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Alder Michael J. Tierney

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Update Stoughton and Cottage Grove Road ramps

November 12, 2015 8:52 PM

I met today, in a meeting hosted at the Capitol by Rep. Sergeant, with representatives from DOT.  They were prepared to talk about options for the on ramp (from Cottage Grove Rd on to Stoughon Rd southbound).  Unfortunately, the options are now limited because of the weather.  There is a slim chance they could beat the winter weather and modify the existing situation but chances are the ramp may be closed until June.  There will be more information coming on this in the next two weeks.  If the ramp is to remained closed detour signs will be reinstalled directing traffic to alternate routes and out of neighborhoods.  We should have an answer to this the first week in December.


The positive information - this is meant to be a temporary situation.  The old bridge that is being taken down is being replaced.  The newest bridge will be for the traffic flow southbound on Stoughton Road.  The bridge currently being used for southbound traffic will only be used as an off ramp to Cottage Grove Rd.  Consequently, the bridge will only be home to traffic exiting on to Cottage Grove Rd. The ramp use to enter Stoughton Rd southbound will have a lane for the purpose of entering traffic.  All of this will make travel much safer.


This all seems a bit complicated to put into words.  We are to receive pictures and explantion from DOT in the next few days and I will try to post them ASAP.  I wanted to get this information to you ASAP


Thank you,



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