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Announcement from the Street Department regarding Cardboard

December 13, 2017 9:13 PM

Hi, everyone


I've been reading Green Eggs and Ham to my son a lot, so when I think about what to do with excess cardboard, I've been hearing in my head, "You could make a silly boat, or feed it to a goat!" But you shouldn't do either.  You should recycle cardboard. 


Attached and below is the official press release.  Attached alongside the press release are two photos.  The first one is a pile of loose cardboard our operator John Forst found on the curb. The pile is neatly stacked, which is good, but it's not bound up like it should be. The second is a picture of one of our operators (Paul Haugen) standing outside one of our collection vehicles.  Now imagine trying to wrangle that pile of loose cardboard, and somehow lift it up and into the collection vehicle on the side without it tumbling back onto you.  This is why we have the rules about bundling the cardboard, as explained below.


How to Handle Excess Cardboard


The holidays are considered "the season of giving" for many, but for the recycling collection operators of the Streets Division the holidays are the "season of cardboard." 


This time of year the Streets Division recycling collection operators see many homes with more cardboard than can fit into the recycling carts. Excess cardboard can be a challenge for operators to pick quickly and safely. 


The only place for excess cardboard to enter the collection truck is the same opening on the side of the truck that carts are lifted and dumped into.  And the truck's opening is several feet off the ground. Lifting large, heavy, and awkward piles of cardboard by hand can be very difficult.


With worker safety and collection efficiency in mind, the Streets Division asks residents to follow these easy steps to be sure all your extra cardboard at the curb can be collected.

·         Step 1: Flatten all the boxes and cardboard that do not fit into the recycling cart.

·         Step 2: Cut or fold the excess cardboard down into roughly 3-foot by 3-foot squares.

·         Step 3: Bundle all the cardboard together using string or twine. The bundles should be no thicker than approximately 6 inches so they are easy to lift.

·         Step 4: Place the bundles of cardboard out next to your collection cart for pickup.

Packaging your excess cardboard into bundles as described above ensures the piles are safe to handle and lift by recycling crews, and they will be collected.

If residents do not follow the above steps for excess cardboard, crews may not be able to collect the material.

Excess cardboard can also be recycled at the drop-off sites at 4602 Sycamore Ave and 1501 W. Badger Rd.  Drop-off sites are open 7:30am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday. Those who use the drop-off site should check into the office prior to unloading.

For more information regarding recycling excess cardboard, please visit the Streets Division's website,


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