your house won't shake and this won't annoy you.  Now if the quarry would blast beyond the limits it would only be on the state to do something about it.

This ordinance adopts the state laws regarding blasting.  The quarries are required to measure the blasts for ground and air waves.  These measurements are read by City Fire and Engineering.


If the council were to adopt this on Tuesday what does it mean for you and the quarries right away.  Any quarry in the city could request to have adjacent property for blasting.  The operators would need to go through both the plan commission and the common council for approval.  And the operators would need to comply with the conditional uses in the ordinance.  The ordinance also stipulates a 5 years permit for the conditional use, it does not apply to the entire mining district.  At the end of 5 years it will need to be renewed and reapproved.


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