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Update - Kwik Trip Convenience Store/Gas Station Proposal

April 8, 2016 9:48 PM

Update - Kwik Trip Convenience Store/Gas Station Proposal


On Wednesday evening the UDC (Urban Design Commission) voted unanimously to not recommend the old Sentry location for the development of a Kwik Trip convenience store and gas station.  I asked City staff for the exact language regarding the reasons cited for the no vote and will publish the reasons when I receive them next week.


However, I did want to get the essence of the no vote out to residents as soon as practical.  In summary, the reason for the no vote for this particular land use is that it does not meet the standards of the City's Comprehensive Plan which calls for Cottage Grove Road to be transitioned to a shopping street.  The members of the UDC understand the old Sentry location, the adjoining shopping centre and other sites on the south side of Cottage Grove Rd. are in need of redevelopment.  They are concerned that approving the use as a convenience store/gas station will not be serve as an anchor (i.e., the heart of the development) or a driver for redevelopment.


Please allow me to point to two examples in very close proximity -

Royster Corners – area residents and others developed a plan for development of this location.  The old fertilizer plant has been demolished and a multi-family housing development has been completed. The new Pinney Library will be the heart of this development with construction to start late in the fall 2016 with completion in the summer of 2017.  Other uses planned for this site are commercial/retail as well as single family homes.  Equally exciting, is real estate developers have begun purchasing land and are starting to plan redevelopment in other locations near Royster Corners.  This is a direct result of the excitement of what is happening at Royster Corners.
Grandview Commons – the Metro Market is the anchor of the Grandview Commons Town Center.  Grandview Commons Town Center is a multi-building development to be built west of the Metro Market.  This approved development is slated to break ground in May 2016 and the first building is already leased with three retail businesses.


I am excited to see the Cottage Grove Rd corridor developing.  Royster Corners and Grandview Commons are bookends to the Cottage Grove Rd. corridor that lies in between.  Any decision made on this corridor, whether a new library or a convenience store/gas station, is a 50 year decision.  I fully recognize the decision before us now is a near term decision and some residents are nervous and want to see movement on the Sentry site.  I get it, it is my neighborhood too.


I also understand it is the responsibility of the UDC, Plan Commission and the Madison Common Council to be responsive to resident's concerns, but also to look forward at the long term interest of our neighborhoods and our City.  My 12 year old grandson will be nearing retirement before these developments come back around for redevelopment.  Fifty years is a long time and why it is so important to make thoughtful and reasoned decisions for our neighborhoods and City.


I spoke at UDC on Wednesday night and explained I have received phone calls and emails from many residents who are in favor of and opposed to the land use as a convenience store/gas station.  I think it is fair to say residents want the old Sentry demolished and the area redeveloped into a vibrant space allowing residents to shop, eat and gather.  I too want to see this happen, this is also my home.


Cottage Grove Rd. is slated as the shopping street for most of my district.  The Cottage Grove Rd. corridor will serve all of Elvehjem, East Buckeye and Richmond Hill neighborhoods.  This corridor is important to thousands of families.  At the UDC meeting it was suggested the alders who serve this area request a corridor study.  I am pleased to report I was able to tell them I had already done that, further, I was informed by City Planning that a corridor study will take place, starting in the near future.


In closing, the proposal for the Kwik Trip convenience store/gas station will be before the Plan Commission on April 18th.  At all City meetings there is time for public comment.  Your comments are important to the process and taken seriously by plan commissioners.  I encourage you to come and take part in this process.  If you would rather not speak you can also register in support or opposition to the proposal.  This information is also shared with the plan commissioners.  And of course I would be happy to speak with you or receive your emails with your thoughts and/or concerns.  Also if you would like to meet with me, I would be pleased to do so.


It is my pleasure to serve as your Alder, thank you for your confidence.


Your Alder,


Denise DeMarb




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