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UWCU - Sentry location

May 10, 2017 3:14 AM


As you know UWCU (UW Credit Union) has shown interest in locating at the Old Sentry Site at the corner of Acewood and Cottage Grove.  After working with City staff UWCU has decided to not go forward with submitting a formal proposal at this time at this location.  Below is a copy of the explanation from Heather Stouder, Director of City Planning, on why the City could not support the site plan provided by UWCU.


One of our responsibilities as planners is to provide feedback to potential applicants/developers as to the level of consistency between their proposal(s) and land use plans that have been adopted by the City. For this particular site, we do not yet have an adopted Special Area Plan (the Cottage Grove Road Activity Centers Plan is still in process), and until we have an adopted Special Area Plan, we rely on recommendations for the site in the City's Comprehensive Plan.


This site is recommended for Neighborhood Mixed Use with an indicator that it is an appropriate site for Transit-Oriented Development. In Neighborhood Mixed-Use areas, the Plan recommends buildings generally two to four stories in height and a mix of neighborhood-serving uses unless recommendations differ in an adopted Neighborhood or Special Area Plan. For areas indicated as Transit-Oriented Development, mixed-use, multi-story buildings in walkable areas served well by transit are strongly encouraged.


In this case, staff is generally supportive of the proposed use. We think a credit union/bank could be a great fit somewhere in this area, and have communicated that to them. As you mentioned, we've heard that there could be interest in making space for two different single-story buildings on the site (although we haven't seen such a proposal to my knowledge). While that may be an improvement, it is still largely inconsistent with plan recommendations for multi-story mixed-use buildings at this corner, which is a rare 2-acre infill redevelopment opportunity.


With the knowledge that UWCU would not likely have staff support for the proposal, they have determined that they will not be moving forward with it at this time, in this location. We would certainly continue to work with them and help to guide them through the process if they decided to move forward here or at another location nearby.


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