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WEDC grant for Royster Corners!

December 21, 2013 8:53 AM

For Immediate Release
WEDC Contact: Mark Maley, 608-210-6767

City of Madison Contact: Dan Kennelly, 608-267-1968

Fact Sheet on City of Madison
Industrial Sites Redevelopment Grant

Gov. Scott Walker on Friday announced that the City of Madison will receive a $534,000 grant under the Idle Industrial Sites Redevelopment, which is administered by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Here is some background on the project:

• The state grant money will be used in conjunction with $1.6 million inTIF funds and City in-kind match to improve the sections of Cottage Grove Road and Dempsey Road that border the vacant 28-acre former Royster-Clark fertilizer manufacturing plant site.
• The goals of the project are to create a gateway intersection appropriate to a vibrant commercial destination at Cottage Grove and Dempsey; to facilitate access by motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists; and, construct a new street intersection into the interior from Cottage Grove Road. These improvements
are critical to maximize the site's economic development potential.
• The City of Madison also desires to create an attractive "gateway" to the business district and to provide safe transportation access and multimodal transportation connections.
• The Royster-Clark Special Area Plan, which encompasses about 60 acres including and surrounding the Royster-Clark parcel, was adopted by the City of Madison Common Council in October 2009.
• The plan recommends a mix of low and medium-density residential development in the northwestern and central portions of the site, mixed use development along Cottage Grove Road in the southern portion
of the site, and employment uses on the eastern portion of the site
• ln May 2013 a proposal to subdivide and rezone the property to a mix of zoning districts was approved by the Common Council.
• The plan is for a private development team lead by Ruedebusch Development & Construction, lnc. (RDC) to build a $49 million project that includes 51 single-family homes, over 300 apartments, and 93,000 square feet of commercial and retail space. The multi-family housing will include 70 affordable
units, 25 percent of which will be set aside for disabled residents.
• The commercial space is slated to provide a mix of neighborhood-serving retail spaces, office, and flex spaces for employment uses, and a new neighborhood library.
• With this grant, the city now considers the Royster-Clark site to be "shovel ready". The City of Madison has committed resources to build streets and utilities within the site during the spring of 2014, and the development team is ready to move forward with the initial construction phase shortly thereafter.

Site history
• The Royster Plant was constructed by Royster Company to produce granular fertilizer in 1948.
• On August 23,2007 Crop Production Services, formally known as Royester-Clark sold the entire site to Agrium U.S. lnc. (Agrium).
• On December 28,2011 Agrium sold the main parcel (21 acres) to RDC
Development, LLC.
• On July 17,2013 Agrium sold the balance of the site, the "MG&E parcel", to RDC Development, LLC.
• On September 10, 2013 Madison Gas and Electric Company sold part of Lot I to
RDC Development, LLC.

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